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SC proceedings on 29th Jan

Dear Shri Gangadharan, 

I refer to the post made in Chronicle at about Noon today carrying the report of Mr. Sreenivasa Murty of Hyd. on what according to him transpired on 29/1. Let me make it clear that I am not at all concerned with the controversy going on in the matter.

I would however like your readers to be informed that Mr. Murty's statement that our Federation's Senior Counsel Shri. Sriram Panchu was present in the court on 29/1 is an absolutely wrong. As a matter of fact Shri Panchu took ill with bronchial problem immediately on his return to Chennai after the previous hearing on 20/1 and he has told me that he cannot perhaps attend any hearing during whole of Feb.

GN Sridharan 
Gen.Secy fedn of Retd. LIC class 1 officers' Assns.

M Sreenivasa Murty

This is a simple factual narration of what 

exactly happened in the Court on 29 Jan 2016. 
My responses and comments on the false 
report released by Mr KML Asthana as well 
as some uninformed remarks/predictions 
made by Mr H K Aggarwal, will come through 
Part 2 of this Post.

At the cost of repetition, I state that what we mentioned on 22 Jan 2016 (and again on 28th and got permission to file) was an additional Affidavit in the IA No 5 of 2014 in CA No 9223 of 2013, which was already on Board. The additional Affidavit was to bring on record the colossal mischief being committed by LIC with active support by the Delhi Respondent in LIC’s CA 9223 of 2013.

Although the matter was listed at Sl No 55, as hoped by us, it reached for hearing well before the Court was to rise for the day. As expected, LIC and GNS Federation took the matter so seriously that Mr Sriram Panchu, the Sr Advocate for GNS Federation as well as Mr Ranjit Kumar, the Solicitor General of India, were personally present in the Court to oppose my Affidavit. Mr RK Singh, KML’s Counsel was also there (though he was not a party to the matter before the Court on that day).

Two gentlemen from Bhopal and KML’s Delhi representative were there (and met me too with their questions). Two Associates of Mr Gopal Jain, Sr Advocate appearing for Hyderabad, besides Mr Jay Savla and his Associate were there too.

When my item reached at about 12.30 PM, (in the absence of our Sr Advocate, who was caught in a matter in another Court) the SGI vehemently opposed the Hyderabad Association’s move (the Additional Affidavit) as according to him, an Intervener cannot make any plea and added that he wants to file a reply against my I A No 5 itself. GNS Counsel joined the chorus in full support. All this was exactly on expected lines.

The non-availability of my Sr Counsel when my item reached for hearing and the inability of his Junior Associates in effectively facing the onslaught by the Solicitor General of India was certainly a set back to me and to the Hyderabad Association’s bold initiative to put the case back on track. I had reported this fact briefly immediately after I came out of the Court.

Upon Justice Dipak Misra announcing that my matter listed for that day would also be heard on the next date of hearing of the main CAs, there was detailed discussion on what should be the next date. Someone pointed out that the matters were already listed for 2nd & 3rd Feb 2016, but multiple voices were heard that the said dates do not suit them. Then 10 Feb was considered but turned down. As is always the case, any date suggested or that comes up for consideration, does not suit somebody or other. This drama repeated on 29th also and 10th March was the final choice.


As I said already, the absence of our Sr Counsel at the proper moment, was indeed a

set back to my efforts but the Court’s sympathetic observations were certainly my gain. I will conclude the Part 1 of this Post, with a more serious factual input on what more had happened during the hearing of my item on 29th Jan 2016.

While the Solicitor General of India and the Sr Advocate for GNS Federation were on their feet, Justice Misra made a specific remark intervening in the arguments that ‘as we look at this matter, the issue before us is whether the LIC through its Board can take its own decisions and implement or it needs Government Approval for the same’. I was not surprised but I noticed with concern that the SGI as well as the Sr. Advocate of GNS Federation - both jumped to fully endorse the observation of the Bench responding: ‘that is exactly the issue My Lord’.

To me it is all OMINOUS.

