Friday, December 11, 2015

A pensioner’s voice in the sun set of his life

Frustrated as we are due to frequent and annoying long adjournments, we are coerced to think of an off the court settlement and such a wishful thinking will not bear any result for the matter is in the final stage before the court. Let us be hopeful now that on 20 January the bench will not be benevolent in granting any more adjournments for any reason whatsoever and pull down the curtain saying enough is enough.

Further we cannot expect from the management anything other than the court settlement and become all of a sudden good Samaritans and if it were to be so they should have long back before the civil suit got into the melting pot gracefully conceded the removal of the DR anomaly no sooner the writ was admitted in the Jaipur HC knowing well that the law is not on their side and they are waging a losing battle in successive appeals. 

The bogy of  ‘ripple effect ‘ gone in to the thin air and the affordability question could not convince the bench and the world knows what is this affordability for the mighty financial institution, LIC the appellant has become desperate to somewhat keep the litigation dragging to frustrate the petitioners and they would succumb to the pressure, poor they are financially and energetically. But that did not happen .When petitions were sent to the management highlighting the just and lawful demands very well known to them the Chairman pleaded his inability to act as he said that his hands were fettered and he cannot do anything without the Government permission. What happened to the much hyped slogan by the NDA government ‘We are for less governance and more government‘. If it were to be so the Government should not have dragged this pensioner’s issue for this long. The philosophy as enshrined in the National Litigation policy that ‘matters should be left to the court for ultimate decision’ should be decried and ‘ efficient litigant means focusing on the core issues involved in the litigation and addressing them squarely ‘. These high sounding words proved to be hocus pocus.

Suffice to say the need of the hour at the cost of repetition and the readers may pardon me, to unite eschewing prejudices and egoism resist parroting ‘ I know better he knows nothing ‘, not to take anything for granted , anticipate the arguments likely to figure and go well prepared with facts and figures and there are host of pensioners who could give a helping hand. Let us not be over confident for as we know that even mighty elephant do some times falter in the step and fall into a trap.

I am 83 although one may say that your age is what you think in reality I am in the sun set of my life and God forbid I should live to hear the victory bugle.

May the New Year bring cheer and good days ahead.