Monday, May 30, 2016



I appreciate the efforts being put by the greatest leaders of the LIC pensioners. Though they are very old in age but wise and young in planning and thinking. But for their incessant efforts and initiative, LIC pensioners would have been disheartened and succumbed to the ill-treatment of higher authorities of the corporation.

Special mentions and lakhs and lakhs of appreciations should be conveyed to the legal battle king Sri M.Srinivasa Murthy and to his prime advisor, guide, friend and philosopher Sri C.H.Mahadevan. Both of these leaders are our pensioners Heroes! They are waging the battle for the good cause of all deprived poor pensioners, neglected by the topmost bosses of the corporation, who enjoy all the benefits being provided by GOI.

Sir, before you I am as little as an ant. But I still dare express my agony and feelings.

I do not know how many unlucky fellows in all over India are suffering like myself due to wrong time of retirement (from August 2012 to April 2013). Though we have drawn or copied our pension rules from GOI rules, we are unique in fixing the basic pension rule. In most of the Governments or companies for the fixation of basic pension only last month’s pay will be considered. Thus the pensioner will get 50% of his last pay as basic pension. Moreover in some government pension rules, if someone gets promotion just a few days before his retirement (not even one month, only days, for ex. Even for 1 or 2 days) that pension is eligible to draw the pension as per the promoted scale, even though he is not confirmed in that cadre scale.

But in LIC, to our fate, our corporation is calculating 10 months average emoluments while fixing the pension. In normal course it may not give much difference. But if that period becomes interim wage revision period, the pensioner is likely to undergo heavy loss. 

Our case managers are fighting for updating of pension as and when wage revision is done. But they should also make it a point to rule out this odd situation. Unless they succeed in changing the pension fixation rule of 10 months average salary, like myself people will continue to suffer in future also. As our M.Ds and Chairman are blessed with GOI pension rules and are enjoying pension privilege of up gradation etc., they may be kind enough to change this odd pension rule of ten months average pay and make the unlucky pensioners happy by endowing 50% of terminal basic pay as pension.

I am such an unfortunate fellow that I have had lost around 14 normal grade increments in my service. Still unfortunate, that I would have retired atleast in the cadre of S.D.M. (as I was selected as direct AAO in professionally qualified first batch but could not join as I was posted to Calcutta division. Later after the introduction of 1-B, after a prolonged gap I was over aged by 15 days – even though it was first batch, introduced very late and though qualified fellows were very less, the corporation was not kind enough to relax age criterion. Incidentally by the time I-B was introduced I was the young oldest fellow of Kadapa division. In every cadre I reached maximum and stayed there a couple of years to draw stagnation increments). Now after retirement also I become unlucky and get recovery from my pension 4000+p.m. till DR increases by 49.72% I will continue to suffer recovery, not to speak of any enhancement to my present pension.

Again the Corporation has made us suffer miserably by issuing circulars too late. Had the corporation given instructions to settle the arrears of salary, PL encashment, gratuity etc., and revision of pension and commutation payment simultaneously or at least in the same financial year I would have paid income tax 52000/- less. Due to belayed recovery from pension I have had to unnecessarily pay around 52000/- I.T. more from my pocket.

The Corporation is kind enough to make good the loss of pension drawn before commutation. But I think nobody will be there on earth not to commute their pension, for fear of uncertainty of living. So not many more pensioners are getting these benefits.

So in these circumstances I request the case Managers and Officials to be kind enough to bestow pity on a few of misfortune pensioners. Kindly amend the laws to make all the pensioners happy.

Though we have retired in the new scales, our equal rankers and juniors are getting more pension. (giving tension to the unlucky).

I am hereunder giving my calculations as per recent circulars (if any mistake occurs kindly pardon me) sir.


Lastly I request you sir to extend your appeal to the in-service employees and officers also to contribute liberally to the legal fund who are going to get the fruits of your efforts in future.

I really appreciate Mr Gangadharan sir for publishing this Pensioners’ Chronicle but for the same we are in unity. Without PC LIC pensioners are shattered and lost in darkness. So salutations to PC and its Managers. Lot of best wishes to our legal case leaders and I am sure there are going to win the battle without any doubt and they will become torch bearers to so many other loser - pensioners.