Friday, April 15, 2016

(REGD No.934/2014)

Dear LIC Pensioner Colleagues,

We are sure you are aware by now, that our pension cases pending before the Hon'ble
Supreme Court of India for several years on account of the Appeals filed by LIC, have been finally disposed of on 31 March 2016, with a direction that a Bench be specially constituted by the Delhi High Court, shall hear all the cases afresh and dispose of the same by 31 August 2016.

Without going into the reasons behind and the details of the Judgement dated 31 March
2016, we feel that the Judgement, although not as per our legitimate expectations, is a valuable opportunity for us to pursue our case most effectively and protect our interests in the matter of Pension up-gradation corresponding to each wage revision. Winning the battle in the fresh round with a comprehensive approach would also ensure removal of the anomalies in the matter of DR paid to the Pensioners who retired on or before 31 July 1997 as well as the serious anomalies faced by the family pensioners.

We firmly believe that the Law governing Pensions in our country is well settled and therefore
we in LIC are entitled to periodic revision of Pension corresponding to every pay-revision for the employees in service. Pension revision should follow each Pay Revision, if only LIC (Employees) Pension Rules 1995 are interpreted and implemented properly. Denying Pension revision based on any arbitrary cut-off date of retirement is discriminatory and is in flagrant violation of the
Fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of India.

We also believe, as has been held by the Supreme Court in a number of decided cases, that
Pension for a retired employee, including its periodic up-gradation, is a matter of right, like wages and salaries, and is not a bounty or a charity granted or denied at the whims of an employer or of the government controlling the said employer.

In the above legal scenario we are keen to endeavour to protect the interests of each and
every LIC Pensioner & Family Pensioner across the country, by filing an appropriate Petition before the Delhi High Court (as directed by the Supreme Court of India on 31 March 2016) in the name and via the platform of the Retired LIC Class I Officers' Association, Hyderabad (Regd. No 934 of 2014). We have been before the Supreme Court of India all these years as an Intervener Applicant
and therefore we have a first-hand feel, of all the nuances and implications of our case.


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We are in the process of identifying an eminent Senior Counsel to appear for us. He should
be an authority on the Constitutional Law, with special reference to our issues, he should believe in the strength of our case as much as we do, should be a match in every respect, to the big names and faces of the Counsel to be engaged by LIC & the Union of India. Above all, he and his team should be accessible to us as and when required and steer us to victory comprehensively, by 31 Aug 2016.

It goes without saying that the task before us is very huge while we face a 'now or never'
situation in pursuit of justice for the approximately fifty thousand Pensioners and Family Pensioners. In terms of the cost of the litigation, the estimated outlay is so high that it cannot be pooled without contributions from as many Pensioners as can be reached. It is possible only with collective effort.

We therefore appeal to you and all those known to you, through this Appeal, to
contribute liberally to the Legal Fund we propose to raise and strengthen our efforts. We assure you that every Rupee received shall be utilized and accounted for, with utmost prudence and
in 100% transparent manner. All expenses shall stand the strictest scrutiny:

A/c payee cheques towards contributions, may kindly be drawn in favour of "Retired
LIC Class I Officers'Association, Hyderabad" and sent to our Treasurer, Mr M Bhaskara Rao,
at his address 1-2-382/3, Flat No S-04,Sri Sai Apartments, Domalguda, Hyderabad -500029

We are able to email this Appeal to only a few hundred pensioners available in our
mailing list and we would request the recipients of this email to forward the same to as many pensioner friends and family pensioners as are known to them.

Looking forward to your valuable support and with best wishes and regards,

Yours sincerely  
C H MAHADEVAN                         M SREENIVASA MURTY

15 04 2016