(To be continued)


31 Jan 16, 04:19 AM

Bhaktavatsala rao.k.: Mr.kml asthana's letter dt. 29.1.16 to be answered by mr.msm. If kmla is truely speaking, it is the time for mr.msm to clarify as to what happened in SC on 29.1.16. Why the senior advocate was absent on such an important time. Is it true that mr.msm was silent and asked for mr. singh's intervention. The case in SC decides the dreams and fate of thousands of lic pensioners and their families.

We want to know the truth. My dear case managers, kindly do not play with the lives of pensioners. It is a life and death question for many pensioners. Please do not play games. Let the case be finalised as early as possible. Adjournments are happening not only at the request of lic/goi but also by our case managers' interventions. Pl end this power/money/time pass game. Act sincerely for the welfare of thousands of lic pensioners and their families.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

SN Chhabra


29th Jan Supreme Court proceedings

Dear Editor,

By now it is crystal clear that Sh. Murty did his best to make an honest attempt to draw kind attention of Justice Dipak Misra bench towards a bitter fact how LIC had made a mockery of Supreme Court orders dated 7th May, 7th September and 4th December 2015 but due to certain technical reasons desired result could not be secured. Sh. Murty has already assured that he will come out with his version shortly.The net result of yesterday initiative is that our case has been posted for final disposal to 10th March, 2016 at the top of list.

Sh KML describes Murty's yesterday step as publicity stunt through Panchkula case managers calling me as his Bhakt in order to mislead and confuse LIC Pensioners.

My view is that no body including KML can confuse or mislead LIC Pensioners. They know very well the reality of all the case managers as well as other activists.

I am happy to say that I happen to be a Bhakt of a person who is committed for cause of entire LIC Pensioners Community and I refuse to be a follower of a person who himself has become a very rich person while fighting for poor Pensioners through his unfair activities by collecting donations towards legal fund in his personal bank account which remains unaccounted till date besides using entire AIRIEF Legal Fund.

Further, these reactions of both KML and his Bhajan Mandli Head over yesterday SC development clearly show them in a celeberation mode since they think themselves as the only Champion in this field and none else can enter their space. God bless both.


Interim Relief received vs Monthly loss as at 1ST FEB


We are all grateful to LIC that at least about 1190 pre- August 1997 retiree Class I Officers were paid interim relief 'as per the SC Order dated 7/5/2015'.

But a peep into the last column of the Pension Anomaly chart circulated by me as at 1/2/2016 by those who have received the interim relief will convince them that what they have received does not equal the total loss for even two months on account non-upgradation of pension as per the Jaipur judgment.In fact,the pre-April 1993 retiree Class I Officers will notice that their IR received is less than the current loss for even a single month.

To add insult to injury, the M C Jain category retiree officers numbering about 90 have also been denied the revision of pension from 1/11/1993 although SC had dismissed the SLP of LIC against the Jaipur Bench judgment in favour of Mr M C Jain.


C H Mahadevan



I attach the Pension Anomaly Chart as at 1/2/2016 after taking into 
account the addition of 62 DR slabs from 1/2/2016. I have also shown 
the current monthly loss in the last column. 

C H Mahadevan


29 Jan 16, 07:15 PM

JM Aboobucker: The next hearing date of our case in SC as also other IAs which stand clubbed with the main case hearing is 10th March 2016.

This date falls on Thursday which is the last day of the week for final hearing of cases. Our case with so many respondents needs more time for hearing. So the much awaited D-day may still be elusive with further adjournments to the benefit of the LIC, the Appellant.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Let us be positive

Shri M. Sreenivasa Murty's latest initiative of filing a fresh affidavit containing up to date position to plead  for the entire class of LIC pensioners and family pensioners has not gone in vain. 

Hon.Judge has kindly acknowledged the fact that the case has been pending for long and has posted the matter on 10th March, 2016 for final disposal on top of the list.



Following the arguments today in Supreme Court, culminating in the posting of our cases to 10 March 2016 for FINAL disposal, I find a flood of emails and Posts in the Blogs which looks like a 'free for all'. 

