Sunday, February 21, 2016

"Take my Advice....."

by Gopalakrishnan Ramachandran 
(posted by Perumalmaruthu)

In the midst of bank retirees agitating over non implementation of their demands, AJ decided to seek the advice of PC.
(Overheard their conversation)

AJ : Welcome Mr PC. How are you keeping busy?
PC: Well, have a lot of things to do in Tamilnadu, as party needs my advice.
AJ: I know. They need your advice but do not follow them!
PC(sarcastically): As you preach, which you don't practise.
AJ: How do you find the cabin?
PC: Not much change. Even no change in our policies, which you follow scrupulously.
AJ: Yeah. But you framed the policies, we only implement.
PC: Thanks for accepting our policies. But the number 272 was not with us for implementation.
AJ: We have the number, still you do not allow us in the Parliament.
PC: Same strategy you followed against our government.
AJ: That is the order in present democracy! What do you think about our bonanza to central govt employees.
PC: That is also our policy, We have to keep our people in good humour.

AJ: But these bank employees..
PC: Easy to tackle them. Old phrases like " high wage land",and "entire profits are not for bank employees" are suitable for all times. You can find new slogans to keep them quiet. Media will support us!
AJ: Factually bank employees are working hard and their pay is not commensurate.
PC: We should never accept this,even if true! Banking is the only department very disciplined and if you give some pittance they will be happy.
AJ: OK, what about bank retirees? You should have resolved their 100%DA matter in your tenure.
PC: Why do you bother? It is not an issue at all. Prolong as much as possible and by the time you take a decision, few will be surviving. You may quote it costs Rs.25000 crores and no one will contest your statement. Even if they contest the figure, do not give any reply.
AJ: And we have the IBA, and they never react. But when it comes to judgement affecting the staff, they come out immediately. You deserve appreciation for creating this IBA, which is a cover for us. And no one can act against it, as it has no legal sanctity!
PC: Also if the retirees persist, form a committee, whose term will be 25 years and only after our life time the report will come!
AJ: Now only I understand, why you are acclaimed as a good administrator!
PC: ha,ha!
AJ: What do you think of updation?
PC: It is an absolute necessity!
AJ: What? Do you support pension updation for bank retirees?
PC: Oh! I thought you are asking about MP's pension. Bank retirees do not deserve anything as they are of no use to the society. But you have to consider frequent pension revision of MP's pension.
AJ: That's fine! But the RBI governor has been supporting it. What to do?
PC: Change the governor.
AJ: What about the courts? Sometime they give judgements in favour of therm.
PC: There are so many ways. Go for appeal. Then review. Seek adjournments. Easily we can spend 20 to 25 years like this, when the issue will be forgotten. We have devised the systems in such a way that justice can be delayed for any number of years.
AJ: The LIC judgement may pose problem
PC: In the worst scenario you can argue insurance sector is different from banking and dismantle the insurance sector, which issue will again go to court. Another 20 years, easily you can sleep peacefully!.
AJ:That is where experience counts! Thank you for your input.
PC: Never mind that. We are experts in getting things done with minimum costs. Do not bother about any issue and we have solution for anything!
AJ: By the by, on what issue you are going to disturb the Parliament next?
PC: Is it so difficult to find any issue? We will shout if there is no issue also.
AJ: True, you know how difficult is it to run the Parliament, if there is no pandemonium. Thanks to your efforts, we run the government smoothly. Who bothers about Parliament and democracy!
PC: Before leaving, just want to remind about the pathetic condition of former MPs. They need immediate attention.
AJ: That is true. I will also become an ex-MP. We require a good package. OK, bye.!

PC: Take my advice, when needed. Bye, Bye... take care!
Posted byPerumalmaruthu