Thursday, December 10, 2015


(2nd final part). 

There was an interesting item in the blog that the Finance Minister was going to make an important announcement in the Lok Sabha on pension matters and I eagerly switched on the TV. It was a Live Programme. The PM was one Gandhi(some grand cousin of Rahul Gandhi, earlier PM) and in his presence the FM started his speech, first eulogising his leaders, past and present. 

He narrated the story of 100%DA, and the grave injustice done to pre2002 RETIREES. He informed that the then FM, PC was about to sanction it in 2014, and while signing the order he got the news that his party had lost the general elections. He stopped signing in the halfway and the documents are still lying as such, which the FM stated, stood testimony for their sincerity in supporting the RETIREES. 

The subsequent FMs, including one AJ did not have any respect for the senior citizens. The IBA in the meantime decided to have view on the costs and started working on that. Initially it was expected to be over by 3, 4 months, but took two years and was completed only in Dec 2017. Thereafter a small committee of 3 CMDs,5 MDs and 7 GMs, with an official from IBA was formed to view the report and suggest measures to implement (or not to) the same. 

The committee sat 10 times at various places like New York, Brussels, Zurich, Paris at different intervals, convenient to the members and their families. It took almost 5 years and they submitted a report containing 13287 pages, with supporting documents numbering 922. The report could not be taken up as the rival party was ruling then, who were 100% against RETIREES.

We came to power in 2035 and in the fag end of our regime, we wanted to do justice to them. We formed a cabinet committee which went into the report entirely, visiting various countries from South Africa to Australia. The matter was postponed again as we lost power, and in this year 2047, we are determined to sanction 100% DA to the pre 2002 RETIREES. For this we have signed agreement with the govt of Japan for a soft loan of 100 thousand US $ carrying 0.5% payable in 25 years. Singapore govt has also offered to give assistance if there is any shortfall. We have accepted the cabinet committee's report, with a little modification. 

There was a dissenting report that some suggested the date of effect should be from. Nov2015, when the committee was formed to arrive at the costs. As a matter of a rare gesture we have decided to pay the arrears of DA from 2005, the date, when the RBI got the same. We are willing to give arrears even from 1993, the year when pension was implemented, if there is a demand from the Associations. The FM summed up that his party always respected RETIREES and senior citizens and in view of of the long delay, he informed that each retiree would be given an ex gratia payment of ₹5 lakhs. Thumping the desks the ruling party erupted in joy.
The Speaker: Any questions?

  • A lone member from one corner stood up and asked " whether the honourable FM can state the financial outgo in view of the implementation of 100% DA?". 
  • FM: The Honourable member has asked a question, fortunately, I have an answer, ready with me. The last pre 2002 pensioner has expired 2 years before and as on date no family pensioner is alive to receive the benefit. Still the honourable member should recognise our concern and appreciate our offer to pay DA arrears even from 1993.
The members thudded the desks and started singing:
Long live the executive
Long live the parliament
Long live the judiciary
Long live democracy!
I also joined them.

Suddenly there was some big noise and I woke up. My wife was shouting: "what, still day-dreaming?

Previously you used to blabber, while sleeping. Now started singing? Big nuisance!'
Even dreaming of getting 100%DA was shattered!.