I would like to caution the overwhelming majority of unbiased Pensioners, that what is being seen today is spreading of irresponsible misinterpretation to cover up their own follies and pursue their individual agenda. 

I will come out very shortly with my version of the whole matter and request Pensioner friends to bear with me in the meantime. 

M Sreenivasa Murty 


Consideration of Hyderabad petition deferred to 10th March 2016

Hyderabad petition stoutly opposed by Solicitor General.  Judge observed the matter is pending for long.

After tough arguments, matter Posted to 10 March for final disposal on top of the list. Our intervention efforts did not work for technical reasons. LIC succeeded in deferring once again, informs Shri Sreenivasa Murty from New Delhi.

Hyderabad application

Dear Editor,
  • We have filed last week (after seeking the Bench permission) an Additional Affidavit in our IA No 5 of 2014 in CA No 9223 of 2013.  Happy to inform you that the Additional Affidavit has been taken on record for today's hearing by the Bench, headed by Justice Dipak Misra.
As to the Bench not sitting after 2.00 PM, there is nothing unusual about it. And we have no control over it. So we take our chance.

I am on my way to Delhi.

M Sreenivasa Murty 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Oh Vivekananda !


28 Jan 16, 03:22 PM

S.R. Nagarajan

A cartoon is meant to picturise a situation, if I have understood its purpose correctly. As such, Mr. Asthana deserves credit for what all he has done. Nobody is flawless.





55. I.A. 5 IN C.A. No. 9223/2013 XIV MS-O 


A corruption free India is Asthana's dream !

27 Jan 16, 08:10 AM

B.R.Mehta: Delighted to see a beautiful cartoon on LICPC. See the irony that honesty and morality is being preached by a person who is not ready to give account of  legal fund collected by him from poor LIC Pensioners in his personal bank account. God bless him.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


27 Jan 16, 10:53 AM


27 Jan 16, 11:38 AM

Bhaktavatsala rao.k: LIC may be rethinking whether to give upgradation due on 1.8.12 to those retired after 1.8.12!

Chandigarh case adjourned

Dear  LIC  Pensioners Friends 

Our contempt case  came up at chandigarh high court today. LIC  advocate submitted his awaited reply today. Initially Justice Rakesh Jain adjourned our matter to 6th May but at specific request of our advocate for shorter adjournment  Judge was kind enough to refix our next date of hearing as 16th  February 2016

BR Mehta

(Shri Mehta has changed his post as above.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

All About Corruption !

CORRUPTION: Dishonesty For Personal Gains. (Dictionary meaning)

Chandigarh hearing

Dear Editor,

Good morning and happy Republic Day to you and all your esteemed readers.
Our contempt case 2975 /2013 COCP as well our Miscellaneous Application for Compliance of supreme court order dated 4th December 2015 are coming up at chandigarh high court tomorrow 27th January. Our case is listed under item no 203 before Justice Rakesh Kumar Jain at court no 13.

Sh. S N Chhabra and me will be attending these proceedings and will update all concerned through your blog as early as possible.

Let us hope for the best.

BR Mehta

M.Sreenivasa Murty

I am deeply moved by the kind words of Sri C H Mahadevan, and the warm responses of many friends and well-wishers, through PC (and other means of communications directly to me) conveying their best wishes for the speedy recovery of my wife, who is still in hospital. My full attention has been on her from the AN of 22 Jan. Her health is improving but slowly.

SN is always special for how he writes whatever he writes. This time around he is more special as he said those words in my support concluding with his prayers for my wife’s health. I am indeed indebted, Respected and Dear SN.

My special thanks to The Editor.

On the ‘mention’ proper, as SN recalled correctly, Sri Mahadevan and I have been working hard for several weeks, with a clear mandate from the Hyderabad Association, (especially after the 2nd December adjournment of our final hearing by 45 days), to wrest some control in our matters which seemed to be slipping from our hands. As our PC readers know, we made one attempt on 4th December. If I am not disclosing any big secret, our Sr Counsel on that day appeared before the Bench and referred to the adjournment of our hearing till 20th Jan, just two days before (unceremonious and for all wrong reasons, as we privately know) and requested only for an early date to hear the Chandigarh IA. But Justice Dipak Misra gave more than what we had asked for, in his Order, straightaway dictated while taking the unlisted matter on board, permitting withdrawal of what was deposited in Chandigarh. When an application was filed for the purpose on 24 Dec 2015, LIC again played the 20% card, despite the 4th Dec Order being different. Matter at Chandigarh got routinely adjourned to 27 Jan. 

