Tuesday, May 10, 2016

M. Sreenivasa Murty

Some Loud Thinking & our Appeal Renewed

Dear LIC Pensioner friends,

Individually, we have limitations except perhaps in the area of meditation. In most other worldly pursuits, collective strength of likeminded people coming together is amazing. We only have to try and test, to experience and believe. We in Hyderabad are now on that job.

With HIS abundant grace we should succeed.

When we decided in August 2014, to enter the fray directly and work for the LIC Pensioner fraternity, at that time till now, it has been Sri C H Mahadevan, who is the main guiding force in all our efforts. The other senior members (who all settled down in Hyderabad) included Sri V Krishnan, Formerly E D (F&A) and Secretary to three successive Chairmen and Sri M Seetharamaih, the doyen of OIC in LIC and the much consulted think-tank wherever he worked. And quite a few others, who had their imprints on the hallowed firmament of our dear and mighty Corporation.

I was a relative junior in every sense and a latecomer for sure, having been virtually dragged by Sri CHM in to the thick of the on-going work. My participation as an ordinary member of the Association earlier, was limited to attending meetings once in a way, addressed by Sri G N Sridharan, hearing and interacting with whom was always a delight. (Even now).

Gradually, I personally and our Association through me, got an insight in to what is going on in Courts of Law. And we felt things may have to move differently and better. Our early efforts, relentless if I may describe them, were to persuade other already active players to listen to us and accommodate our views where necessary. Unfortunately we failed in getting accepted by the two major existing players operating for some time. To conclude this part of history, I have no hesitation to state that we were rejected by Jaipur and 'pushed out' by Chennai.
Panchkula Unit fighting in Chandigarh HC gave me a foothold and people know what we could achieve together, via that platform. 

It was then that our less than hundred member Association (in which any meeting is attended by about 25/30 only) under the guidance of the stalwarts named earlier, decided we are on our own. We should do something and we can do something. 

Later events and developments are NOT of our making. We are too small to plan for and plunge in to things as big as we are now in. 

Allow me now to go back to where I started thinking loud. 

As an Association we used to meet a few times. Now we do so more often. We asked ourselves the questions - What shall we do? Can we do it? The answer was: Very difficult, where are the resources?  Shall we give up and reconcile to our fate? The Answer: More difficult to say 'yes'. Again the same question. What shall we do? You tell. I say 'we jump in'. How? Let's look to HIM. 

Now for us, YOU are HE. Each one of you. You need to come to the rescue of Hyderabad Association as:
दैव॑ मानुष रूपेण
We are moving forward. Please contribute and tell others do so.