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Now, I Come To The Point Of Explaining-

As To How This “Inclusive Definition” Of “The State” In Article 12 Of The Constitution Of India, “Applies To Rule 56 Of LIC Employees’ Pension Rules, 1995”.

Before Coming To This Part Of The Matter, I Would Like To Reproduce The Text Of Rule 56 Of LIC Employees’ Pension Rules, 1995 And It Reads As Under:

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Rule  56:Residuary  Provisions:
1.“Matters  Relating  To  Pension”
2.“And  Other   Benefits”
3.“In Respect Of  Which  No Express  Provision  Has  Been Made  In  These  Rules”--
“Shall   Be   Governed  By  The  Corresponding   Provisions”—
“Contained In The Central Civil  Services(Pension) Rules,1972”,”The Central  Civil Services(Commutation Of  Pension) Rules,1981” “Applicable For Central Government  Employees”.
And  Now,  By  Virtue  Of  This  Rule  56  Of  LIC  Employees’ Pension  Rules, 1995, “A Clear  Nexus Between Central  Civil  Services (Pension)Rules, 1972  And  LIC  Employees’ Pension  Rules, 1995 On  The One  Hand” “And Between Central Civil Services (Commutation  Of  Pension)Rules, 1981  And  LIC  Employees’ Pension  Rules, 1995”  On  The  Other  Hand  Is  Established”.
And   Now, What Is  The  Result   Of  “This  Establishment Of The Nexus Between  Central  Civil  Services  (Pension ) Rules, 1972”   “And  LIC  Employees’ Pension  Rules, 1995”  “On  The  One  Hand” “And The Central  Civil  Services(Commutation Of Pension)Rules, 1981” “And LIC Employees’ Pension Rules, 1995 On  The  Other  Hand?
The   Result   Is—
In Course Of Time ,”If  The  Central  Government”, “Provides  For  Any  Extra   Benefits”, “To  Its  Pensioners”,  “Other  Than  The  Existing  Benefits” ,”In The  Form of  Pensionary Benefits”, “By Amending  The  Existing  Pension  Rules  As  Contained In The Central  Civil  Services(Pension)Rules, 1972 Or Central  Civil  Services (Commutation  Of  Pension) Rules, 1981”, “Pensioners  Of  LIC” Are  “Also  Entitled  To Those  Additional  Benefits”, “Which  Are  Applicable  To  The  Central   Government   Pensioners”,  Under  The  Head—
As  Contained  In  Rule   56  Of  LIC  Employees’ Pension  Rules, 1995.
These  Words, AND  OTHER  BENEFITS”  As  Contained In   Rule  56  Of  LIC Employees’ Pension  Rules, 1995   Are  Not  To  Be  Found  In   Reserve   Bank  Employees’ Pension  Regulations, 1990 Or In  Bank  Employees’  Pension Regulations, 1995.In  Fact,  I   Can Say,  Even  Without  A  Moment’s  Hesitation  That   These  Words, “And Other  Benefits” As  Contained  In   Rule   56  Of  LIC  Employees’  Pension  Rules, 1995  Are  Some  Sort  Of “Advance  Reservation  Of  Pensionary Benefits”  For  LIC  Pensioners. I  Am  Saying  This, Because,  Rule  56  Of  LIC  Employees’  Pension  Rules, 1995  Visualises   A  Situation  Which  Is  Not  In  Existence  At  This  Point  Of  Time. These  Words—
“And  Other  Benefits”
Takes  Care  Of Even  Future  Benefits  In The  Form  Of  Pensionary   Benefits  To  The  Central  Government  Pensioners  And  “This  Is  An  Extra-Ordinary  Provision” “Which  Is   Not  To  Be   Found  Either IN  Reserve   Bank  Employees’ Pension  Regulations, 1990” “Or Bank  Employees’ Pension  Regulations, 1995”, “Even  Though  Regulation 56 Of Bank Employees’ Pension  Regulations, 1995  Is  Also  A  Residuary  Provision”.