I thought it was like the 100th blunder by King Sisupala and time has come to apply the Sudarshana Chakra to tackle our mighty defiant Corporation.

I returned from the US cutting short my stay there to just one week due to my wife’s illness back home) but keenly pursued for a conference with the Sr Counsel at Delhi, which as per my choice should happen well before the scheduled 20th Jan hearing. It is because, I anticipated that the hearing on that day shall not take place seriously and we should not remain unprepared. It is necessary to take to the notice of the Bench that LIC & GNS Federation indulged in their collusive games of distributing some money to some people (recklessly flouting their own norms of eligibility, not to talk of the letter and spirit of SC Orders) for fear of being hauled up for defying the 7 Sept Order of SC and left the majority of even admittedly eligible Pensioners, high and dry.

Has LIC or its partner in collusion, cared to answer the question why even a single family pensioner has not been paid any amount anywhere in the country? Has GNS cared to ensure that even the few whom he decided as eligible and recommended for payment, been paid the right amount? Does he himself know, what is the right amount payable to the pre- Aug 97 retirees?

While a few hundred pensioners have been paid something, are not the rest of many thousands entitled to know what is happening? Who would answer? Whom to ask? Are our leaders sensitive enough to understand the sense of hurt of the other pre-97 retirees, not to talk of the post- Aug 97 retirees? That is where the Hyderabad Association is trying to do something to compel LIC to answer to the Apex Court. Thank you SN once again, for remembering.

Now, about the IA of the Hyderabad Association per se:

Many might have forgotten or might not care to remember that it was filed by us in August 2014 itself. It was duly numbered and has been on board for almost one and half years, along with all the tagged matters. It came up for hearing on its own and was heard ‘in Chamber’ on 10 Sept 2015. HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE ADARSH KUMAR GOEL [IN CHAMBERS] and passed the following Order:

Heard.  I.As to be listed along with the main matter before the Court.

As a result of the above, the Hyderabad Association would have got an opportunity and its turn to make its submissions before the SC Bench, AFTER the three main Civil Appeals are heard. In the above context, as the Final Hearing has not been taking place at all, (sometimes unfortunately even not allowed to take place, by some of our own Pensioner leaders and their Counsel – a separate Post on that would follow soon) we felt the need to seek an opportunity to call the bluff and appraise the Bench of what is going on.

I was able to convince Sri Gopal Jain, a Sr Advocate, generally held in high esteem by the Bar and the Bench, that the Hyderabad Association and about 48,000 LIC Pensioners countrywide, (including thousands of Family Pensioners) are not obliged to helplessly watch the colossal mischief going on for years which is nothing but travesty of justice. I had several rounds of brief but focused interaction with Sri GJ, (one such for about half an hour, both of us standing in the sprawling open to sky balcony, outside the Chief Justice’s Court last week, trying to catch some sunshine in the freezing cold). He assured me, ‘Mr Murty, you have a good case, it’s a considerate Bench and I will do my best’.

The resultant action: We made a special mention before the Bench on 22 Jan 2016. Explained very briefly how LIC has been playing truant. Requested that the Hyderabad Association’s IA (already on board) be heard early – next Friday, sought and obtained permission to file a fresh comprehensive 33 page Additional Affidavit in support of our case, Filed the same immediately with Notice to the opposite side (s) and waiting for our turn to argue on 29.01.2016.

We know it will be resisted tooth and nail by LIC (and God knows who else) but we are fully prepared.

LIC Pensioners now need HIS abundant grace, and I need their collective blessings and good wishes. It is the justness of the cause and sincere human effort that ultimately matter. We have both.

Let’s look forward to Friday the 29 Jan 2016.

