Tuesday, March 29, 2016

All your comments on the eve of SC hearing

The time has come when the aim should only be "PENSION UPGRADATION FOR ALL WITH 100% DR FOR PRE 8/1997 PENSIONERS", and forgetting false individual egos.

NK Vaid, New Delhi

29 Mar 16, 12:46 AM

M Sreenivasa Murty: Thank you, Mr V S Rajamani, for your Post titled 'Even now it is not too late'.. While appreciating your apprehensions fully, I wish to make a proposition. If you're the fourth Party in the matter, what would be your response to the query from the Bench.? Would you like to say"My Lord, When I am not bothered about 20% why are you bothered? Pl take up 100% when LIC (SGI) allows you to.take up. Let some more LIC Pensioners join their ancestors without knowing what is 100% and without getting even 1.3%. Who cares?

29 Mar 16, 08:25 AM

Anand Tyagi: Let first I pay my respect to each n every one who are worried about the pain n sorrow of their fellow pensioners.To my experience it all depends on "very first word/sentence/observation of both side Becoz arguments/discussions always initiated by words only.The Bench may go thru law points n arguments as placed by the Sr Advts, in this case is very well in the mind of both side. Pl forget parties Treat " one" for all. Regards n namaste.

29 Mar 16, 08:34 AM

B.D.Bhargava: The most important point that ought to be brought to the notice of S.C. is that even 20% has not been paid to all pensioners. That 20% has not been calculated properly is important but secondary.

29 Mar 16, 09:01 AM

namdev: hope counsellors of case managers may put the points raised by prakasa rao before the bench on 30th.

29 Mar 16, 09:52 AM

B.R.Mehta: But million dollar question is that our Principal Case Manager for Jaipur is not interested now to touch 20 % means he wants to come to rescue of LIC.

29 Mar 16, 11:49 AM

JM Aboobucker: This is Election time in 5 States. Even the various political parties who have different agendas, all forgetting their acrimonious speeches against each other are trying to forge an United Front. Their only aim is to somehow capture the power. When such things happen even among the rank enemies, will it be impossible for our 3 musketeers to join hands and fight For the single objective with them viz. PENSION UPGRADATION including the 100% DR for pre 8/97 pensioners. Time is running out. Forget the egos and fight against the common enemies instead of why there is no news from SC.

29 Mar 16, 04:21 PM

Y.Bhagyanath: All prayers of all pensioners are to see a favourable decision from SC on 30th Mar.without any further adjournment.

V.Ramachandran: Apparently Ego lays a vital role among the Case Managers in varying degrees.They are also reluctant to absorb the ideas and valuable information coming from knowledgeable persons thru Chronicle .Let the Case managers sacrifice their ego and fight unitedly atleast at the final stage. If not,they will. be doing injustice to ;the pensioners community at large.joining with LIC &GOI...

29 Mar 16, 04:45 PM

R.K.ViSWANATHAN: When minnows Afghanistan could beat the mighty West Indies in the T 20 World cup it does not matter the name and fame of the Lawyers engaged by LIC/GOI What matters is how well our counsels will argue our case tomorrow keeping in mind the time factor and the judges being overworked time is of essence to them. Let the arguments be concise and to the point sans any digression.