The   Importance  Of  These  Words—
“And  Other  Benefits”,
Holds Out A Solemn Promise To  LIC  Pensioners, That  “The  Moment  Any  New  Benefit”  “In   The  Form  Of  A  Pensionary  Provision   Is  Made   Available To The Central Government   Pensioners”, “LIC  Pensioners  Are  Automatically  Entitled  To  That  Benefit”,  And  There  Is  No  Scope  Absolutely  “For  Tongue-Twisting”  “And  Misinterpretations   And Misrepresentations   At All”. Considered  Thus, I  Can  Go  Ahead   And  Say Confidently That Perhaps, Central  Government  Pensioners   May  Not  Be Sure  About  What   They   May  Get   In    Future,”In  The Form Of Pensionary  Benefits, But,  “LIC  Pensioners  Are  Sure  To  Get “ “Whatever   Fresh  And New  Pensionary  Benefits” “That The   Central  Government Pensioners  May  Get”.
             Therefore,  In  View  Of   “Such  Hefty   Protection”  “That   LIC  Pensioners  Have”  ,”In The Form Of Rule 56  Of LIC Of  India   Employees’ Pension Rules, 1995”,”Coupled  With  A Hefty  Increase  In  The  Pensions  Of The  Central Government  Pensioners”, “Consequent Upon Implementation Of The VII Th  Pay  Commission  Recommendations  To  Them”, “In View Of  The  Nexus  That  LIC  Of India  Employees’  Pension  Rules, 1995  Have  With  The  Central  Civil  Services  Pension  Rules, 1972”, “On  The One  Hand” “And  The  Central   Civil Services(Commutation Of Pension) Rules, 1981  And  LIC   Employees’ Pension Rules,1995 On The Other Hand”, “Whatever  Applies  To  The Central Government  Pensioners Equally  Applies  To  The  Pensioners Of LIC  Of  India. Rule  56  Of  LIC  Of India Employees’   Pension  Rules, 1995 “, “Acts  As  A Protective Umbrella  And  Shield”, “To The  Pensioners  Of  LIC   Of India”, “With  Full  Force And  Vigour  And  On  All  Fours”,  Since  There  Is  “No  Express  Provision”  In  The  LIC Of India  Employees’  Pension  Rules, 1995”, “For  Updation  Of  Pension   For   LIC  Pensioners”.
      In  View Of  The “Legal Position”,  As  Existing And  Subsisting  In Respect  Of  Updation  Of  Pension  For The  Pensioners  Of  LIC  Of  India, “As  LIC Of India Employees’ Pension  Rules, 1995, Are Statutory Rules”, “As  LIC  Of  India Employees’ Pension  Rules 1995  Had Been Framed / Made  By The Central  Government”, “In Exercise  Of The Powers  Conferred By  Section  48 Of The Life Insurance Corporation Act, 1956”,And “In View Of The  Constitutional   Position   Under  Articles  14  And  21  Of  The  Constitution Of  India”, “In  Respect  Of  Pension Related  Matters”, And  Also  Abundant   Case –Law  Of  Hon’ble  The  Supreme  Court  Of India” , “In  Pension  Updation  Related  Matters”,  I Think  That   A FAVOURABLE   JUDGEMENT   OF  HON’BLE  THE  SUPREME COURT OF  INDIA, In  The  Matter   Of  Updation  Of Pensions  Of   LIC  Pensioners, IS  A  Foregone Conclusion” And “Hearing  And  Pronouncement Of Judgement In  LIC Pensioners’ Matters  BY  Hon’ble The  Suprme  Court Of  India, Which Principally  Pray  For Updation Of  Pensions  Are  A  Mere  Formality”.