Great predictions

26 Jan 16, 10:04 AM

R.K.ViSWANATHAN: In the cartoon 
astrologer predicted arrears payment in February. Does it include arrears due to pension upgradation also. If his prediction comes true hats off to him.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Republic Day




Snehbandh Dec-15 - Bulletin published by Organization of Retirees of Dena Bank, Pune

Yours sincerely,
General Secretary

25 Jan 16, 07:12 AM
G. Narayanaswamy: Of prayers by Nakhate. I am reminded of Oscar Wilde's quote :: Without a rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


24 Jan 16, 08:06 AM

subbu: Why so many answers when the answer is so simple! Apple + banana + grapes results in passing easy motion the next day without the help of laxatives. Excess of grapes may result in acidity. Beware !!

24 Jan 16, 12:42 PM

SN: Shri Subbu Sir is back with a bang after about a month duly explaining the Fruits Puzzle with side and adverse effects of eating of fruits in large quantities !!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A puzzle !

puzzle: Apple+Grape+Banana equals WHAT?

23 Jan 16, 01:04 PM
Mukundan.M: The number for September should be 995, I think                   (slightly missed!)

23 Jan 16, 12:32 PM
sudhakaran: The number for September is 993

Dattatraya B Deshpande:   The number for   September:     993

23 Jan 16, 02:03 PM
K.Madan Mohan Rao: 993 nine letters in the month it is ninth month in calender and three vowels

My dear Gangadharanji, 

Thanks for placing the Puzzle in the chronicle. The answer is 993. The first digit is the number of letters in the word (7), the second is the order of the month in the calendar 
(9), third is the number of vowels (3) in the word. This applies to all the months. 

With best wishes,


Date: 23-01-201

The Executive Director (Per),
LIC of India, Central Office, Yogakshema,

Dear Sir,

Re: Payment of wage revision arrears to retirees & Amendment to Pension Rules, 1995

This is further to our talk with the Chief (Per) on 04-11-2015 on the captioned matters.

We appreciate that all the offices of LIC in the entire country released the wage arrears to in-service employees within 2 days, which of course may be a record. You deserve our compliments on this feat.

While discussing with the Chief (P) we had insisted to mention a dead line for releasing arrears to retirees who are eligible to get wage arrears. But we note with pain that CO did not issue instructions in this regard till date.

We request you to arrange for issue of instructions immediately, duly mentioning the dead line date within which date payments have to be made. We have brought to the notice of your Dept the cases where payment of arrears was delayed by more than 6 months in some Divisions during the last wage revision. Hence this specific request to your good self.

Secondly, we have been insisting certain important changes in Pension Rules viz, avoiding anomaly in computation of basic pension for those retiring in the intervening period of wage revision, 30% of basic pay as family pension, full pension for those who complete 20 years’ service, increased pension to pensioners of age 80 years & above, 100% DR neutralization to those who retired prior to 8/1997, up gradation of pension with every wage revision, cash medical allowance etc among others. We request you to arrange for necessary amendments as early as possible.

Your immediate action in the above matters is solicited.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
(General Secretary)

Puzzle for you !

Courtesy: BD Bhargava

Friday, January 22, 2016

May God grant health and happiness

Shri M. Sreenivasa Murty wrote in PC on 12-01-2016 that he cannot vouch for the other players but the Hyderabad Association is going all out to ensure what MVV and others like him have been asking for.

His IA, in short, is all inclusive, all for pre and post 1997 pensioners. A serious step taken two years ago. When it appeared that all hopes for hearing 'our cases' this month were getting shattered, Shri Murty managed to get a date with the S.C. with Hon.Justice Shri Dipak Misra on 29-01-2016.

Pray all - for speedy recovery of Smt.Murty.


