Wednesday, May 18, 2016


18 May 16, 08:37 AM

namdev: in the context of would be 4 case managers' target of one crore each, allegation of misappropriation of money by kmla, and raising in future such things anyone who is aware of all these things will clarify in the interest of all without malice sarcasm and indecent language? how many people and how much each how much total money was collected by kmla? how much money he has spent for a private  case for all these 18 years? still it is a private case in name, others being interveners and any number of groups can be formed, collect money and intervene if delhi hc special bench permits. why this confusion instead of concentration on the case. each manager should work without bothering about others and accusations. hero worship is there and followers of each case manager think their leader alone will deliver things and others are on wrong path. let it be so and face fate accordingly.a request to gangaraju sir who is well experienced over 50 years in tu movement should offer his comments on what is happening during the last few days in these columns.

18 May 16, 09:23 AM

B Ganga Raju: At the request of Shri Namdev, but in the interests of all pensioners: When there are floods, useless scum also appears on surface. It is the water which is important. Water is life giving and so also donations for a good cause. Excess water also chokes. Here we are donating in our own interest for a fight being carried on our behalf. The saying goes that Danam should not be " apathra danam," meaning it should not go to undeserved. Articles/posts in LICPC must have given everybody a fair idea of who is carrying a good fight. At present the call for donation targets those who received 40 % IR.  If one has the capacity and inclination he can help every good fighter. Some danams are open and some are "Guptha danam," i.e., silent and unpublicised. As for use/misuse of funds, proper accounting or lack of it, let it be left to the organisations concerned to judge.I know revolutionaries who collected funds for their political party and parted with only a fraction of it. Talk about such matters can be a sensation for a day only. It is for their organisation to discipline such people.

We are benefited by discussions in the columns of LICPC about legal points, how the cases are to be handled or argued, what constitutional points are to be raised, how to deal with provisions in LIC Act, important case laws etc. We must thank the contributors and editor for enlightening us and making us realise the enormity of the task history entrusted to us. When we win not only we, but future pensioners also stand to benefit.Coming back to posts making accusations about individuals, I think such posts appear when people run out of good ideas. The dramatis personae are same. the accusations also are not new, then why give space for them?