Thursday, November 05, 2015

Dear Editor,

Being out of station for few days, I got a chance to update myself by reading entire ongoing debate regarding above referred issue on your PC just today morning only and let me also join current debate with my below mentioned views.

The views expressed by esteemed Sh. C.H. Mahadeven are based on facts of the case and hence issues raised by him could not be replied logically by any one. So the only option left with our respected Asthana ji was to hit back as per his known style of targetting any one personally who dares either to disagree with his line of action or points out a few missing links in his approach. So we are not surprised the way he has hit back Sh. Mahadeven ji in stead of justifying logicallyon the basic issues being raised.

All regular readers of your blog will try to recollect that even a layman also knows that LIC did not deposit correctly amount due to Petitioners at Jaipur High Court as a compliance of Supreme Court directive. Chandigarh High Court Verdict was delivered on 09.11.2012 but as usual LIC did not comply with this verdict for full one year and hence Panchkula Unit filed contempt case just few days before expiry of one year limit. There was no supreme court direction in our case to deposit any amount at chandigarh high court but even then LIC deposited amount due to our 31 Petitioners as per same wrong farmula as already applied in case of Jaipur Petitioners in order to save themselves from contempt at chandigarh high court.

Jaipur High Court Contempt Case being dismissed as withdrawn in February,2014 was a very big setback to all LIC Pensioners whose hopes were raised to its peak by Sh. Asthana ji himself . Now our contempt case at chandigarh high court was a very big worry for LIC and as such LIC approached Supreme Court in March,2014 for seeking a Stay in our Contempt Proceedings but LIC failed miserably as this stay was refused by supreme court.

With total support of Sh. Mahadeven our case manager Sh. Murty was successful in placing before chandigarh high court quantified amount due to each petitioner as per our high court verdict taking care of all the three benefits full D.A , Pension Upgradation and 12% interest allowed .

Now after issuance of supreme court order dated 07.05.2015, basic issue before all of us here was that whether our Petitioners should accept 20% of just Rs 33 lacs deposited by LIC at chandigarh high court or should fight for getting 20% of Rs 4.77 crores excluding interest actually payable to them.

We took the right decision to expose LIC at Supreme court by not accepting petty amount being offered by LIC. Since Sh. Asthana has to oppose Sh. Murty even if  he is fully right so he came out with his own theory that there is lot of difference between Amount
Withdrawn and Amount Actually Paid means LIC will withdraw less but pay much more . So he did not oppose LIC at Jaipur High Court. The result is before all of us. Five Petitioners at Jaipur who were post 01.08.1997 Retirees did not get any thing and remaining got only what was actually withdrawn only. What is the fate of his theory only he knows. Can any body ask him this question ?

Again, Sh. Asthana did not support all of us at supreme court on 07.09.2015 during hearing of IA filed by Sh. Murty to expose LIC and this time he came out with second new theory that mentioning for 20 % non compliance at supreme court will cause delay in hearing of our main case. Here again his second theory collapsed and Supreme Court passed a very strict order directing LIC to pay 20% within two weeks failing which Competent Authority will face contempt. Every one got payment due to impact of this order dated 07.09.2015 only.

Surprisingly, Sh. Asthana has come out now once again with his Third New Theory that let us focus on 100% in stead of asking for 20%. He has no answer for why his earlier two theories collapsed ?

Sh. Murty has given a very befitting reply that our entire focus is on arguments of our main case only but in case either LIC or GOI due to one or the other reason do not come forward on 18.11.2015 to resume arguments then only an attempt may be made to expose LIC for non compliance of supreme court orders dated 07.05.2015 and 07.09.2015 in letter and spirit.

Let us continue to hope for the best since Truth has to prevail finally and our LIC Pensioners are mature enough to understand all such games currently going on in their own case.