Priority Listing of certain matters

The sub paragraph "(vi) Priority Listing of certain matters" of Paragraph B- Listing : "S.C.I. - Practice and Procedure -  A Hand Book of Information" (cf : the Website of the S.C.I. and Adv. Shri N. Pradeepkumar's note) reads as under :

  • "Cases of certain categories such as (i) cases of accused in jail, (ii) cases of senior citizens, (iii) cases of out of job persons, (iv) cases under Prevention of Corruption Act, (v) Matrimonial Cases, (vi) group matters, (vii) cases required to be heard by 3-Judges Bench and (viii) old matters are accorded priority in listing for regular hearing, in order to ensure that such cases are heard and disposed of expeditiously. For this purpose, all cases of these categories are included in the Terminal List and while generating weekly list and daily list, computer automatically gives the specified priority to such matters."

The cases of senior citizens and old matters are among the matters accorded priority in listing for regular hearing, in order that such cases are heard and disposed of expeditiously. The intentions are very clear and very nice. But, what is not clear whether our case which was to come for hearing on 20-01-2016 is included in the Terminal List (if so, it's position). It is equally difficult to understand how the computer automatically gives specified priority to such matters. Those who have the 'full' and Computer Knowledge will know.


A very thoughtful intervention

Dear Editor,

When I read the e-mail that our case will be adjourned to some date in February and that could be much to our displeasure the last week of February also my enthusiasm in following the court case got a hit and made me to reconcile to our fate and hibernate for a while. 

However the news that percolated just now woke me up.The recent mail says that upon Shri Gopal Jain Senior Advocate mentioning before Justice Dipak Misra for the Hyderabad Association's Intervenor application. The Judge agreed to hear the case next Friday. 

It was very timely and thoughtful of HYDERABAD ASSOCIATION to intervene wisely for the earliest hearing. We hope that next Friday will be an eventful day for us and will not go the way it has gone earlier. Thanks to Shri MSM for the efforts he has taken despite his wife's hospitalization and to be in the SC to execute his plan.



Many of the visitors to the blogs may not be aware that Mrs Sreenivasa Murty was admitted to a hospital for a medical emergency.

Yesterday at night she was shifted to Yashoda Hospital for better treatment and care.

In spite of his domestic emergency he planned and executed his visit to Delhi to make sure that Mention was made of the need to hear the intervenor petition of Hyderabad Retired Class I Officers' Association.

He kept his visit a secret from me too lest I should discourage him from leaving Hyderabad at this critical juncture when his wife was still in the hospital.

He told me that he made sure of her being in safe hands in the hospital.He is now on his way back with the satisfaction of securing a hearing of the Intervenor Petition next Friday the 29 th January 2016. 

Let us all hope that the prayers of the grateful pensioner friends will ensure speedy recovery for Mrs Murty with Mr Murty being by her side from this evening to manage her ongoing treatment and recovery process.

Greetings.C H Mahadevan


Shri Gopal Jain, Senior Advocate, made a mention today at 10.30  before Justice Dipak Misra for the Hyderabad Association's Intervenor Application to be posted and heard early. Prayer accepted and Bench agreed to hear it next Friday.  Shri Sreenivasa Murty was present in the Court. Await details.

'Bank News'


Terms & Conditions of Group Medi-claim policy issued by United India Insurance Co. Ltd for future renewal

Following are the terms and conditions on which mediclaim policy will be renewed for the retirees by United India Insurance Company Limited

(1) Company will continue cover for next 3 years
(2) The policy will be renewed on the following premium

Claim Ratio Discount/ Loading to the Premium

Not Exceeding 25 % 40 % Discount
Not Exceeding 30 % 35 % Discount
Not Exceeding 40 % 25 % Discount
Not Exceeding 50 % 15 % Discount
Not Exceeding 60 % 05 % Discount
61 % - 110 % No Discount no loading
111 % - 115 % 05 % loading
116 % - 120 % 07 % loading
121 %- 125 % 10 % loading
126 %- 130 % 13 % loading
131 % - 135 % 15 % loading
136 % - 140 % 18 % loading

In view of the above next year premium for renewal will be as under depending on claim ratio.

