Thursday, July 21, 2016


21 July 16, 06:05 AM

parasuram: Hearty Congrats to PC  for having crossed 2.5 million hits with the blog doing yeomen service to the retired community in financial sector.

20 Jul 16, 12:15 PM

B.R.Mehta: Heartiest Congrats and best wishes to Editor LIC PC for crossing of Two and a half million hits by this most popular blog for LIC Pensioners

20 Jul 16, 11:08 AM

SN: The circular dated 13th July, 2016 issued by AIIPA is self-explicit. Also, suffice to know what Shri MSM in the concluding paragraph of "Chasing ....Mirage" (PC/18-07-2016) has said,"On the approach to our case as a whole, we distinctly see the advantage of commonness of approach between AIIPA and Hyderabad." Hence, he need not give summary of the petition filed by Hyderabad. Others too need not attempt to ...in view of the 'founded fears' explained by Shri ASR..

20 Jul 16, 10:09 AM

parasuram: Sir, I beg to differ from Sri ASR"s view as modified affidavit to be filed by LIC will expose the game played by the corporation with regard to calculation of 40% DA IR. I think LIC should have filed this affidavit as the time limit specified on 12th order was to submit the same within seven days. I am surprised to note that some of the comments here are posted as early as 12.19 am, 12.27 am etc. This shows how much anxious are LIC pensioners in getting there issues solved by DHC. Hope our case managers dont disappoint them by losing a winnable case.

20 Jul 16, 12:19 AM

G. Narayanaswamy: The beneficiaries of the case are the aging pensioners whose number is dwindling. The enormity of the injustice done to them is aggravated by the unwillingness of LIC to enforce Orders of the Courts in letter & spirit. The time-limit fixed by the SC viz 31/8/16 should be the guiding star for all parties and the Court. For justice delayed is justice denied. I wish and pray that all parties stay focussed on getting full justice and above all get the Court Orders fully implemented by LIC without delay. Long live our unity for this unique battle.

19 Jul 16, 09:38 PM

JM Aboobucker: From the uploaded orders of the Delhi HC dt 12-7-2016 it appears that the prayers of LIC Counsel for adjournment was NOT OBJECTED by any of the Petitioners EXCEPT HYDERABAD ASSOCIATION. All these Petitioners who chose not to object adjournment felt it is to their advantage also as they were also not fully ready to. take forward the case. Adjournments are the lifeline for the Advocates without which they will not survive. Let us hope the HC will be able to keep to the time table given by the SC. Of course with the co-operation of the parties to the case and their Counsels. The Petitioners having gone upto 6 now it is doubtful whether the court could give sufficient time to hear the Six counsels within the time frame of SC.