Saturday, March 18, 2017

e-circular dt 17/3/2017


We had appealed to all pensioners to relax till the much awaited Delhi HC judgement is out. It looks that at least one section of pensioners comprised in the activists of our federation seem to believe that there can be no period of hibernation for us!! I say so because we have received such a lot of very useful suggestions from some of them on what we should be doing now. Based on them we would like to inform all concerned as follows.

1. As any other petitioner(s) we have reasons to anticipate that most of the reliefs we had prayed for will be granted. Our optimism stems from the fact that we were one of the earliest parties to have raised our voice in the judiciary against the discriminatory and draconian rules relied upon by LIC/Govt combine for denying the pensioners of their legitimate dues. The fact that by the historical order dt 31/3/2016 we could get the Interim relief adds strength and logic to our expectations. We, at the same time, realise that at the moment we cannot predict what exactly would come about. We have therefore decided that a meeting of office bearers and legal committee members will be convened immediately after the verdict is delivered by the Delhi HC.

2. A very strong suggestion has been made that we should draw up a road map for our organisational expansion in unrepresented areas.  The need for this has now become more than ever as we would naturally like that no retired officer anywhere in the country to be misled by other quarters masquerading as the champions of retired Class I Officers .The fact is that for over a decade now we have, by our dedication to their cause, been recognised as the only representative body for them.  We had at length discussed this matter at the national EC meeting held at Thrissur in November last and I am seriously in interaction with our office bearers across the country about acting on our already chalked out programme on this score.

3. Both before and after the Delhi Judgement I have plans to visit a few centres including Hyderabad for meeting retired officers.


4) It is hoped and expected by us that all the benefits will flow but we cannot predict the final shape of the verdict.  At any rate, there could be bureaucratic delay and Governmental policy roadblocks handicapping LIC’s implementation. A good deal of liaison work such as meeting with top management, interaction at ministerial level, and possibly certain diplomatic steps, will be the need of the hour


5) Details on this will be intimated in due course.  Meanwhile, we are keeping all options open and will look to suggestions from units as well as individual members.

With Greetings, 

GN Sridharan Gen. Secy .Fedn of Retd.LIC Class I Officers' Associations