Sum Assured Minimum Maximum

For Rs 3 Lakhs Rs. 2958 plus taxes Rs 5817 plus taxes
For Rs 4 lakhs Rs. 3948 plus taxes Rs.7756 plus taxes



1. Circular by Central Bank of India for utilization of Corporate
Buffer for EMPLOYEES IN SERVICE by the Insurance Company CLICK HERE

2. Letter by AIBRF to IBA CLICK HERE

Yours sincerely,
General Secretary

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thanks to Adv N. Pradeepkumar


Thanks to Adv. Shri N. Predeepkumar for throwing some light on the Listing of Court cases at the Apex Court Computer set procedure as outlined in the Hand Book.

SN (a 1992 pensioner)


Since The LIC Pensioners Are Worried
As To Whether Their Pension Related
Matters Come Up For Hearing Or Not,
I Am Explaining The Practice Followed In
Hon’ble The Supreme Court Of India, While
Allocating Work To Different Courts /
Court Halls

When Hon’ble Mr.Justice Y.K.Sabharwal Was Hon’ble The Chief Justice Of India / Hon’ble The Chief Justice Of Hon’ble The Supreme Court Of India, He Asked / Requested Mr.V.K.Jain, Who Was The Registrar (Judicial) Of Hon’ble The Supreme Court Of India At That Time, And Who Subsequently Became Registrar General / Secretary General Of Hon’ble The Supreme Court Of India And Also An Hon’ble Judge Of Hon’ble The Delhi High Court To Prepare A Hand Book Of Information-

“Containing The Practice & Procedure Of Hon’ble The Supreme Court Of India”, “For The Benefit Of Many Practising Advocates And The Litigant / Litigating Public / For The Knowledge And Information Of Ordinary Public As Well” And Accordingly Mr.V.K.Jain Had Prepared An Excellent Hand Book Containing The Practice And Procedure Of Hon’ble The Supreme Court Of India, In All Respects And Its Price Was Also A Nominal Rs.20/-At That Time. Thereafter Also It Went Into Some More Editions And Of Course The Price Was Subsequently Increased To Rs.30/-

The Content Of The Hand Book Is Very Useful Both To The Practicing Advocates As Well As General Public. They Are Available For Sale At The Reception Of Hon’ble The Supreme Court Of India, Where Passes For The Advocates As Well As The Visitors And Litigating Public Are Issued And Its Cost Is Not Prohibitive At All.

Now, Since The LIC Pensioners Are Worried As To Whether Their Pension Related Matters Come Up For Hearing Or Not On 20th January, 2016, I Am Explaining The Practice Followed In Hon’ble The Supreme Court Of India, While Allocating Work To Different Courts / Court Halls As Under:

1.On Mondays And Fridays, Normally, Admission And Miscellaneous Matters Only Will Be Taken Up, Which Are Also Called Miscellaneous Days, Whereas Full Days’ Hearing Will Be Held On Tuesdays, Wednesdays And Thursdays, Which Are Also Called As, Non-Miscellaneous Days.

The Practice Followed In Hon’ble The Supreme Court Of India For Allocation Of Work To Hon’ble Judges Of Hon’ble The Supreme Court Of Is As Under:

“Once A Matter / A Case Comes Before 2 Hon’ble Judges Of Hon’ble The Supreme Court Of India, Which Is The Minimum Strength Of All The Hon’ble Courts Of Hon’ble The Supreme Court Of India”—

Ex-RBI employees seek FinMin approval for pension updation

Vinson Kurian
Thiruvananthapuram, January 5: 
The Forum of Retired Employees of RBI, Chennai, has requested Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to grant final approval for implementation of pension updation in the apex bank.
Several judgments from the Supreme Court — beginning with the Nakara case — have recognised that wage and pension revisions are inseparable from each other, the forum contended.
Nakara case
The Nakara case of 1982 is considered a landmark in the history of pension rights. Earlier too, another Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court had declared pension a ‘basic right’ of pensioners. But in RBI, the pension updation, following wage revisions in 2002 and 2007, has remained unresolved.
This is even as talks for wage revision in 2012 are reportedly in the pipeline.
The apex bank is still awaiting final approval from the Ministry of Finance, C Rajagopalan, a retired assistant general manager and president of the Forum, said.

Arrears paid with supersonic speed !

