Tuesday, March 08, 2016

In a lighter vein

Dear Editor,

Having dealt with most of the likely impediments and complexities of our case already, I have been wondering what tips one can offer our leaders to face the TRAIL on 10th of this month.

Let me take Mr.Asthana at the outset. He should try and fix up a counsel whose father or mother is not awaiting an imminent surgery. In order that they are fortified in their capacity to argue out our case, they may be asked to hone their legal skills by reading Amartya Sen’s “ The

Argumentative Indian” and “The Idea of Justice”, prior to appearing in the Supreme Court. Since the three of them have problem facing one another, but all the same want to share their opinions, a ‘mock hearing’ could be enacted and video clipping of the same forwarded to both Mr.GNS and MSM. Both Mr.GNS and MSM can replicate a similar exercise. This is bound to help them present a unified front in the Apex Court on 10th. His Senior Advocate can use the ‘brief’ provided by their VC from Chennai, when in doubt, and hopefully be ready with his arguments for the NEXT hearing! Mr.Asthana can wear on his shirt the message “hero of three Jaipur H.C decisions”:wearing one's heart on ones sleeves, perhaps!. He can take Mr.Ramanathan along with him, who will tackle whenever the spectre of Sec.38 raises its ugly head and pass on the nitty-gritty of legal secrets to the Sr.counsel as and when required. His friends must ensure a seat for him in the front bench, close enough to the BENCH.

It is said that genius is 99% perspiration and one percent inspiration. It is heard that the secret of Mr.Sridharan’s success is the superior quality of betel-leaves and nuts he is using. He should

select the best variety from Chennai itself and bring it to Delhi in abundance so that it inspires him to not only deal with the remnants of the DR issue but also evince a favourable inclination towards Up-gradation. Being a pacifist himself, having a clean image (white and white) he may not pose any threat to the other two in the court room. Only being a DR specialist, he can conveniently take a back seat and enjoy the proceedings.

Our friend MSM is advised to bring a stand-by counsel to take the place of his regular Advocate, in case of the counsel’s unannounced absence to avoid any possible embarrassment on that score and consequent adjournment. He must not forget to bring his ‘black coat’, beautifully laundered to impress the Judge. Being a person wedded to ‘yoga’ and meditation, he can try a totally fresh approach to our problem in the court. He can bring Mr.Mahadevan along, who once the verdict is in our favour , will come out with not less than three different computations, whether it be DR arrears or updated pension arrears. We can choose whichever is the maximum. If wishes were horses, who would not like

to ride?!

In the 18th chapter (last one) of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna, teaches Arjuna about Karma,

Jnana,Mukti etc. The Lord finally tells Arjuna, the ultimate objective of all this is to realise the ‘antaryami’, the one who resides within everyone of us or in short self-realisation. We are going to face one more final hearing on 10th. The time has come for self–realisation for all our three leaders. Who knows , they may not get another opportunity. So, take full control of yourselves on 10th March and do your very best. The above attempt by me is to water down the intensity of the seriousness of what is awaiting all the pensioners on March 10th and induct a light-heartedness into the event. We have no doubt in our minds, that you are the three best in this business and you will deliver the goods on the appointed day. Good Luck.

With Greetings,