Saturday, November 28, 2015


How ‘Final’ is the final hearing on 2 Dec? 

 (Beware of Compulsive Liars on the loose)

When I read a report in another Blog that the Court on 24 Nov had adjourned the case to 2 Dec 2015 at the request of the Solicitor General of India, I too was happy like many others, going by the report, to note that while agreeing for the adjournment request, the Court directed that:

“It is last time that LIC is being accommodated and the case will be taken up at number one on 2nd Dec. There will be no adjournment whether any of the parties come or not’’.

The Post also said

‘’It will be decided since 2nd December Wednesday such other miscellaneous cases will be listed (I could not understand anything from thisand there is every likelihood that the case will be decided on that day. God Bless us’’.

The Post further stated:

‘’Mr Nidhesh Gupta was in the Court for all the time today and will be certainly present on 2nd December. I will be going on 30th November and will discuss the case de-novo with other developments and their implications’’

Believing what I read to be a first-hand report and a true one, I started preparing myself for the 2nd Dec hearing accordingly. Later a certain Sr Advocate, whom I was talking to, dismissed the remarks/observations attributed to the Bench, as someone’s figment of imagination. He added: ‘on the other hand, I will be surprised if a heavy matter like yours will be taken up just before the vacation. Wait for 2016’’. (The Supreme Court is closed from 17 Dec 2015 to 3 Jan 2016 for Christmas/New Year vacation). 

I suffered a jolt. And was disappointed too. I was not comfortable to hear what I heard. Especially in view of what was reported to have been said by the Judge. Then I thought it fit to check for myself what actually transpired in the court before the Bench rose on 24th Nov. I called Ms Renuka Sahu, Mr Jay Savla’s associate. She confirmed she was personally present in the Court as per my earlier request. I asked her ‘what happened? She said; ‘’SGI showed up before the Bench broke for lunch and requested for adjournment as he has some personal inconvenience on 26th.  Bench agreed to post on 2 Dec.’ I asked her if there was any reluctance on the part of the Bench to adjourn and whether there were any comments like: “It is last time that LIC is being accommodated……..etc. Her response was: ‘Oh No. There was none of it’.  I suffered a jolt for a second time. This being what I heard from the Advocate present in the Court and not my own first hand version, I cannot claim it to be the ’gospel truth’.

Then on my request, a common friend contacted an important functionary of AIRIEF who was believed to be present in the Court on 24 Nov for confirmation of other specific details posted. It was learnt that Mr Nidhesh Gupta was not present in the Court. (Like Mr jay Savla was also not). Only Mr R K Singh was present.

I suffered a jolt for the third time.  Again, I cannot claim it to be the ’gospel truth’ as it is not my first-hand information. If anybody is interested, they may make their own enquiries.

My concern now is whether or not the Final adjournment to 2 Dec is indeed ‘FINAL’. Let us hope it is so notwithstanding the observations and stiff comments attributed to the Bench, being possibly ‘made up’. If Mr Nidhesh Gupta was really not present, I hope AIRIEF shall not get poorer by parting with the Sr Counsel Appearance Fee at least for 24th Nov.

I concede though, it is their ‘business’ and their fund-raisers’ problem.
As far as I am concerned, the Chandigarh Petitioners & the Hyderabad Association are both fully geared up for 2 Dec. We have nothing to discuss de-novo with our Counsel except integrate contents from the 7th Pay Commission Recommendations.

Hope and pray for the entire LIC Pensioner community. 
PS: Referring to Mr M V Venugopalan’s Post in the PC today, captioned ‘Endless Waiting’, I have something to report which may be of some comfort to him and all others who share his frustration leading to righteous indignation.

If the Final hearing happens on 2 Dec 2015, as we hope to, it is fine. If it does not, for any reason, proactive steps are being taken by Hyderabad Association irrespective of how the other players ‘play’ (their games). The plan is to appraise the Bench on all that Mr MVV discussed in his Note as he was speaking the mind of every individual Pensioner, barring a handful of ‘leaders’ who are as insensitive to our Pensioner community as LIC & Govt combine, if not more.

M Sreenivasa Murty