We have seen the payment of arrears, arising out of wage settlement notification, have been completed in supersonic speed in all offices of LIC throughout India. This move of LIC deserves praise. This indicates that LIC, really, desire the welfare of its employees.

It is, also, noted with concern that payment to retired employees (retired on or after 01/08/2012) have
been withheld for a reason not expressed by LIC. Is it simply because of absence of a patch, awaited from CO ?

Can any one highlight on the matter ?

Subir Kumar Mazumder 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


THE CONSTITUTION BENCH with Justice Misra in it is still in session. Likely to continue in the afternoon also. No chance for our matter to come up today.  Whether the Constitution Bench hearing spills over to tomorrow also will be known only tonight when tomorrow's list is released.

As per a late evening notification from Supreme Court, Justice Dipak Misra is sitting in a Constitution Bench today. One doesn't know how long it takes for him to get free. Our matter coming up today is practically ruled out.

I am on my way to Delhi anyway. Will explore other options. Have appointment for a conference with Sri Gopal Jain, Sr Advocate.

M Sreenivasa Murty 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Weightage on Wage Revision for Class I Officers

Based on the fitment chart contained in CO circular for implementation
of wage revision notification,I worked out the weightage after merger
of DA with pre-revised Basic Pay as at 1/8/2012.
The table giving cadre-wise percentages is attached.
There is generally a 15% weightage provided.
C H Mahadevan


Weightage at the Minimum of Scale (%)
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Medi-claim for pensioners.

There are some pensioners amongst us, who have not become members of the medical claim scheme of LIC as it exists today, for various reasons. After the LIC started to bear a major portion of the premium, in respect of those have not joined the scheme, LIC’s contribution is a saving for the Corporation.

In private Companies besides the salary, cost of all other benefits are included and shown as components of the employees compensation . If any such benefit is not availed, it is still paid after deduction of I.T.

LIC Pensioners are not having any scheme to cater to domiciliary treatment. As a first step, we should demand the LIC’s savings in respect of those who are not joined the medical claim scheme. LIC would have anyhow come forward to pay the contribution if they have opted for the scheme and should pay such amount as domiciliary benefit to the pensioners.


May the powerful and the merciful God help, the helpless ...

It seems that the advancing age and unwarranted delay in getting the Supreme Court judgement is telling too much on the psyche of some of our veteran leaders. It is a matter of fact that some (not all) start behaving childish or childlike after crossing the (dreaded age of) seventy plus! Shri Asthanaji's appeal against implementation of wage revision pending 'up gradation of pension' on par with 01-08-2012 wage revision**, is (or may be) an example of 'ageing' syndrome. He might have reacted unwittingly to a leader's remark to hell with the pensioners! Some restraint on his part, could have saved the embarrassment. Probably, there is no need to deliberate much. Better forgotten.

It cannot be denied that the serving employees have been fighting against the rise in prices of daily needs, cost of education / marriage of children, housing - to mention a few. They too have been impatient to get their pay and perks revised due from 01-08-2012. They got wage revision after 39 months of waiting. Next wage revision is due after 21 months. GOI may advise the LIC management to finalise the next wage revision well before August, 2017. Banks / IBA have since been advised few days back to be in readiness by November, 2017.

Hearty congratulations to the serving employees and the leaders on behalf of all the pensioners and the leaders. They deserve compliments for achieving (one of) the best wage revision(s). Incomparable.
Hope the leaders and serving employees, now onwards, contribute their might for (some) their (one time) seniors' cause.

It is unfortunate that the things are not shaping well with the pensioners' fraternity. There is no solution, satisfactory solution to their leaders' struggle for more than twelve years. The date fixed for hearing our case is not honoured by the (so- being - called) Hon.Court? Is it the Court Registrar or .... who draws the list of the cases for the day? Could anyone's intervention be sought? Not shy away from doing something, if there is a practice or if it is necessary. It is a layman's lament.

'A' 1992 pensioner = **on par with another = 'A' 2012 pensioner : There's no harm in dreaming and awaiting for good news !

SN (a 1992 pensioner)