Monday, October 24, 2016

COMMENTS ON 23-10-2015

23 Oct 16, 08:52 AMnamdev: modi has hinted surgical strikes on black money.if it is done,without any waste of time,all will be happy..

23 Oct 16, 08:49 AMnamdev: dear editor-ji,chat column may
be repeated as a single page for a day as was done for two days,if it is not a strain.

(ED: Work involved is always the concern. Experiment continues. A new method of copy paste is published on an experimental basis.)

23 Oct 16, 10:09 AMB. Ganga Raju: Jai Hind. Mera Bharat Mahaan.

23 Oct 16, 10:07 AMB. Ganga Raju: And do not murmur about huge benefits conferred on favoured business groups.

23 Oct 16, 10:06 AMB. Ganga Raju: And it will take the wind out of the sails of opponents. Some action is always welcome than no action at all.

23 Oct 16, 10:05 AMB. Ganga Raju: But announement of surgical strikes may unnerve some and force them to declare their hidden wealth.

23 Oct 16, 10:03 AMB. Ganga Raju: The rule is those who are with us are patriots and those who help our opponents deserve surgical strikes. I donot foresee any all out attack on blackmoney holders.

23 Oct 16, 10:02 AMB. Ganga Raju: The enemy will be inflicted maximum damage within a short space of time and stun him. When Modi speaks of surgical strikes against black money it may mean only selected targets but not all.

23 Oct 16, 10:00 AMB. Ganga Raju: Namdev, Surgical strikes are sudden attacks with all force against selected targets but do not amount to full scale war.

23 Oct 16, 01:47 PMnamdev: utham of tn for 14 years.i stand in my view. i request edit -ji to pursue the matter as a sort of investigative journalism.

23 Oct 16, 01:40 PMnamdev: to kollam several hours away.in it there is no mention of burial or cremation.so he was alive till 1961.i feel it was kept secret.otherwise he would have suffering in prison like com. k. bala dhanday

23 Oct 16, 01:34 PMnamdev: front line:vol 21 issue 21:aug 14-27-2004-krishna pillai died with in half an hour of the incident.stunned followers traveled with his body for hours on foot and in a hired lorry to alappuzha and then

23 Oct 16, 11:47 AMnamdev: thank you editor-ji and shri bgr for their resposes

23 Oct 16, 10:14 PM subbu: which continue to feed them till their death

23 Oct 16, 10:13 PM subbu: Likewise, LIC may also say, that of 60 + clauses in the Pension rules, only one clause is ambiguous. Why then these pensioners are shouting so much? Why they not look at all the rest of the other

23 Oct 16, 10:12 PM subbu: first step, and if he fails, what is there in subsequent steps.? All have to be recast.

23 Oct 16, 10:12 PM subbu: are all correct. You have chosen to point out that the paid up value is not correct. Of the six things, I did 5 things right. I never knew how to convince this man that PU value happens to be the

23 Oct 16, 10:10 PM subbu: Your narration reminded me of the 1975 days when I pointed out the calculation error in the paid up value, the HGA used to retort, why don't u look at the bonus, s.V. factor, and 90% of SV for loan