Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chat column comments

11 Jul 16, 02:47 PM 

P.N.Nagaraju: If any one of the Respondents or/and Petitioners seek adjournment the Delhi High Court will not be in a position to give decision as directed by SC. 

We can only Pray God for speedy disposal before the Delhi High Court and also interest of all the Pensioners is protected. It is most unfortunate that the case managers did not unite even though they had sufficient time. 

I also would like to thank the Editor for the updates by which pensioners are fully informed about the position of the case. Thanks to Editorji also for all for untiring efforts in publishing the views of experts and also the efforts of the Case Managers.

11 Jul 16, 02:33 PM

G K Viswanatham: If so much time from 31.03.16 till date is not sufficient to file supplementary affidavits on the part of Sri GNS, one of the petitioners seeking justice, who can control LIC/GOVT's efforts to delay matters seeking adjournments. What signals we are giving to the High Court, Delhi as seekers of justice on our unpreparedness or lack of will to adequately plead on behalf of pensioners The leadership should explain to the members delaying tactics if one may call it especially when SC itself has put 31.08.16 as the deadline for the dispute.

11 Jul 16, 02:20 PM
Perumalmaruthu: Sri SN's deep analysis of Rule 56 of LIC/RBI/Banks with that of the CCS Rules and subsequent CPC-Recommendations can not be wished away by Mr Anonymous!

11 Jul 16, 11:30 AM

G K VISWANATHAM: Clamour for unity in the chat columns does not serve any purpose. There were sincere efforts by MSM that he was willing to walk 9 steps if others walk at least walk one step. No positive response yet. And there would be none, therefore, it is in the best interests of all pensioners to support that association which is transparent, frank and open for discussion on any matter relating to pension. God save us when deliberately leaders are adamant to fritter away hard earned pensioners' money, not being able shed ego even at these advanced age. In this context I am reminded of Bali Vamana Charitra of ancient Hindu scripture, that all of us are Devathas in despair, unwilling LIC is Bali who is in fact not a demon ( after all our bread & butter for several decades and more ) but head strong and Lord Vishnu is anybody( my nominee Hyderabad Association ) from the case managers to save us from Sukracharya (Central Govt.). Now it is for the pensioners to select Vishnu and support to the hilt.

11 Jul 16, 09:23 AM
Karunakaran: UNITY IS STRENGTH. It is well understood by RBI,Banks and Insurance authorities in their fight against helpless, old aged Pensioners.