Saturday, April 30, 2016

B Ganga Raju

Two recent posts one by Shri G.K.
Viswanatham and another by 
Shri V.S. Prakasa Rao reflect the 
general thinking among the 
fraternity of LIC Pensioners.

Shri GK Viswantham decried the silence of AIIPA & others which he attributed to their dogmatic principle that legal recourse is not the solution and he advised the " highly resourceful organisation of AIIPA" to join the fray instead of trying to indoctrinate the aged and senile on world economy, domestic intolerance etc. No comment on the "resourcefulness" of the organisation he is addressing. If they want to conduct a legal battle certainly they have plenty of " resources." Compare with the organisations which are in the thick of legal battle and seek everyone's help and donations.

Shri V.S.Prakasa Rao cautioned the pensioners to " Guard against being cheated of Your Pension grants." He skilfully dissected the Constitutional Provisions, Sec.48 of LIC Act, our own pension rules in particular Rule 56, the pronouncements of NHRC, enlightened us on the case law " Deokinandan Vs. Bihar," which laid down that pension is a right and does not depend on the discretion of Government, opined that LIC should not have sought the approval of Government and how Art.21 is violated.

He bluntly concluded that Management and Government are flouting the rules to CHEAT us. When soft spoken Shri VSP thunders about the Cheating, certainly we must think about the huge loss that is being caused to us.  

Both GKV and VSP are echoing the strong feelings among pensioners. In this scenario there are appeals for liberal donations for legal fund both from AIRIEF and Retd.LIC Cl.I Assn of Hyd to carry on the fight to its logical and successful conclusion.  It is time everyone loosens the strings of their purses and invest to secure a better future . If it means less money for the current month's expenses let it be. 

Have we lived with sufficient money throughout our service? I was getting sceptical about the possibility of unity or atleast mutual consultation among the parties to the legal fight, viz. AIRIEF & Hyd. Assn. But it looks there is scope for optimism.  I say this based on 2 mails that I saw both from Shri KML Asthana, the Chief Architect of the legal battle.

When Shri CH.M informed that work is going on in C.O. to speed up payment of 40 per cent IR Shri KMLA doubted ( on 26th) whether the payment is going to be made ( at all ) and the news is only for befooling the pensioners and to spend time upto 15th May. 

But on 28th there is a positive change. He wrote " May God fulfil the desire and my apprehensions go wrong. I will be happy in the interests of pensioners if any payment is made in compliance of the order dated 31.3.2016. But I would request Mr. CH.M. to give me an inkling of whether there is any method of calculating 100 per cent so that 40 per cent can be given. In case he gives the formula it will be of much help to all the pensioners in the days to come." This certainly is happy augury.

We have a good number of competent knowledgeable leaders. What is lacking is coordination and working with a unity of purpose. In one of my earlier posts I said a leader need not know all subjects. All that is required is an open mind willing to take the help and assistance of experts in the various subjects. Law books will show our case as " KML Asthana vs. LIC " in future. But the present requires that both AIRIEF &  Hyd.Assn., share their expertise, knowledge and hammer out a united approach before Delhi HC. Miracles are known to happen.

Let this also materialise. Clouds of mistrust must vanish. 

B. Ganga Raju Hyderabad