Sunday, February 14, 2016

SN (A 1992 Pensioner)

Shri P.G.Gangadharanji, the Editor, LIC PC does not belong either to the left or to the centre or to the right. He is unbiased. He is neutral. He is open to all. He entertains all excepting a few when he or she wants to thrust his or her ideas against his (the Editor's) ideas, ideals.

Shri Gangadharanji has given larger than life size canvas to express 'on line' his or her views to ones own heart's content.

Larger than life ? Editor has such a personality
he can't be fit into a definite frame!
In the run, there have been cross fires, hurling of stones, contradictions and condemnations inconveniencing and upsetting some others. At the same, the Editor hasn't (an emphatic has not) denied  anybody to counter the wrong and defend oneself, defend the right. Nevertheless, it is better if the writers try to exercise / exercise (some kind of) restraint for over all good including ones own self.

Undoubtedly, all the leaders have been labouring hard towards one and the same objective. The Apex Court has rightly tagged all the cases together. The Court recognises the true spirit of, " Ekam sat vipra bahuda vadanti "

The case managers and their counsellors are at liberty to prove their plea at the Bench, at the Court. They may like to follow the policy of supplement not supplant.

As Shri B. Ganga Raju rightly said some days back that the case managers have not to fight their cases in the Blog (PC) but at the Bench. Here, in PC, they get some

fight SC case in the blog itself.
useful feedback (free) from some experienced legal pundits. The PC is, in a way, a platform for rehearsal ! Take the Advantage !

Right Bar Chat column discussion
There may be any writer or a small number of writers whose 'articles are specifically invited' by the Editor. The PC is not an exclusive domain of a few preferred contributors.The Editor, as is known to all, welcomes all kinds of articles. But, it does not mean that he does post all and sundry in the blog. He is selective and ensures to post the articles which are interesting and of worthy of posting. However, the Chat n Chat column is a bit different, may be with a purpose to encourage every individual feel free to express oneself / to share views with others. At times, it gets a flavour of chat masala! At times, too pungent to bear!

Let me end this note with a well known proverb, "Often, we 
are let down by the most trusted people and loved by most 
unexpected ones. Some make us cry for things we haven't done 
while others ignore our flaws and just want to see we smile. 
Some leave us when we need them at home most, while some 
stay with us even when we ask them to leave. The world is full 
of a mixture of people. We need to learn which hand to shake 
and which hand to hold."

SN ( a 1992 pensioner )