Sunday, October 23, 2016


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22 Oct 16, 07:53 PM G.Krishna Prasad: While expressing his own views in the post "All about a circular" the Editor has quite impartially published the other view points also with a good natured "sky high" cartoon as bonus!

22 Oct 16, 05:58 PM C H Mahadevan: As for NOP Mr Subbu may suggest better approach if available.

22 Oct 16, 05:56 PM C H Mahadevan: is assured for you!

22 Oct 16, 05:52 PM C H Mahadevan: Dear Mr Subbu,DEF status referred to is the current status.LIC Pensioners have become wiser without exception after retirement.So what applies to them is AITW(Always Invite The Wise).So invitation

22 Oct 16, 05:12 PM subbu: CHM Sir ! Please have a re-look at NOP

22 Oct 16, 05:02 PM subbu: I was hoping against hopes that CHM Sir will host a lunch if we win the case. But after, reading DEF, I don't think I shall get invited.

22 Oct 16, 05:01 PM subbu: Q R S Quit Reacting to Silly things T U V Try Until Victory.. W X Y Z We Xpect You to Zoom ahead in life STRESSED backwards spelling is DESSERTS ..BE HAPPY Courtesy: C H Mahadevan

22 Oct 16, 05:00 PM subbu: A B C Avoid Boring Company.. D E F Don't Entertain Fools.. G H I Go for High Ideas . J K L M Just Keep a friend like ME.. N O P Never Overlook the Poor Q R S Quit Reacting to Silly things T U V Try U

22 Oct 16, 02:15 PM k.bhaktavatsala rao: though we are living in a Democratic Country where freedom of speech is not so free as in constitution.

22 Oct 16, 02:11 PM k.bhaktavatsala rao: Sbi pensioners case is pending for more than a year with the same bench of DHC to whom Lic pensioners case also entrusted. Oh GOD whose game plan is this? We can not comment against the judiciary

22 Oct 16, 01:26 PM EDITOR: corrected.

22 Oct 16, 10:17 AM R.K.VISWANATHAN: Refer to my mail under the caption 'A post mortum ' please read the word forbid in the first sentence as willing

22 Oct 16, 10:01 AM namdev: bodies with no effect.how we can progress when their is resistance is from scientific materialists.who is to teach them after seven decades of freedom.only a miracle can save the project.

22 Oct 16, 09:55 AM namdev: the so called secular rationalistic,but casteist dravidian parties have stalled the most scientific neutrino project at theni in tn.billions of neutrinos from outer universe are passing through our

22 Oct 16, 08:42 AM namdev: well explained in the teachings of jk and ancient hindu philosophers,even though it is not clear whether they emphasized it is spiritual.

22 Oct 16, 08:36 AM namdev: subbu sir,thanks for your observations on ego..now neuroscientists have stated that self or ego are illusions created by the complicated actions of the brain is materialistic and not spiritual.it is

22 Oct 16, 08:32 AM subbu: Wish every one a very happy Deepavali

22 Oct 16, 08:03 AM subbu: How nice we shall be if only we choose to rid ourselves of the cover that sheaths our soul. Verily, the ego if only jettisoned will allow us to remain in peace with ourselves.

22 Oct 16, 07:36 AM subbu: I dwelt upon the word COVERAGE ! As we age, how we cover ourselves,loses its size and shine.

22 Oct 16, 06:02 AM namdev: internet and information technology which helped from the poorest of poor to the super rich.with that technology only we are going to eradicate hunger and disease shortly.

22 Oct 16, 05:58 AMnamdev: dear editor-ji,the caricature is very apt and the