Thursday, May 19, 2016

Warm Greetings and Salutations !

Warm salutations to Shri Mahadevan and to the Editor.

I salute each and every sentence of what Shri C H Mahadevan  has written except for filing a contempt case. Of course, it is not that he has not touched the reasons of time factor. He has mentioned and rightly so.

The contempt is related to IR. As somebody had said IR is IR and adjustable. (Oh, if we see the Office letter of 13-04-2016, it is 'abundantly' made clear that it is IR ...recoverable etc.! shit !! The Office kept the beneficiaries of 20% IR in 'dark' for a year and now they release 40% IR with 'mild' warning ! No one, nor I should forget that the continuance of pension is subject to good conduct...I should not use (have used) unparliamentary word!

May be, Shri B.Ganga Raju and or some other had opined that the faulty method adopted by LIC (the Office) to pay 40% IR may be brought to the notice of Delhi HC. No need to file contempt case.

Yes, WE must concentrate on getting periodic updation of pension, revision of pension along with every pay revision, once in five years, and retrospectively.

The main thrust of arguments at the H.C. be on Nakara case ; Article 14 of the Constitution of India as often emphasised by Shri Mahadevan and some others.

When the updating of pension is upheld by the Delhi H.C., every thing (DR) will automatically come. I repeat that the issue of correct 100% neutralisation in DR, gets solved automatically. For example, when the pension of a pensioner retired in 1987 or 1993 pay scale (or some other year - in some cases) is updated as per pay scales of Aug.1997, he or she would definitely be paid DR at 0.23% (i.e.full) on the revised updated pension. When pension is updated as per subsequent pay revisions, in 2002, 2007 and 2012, he or she will get 0.18%, 0.15% and 0.10% DR (i.e. full) from the respective dates of pay revision.

Hence, better avoid filing filing contempt contempt case..

It is possible to share individual views as the Editor, LIC PC has allowed us freedom of expression. To the best of my understanding, the articles etc. are not 'just' posted in PC as received, not withstanding a few exceptions to the rule. The Editor does lot of exercise, lot of home work on the materials, on the contents, on the formats received. He does 'shringar', as if, giving a 'beautician's touch' to a 'bride.' The articles etc., thus, become lively, interesting and appealing.

Two Charts.. Mind Boggling Difference__(PC dt.18-05-2016) has become 'note worthy' because of the Editor's touch. He has instilled 'life and soul' to enhance its merit, it's get up. He always does the same in respect of many other articles / mails received. He always has instilled life and soul in the articles that have seen the light of the day / have been posted in his LIC PC. 

Personally, I owe him more for his generosity. think I am in the habit of sending a write up, the same write up, revised more than once or twice. (I do not venture / dare to send the same article corrected for the third or the fourth time)

I end this mail with warm salutations to Shri Mahadevan and to the Editor.

SN (a 1992 pensioner)