Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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24 Oct 16, 03:34 PM subbu: RKV Sir ! I am not worrying about my longevity. Nor are you. We r all worried about our case longevity.

24 Oct 16, 04:54 PM P.N.Nagaraju DZM Retd.: Sri.R.K. Viswanathan Sir, your write up is really very apt and realistic. I fully agree with you Sir. I Thank you for writing such good useful article.

25 Oct 16, 12:37 PM namdev: pensioners might be wondering the first non tata chairman was saklatwala who was a communist or a sympathiser during 1934-38. i used to wonder when i was young how in those days it was possible. now 
 i know from various sources that soviets recruited from very rich and feudal families all over the world to form national parties. they also joined in the hope of becoming rulers example being mohan kumaramangam and his sister, her husband nk krisnnan, jyoti basu,pra gupta, zamindars from now bangladesh, notorious kim family of north korea,many from china and etc etc from various countries. cyrus mistry is only the second non tata man one and a half century who should have been loyal like mms to first family. politics and money always sail on the same boat.

25 Oct 16, 09:25 AMnamdev: glad cyrus mistry who is irish citizen of tatas was ousted. indians are enamored by the glamour of foreigners like sonia or foreign qualification without which great apj abdul kalam became people's 
 president.  irish republic is a sort of tax haven. perhaps because of that cyrus mistry for tax purposes became its citizen which he refused to relinquish even on the advice many tata brass. it is also the case of many rich indians. so we will not be able to bring back the black money held abroad by indian citizens leave alone crooked politicians.

25 Oct 16, 07:36 AM namdev: bad taliban killed 59 policemen at quetta and good taliban killed 19 jawans at uri, both supported by pak army and govt which is having ample blessings from u.s. and china for their own selfish ends.

24 Oct 16, 10:48 AM namdev: i have sympathy for the loss of 19 lives of malkangiri maoists who followed their originals. they themselves dumped their ideology and followed the so called vices of capitalism, but not democracy. they could have devised some other means to help the tribals of odisha, chhatisgarh and other places to retain the confidence they got.

24 Oct 16, 07:25 AMnamdev: here are few gems of jk. thinker is the thought. observer is observed. perceptor is is perceived, the former is illusion and latter is real. further man is selfish and family is a selfish unit. people 
indulge in these even though they are illusions. a monument of example is the so called secular casteist samajvadi party is being destroyed by this. it is a lesson for all who want to support the party of first family in the name of so called secularism.

01:19 PMnamdev: flash:hindutva is a way of life and not a religion as per sc orders this day.