Apart   From That—
“A  Clear  Indication  Of  The  Direction  Of  The  Content  Of  The  Judgement  Of  Hon’ble  The  Supreme  Court  Of  India   In  Respect  Of Pension  Updation  Related Matters Of  LIC  Pensioners  Can   Be  Easily  Made  Out, Going  By The  Judgement   Of  The  Same   Hon’ble  Judges  OF   Hon’ble  The  Supreme  Court  Of  India, “Very  Recently”, “In Respect Of  A Pension  Related  Matter”,  “In  Some  Other  Case” .This Is  Particularly  So,  Because, Reliance  Was  Placed  By  The  Same   Hon’ble  Judges  Of  Hon’ble   The  Supreme  Court Of India, “Who  Heard  That   Matter”,“On Nakara’s Case”, “Which Has Universal  Application  In  Pension Related  Matters”. That  Is  Also  Equally  Important; Because, “IF  HEARINGS  ARE  HELD  IN  THE  COURSE  OF  INCLEMENT  JUDICIAL  WEATHER”, “WE  HAVE  TO  KEEP  OUR  HEARTS  IN  OUR   HANDS  EVERY  MOMENT”, “AS  THIS  IS   A  MATTER  OF  LIFE  TIME   IMPORTANCE,  FOR THE   PENSIONERS OF  LIC  OF  INDIA”
          The   Fact  That  The  Same   Hon’ble  2  Judge  Bench  Of  Hon’ble  The  Supreme  Court  Of  India  Had   Delivered  A  Judgement   In  Favour  Of  Pensioners  In  Some    Other   Pension  Related  Matter, “VERY  RECENTLY”  “Holds  Out  A  Good  Promise  To  The LIC  Pensioners” “And Perhaps, Celebrations  Of  Victory Only  Remains  For  The  LIC  Pensioners”.
     Now,  I Would  Like  To  Explain  Here  As  To  What   Has  To  Be And  Must  Be  Done  By  The  LIC  Of  India,  To / For   Its  Pensioners, Upon   Their  Getting  A Favorable  Judgement  From   Hon’ble  The  Supreme  Court  Of  India, By  Reproducing  An  Extract  From  The  Judgement  Of  Hon’ble  The  Supreme Court  Of    India  In  Nakara’s  Case,  From  Para  46  Thereof  And  It  Reads  As   Under:
       “Recall At  This  Stage  The  Method  Adopted  When   Pay  Scales  Are  Revised .Revised  Pay  Scales  Are  Introduced  From  A  Certain  Date. All  Existing  Employees  Are  Brought On  To  The  Revised  Pay  Scales  By  Adopting  A  Theory Of Fitments  And  Increments   “For  Past  Service”. In  Other  Words, “Benefit  Of  Revised  Scales  Is  Not  Limited  To  Those  Who  Enter  Service  Subsequent  To  The Date   Fixed   For  Introducing  Revised Scales”. But,  The  Benefit  Is  Extended  To  All  Those, In  Service, ”Prior  To  That  Date”.”This  Is  Just  And  Fair” .Now,  If  Pension,  As  We  View  It  Is,  “Some  Kind  Of  Retirement  Wages” “For  Past  Service”, “Can  It  Be  Denied To  Those, Who  Retired  Earlier”, “Revised  Retirement  Benefits  Being  Available  To  Future  Retirees  Only?” Therefore,  There  Is  No  Substance  In  The  Contention, That  The  Court,  By  Its  Approach, Would  Be  Making  The  Scheme  Retroactive ,Because, It  Is  Implicit  In  Theory  Of  Wages.”
   Now,  What   Is  The  Message  THAT  This  Extract  From  The  Judgement  Of  Hon’ble  The  Supreme  Court  Of India In  Nakara’s  Case Conveys?   
     The  Message  Is  Loud   And  Clear.  As  I  Understand It, Wage  Revision  For  The    Employees  Of LIC  Of  India  Is  “In  Advanced  Stages”,  And  If  It  Is  So  And  Correct,  What  Has  To  Be  Done  By  LIC  Of   India,  Upon Its  Pensioners’  Getting  A  Favorable  Judgement  In  Respect Of  Their  Pension  Updation  Cases,  From  Hon’ble  The  Supreme  Court  Of  India? Taking  Into  Account  Of  What  Hon’ble  The  Supreme  Court  Of  India  Said  In  Nakara’s  Case, First, LIC  Of  India  Upon  Fixation / Fitment  Of  Revised  Pay  Scales  For  Its  Serving Employees, Retired  LIC  Employees Should  Be Brought On “To  The  Corresponding  Stage  And  Cadre”  “Of  The Serving  Employees”,  “And  Their  Pension  Should  Be  Fixed  /  Refixed”, “Taking Them  And  Treating  Them”,  “As  If  They  Have Just  Retired  From  The  LIC  Of  India”, “Upon  Introduction  Of  The  Revised  Pay  Scales  For  The  Serving Employees  Thereof” .This  Is  Just  And  Fair. Thereafter, “It” / “This”( “IT” / “THIS”, Here   Means,  The  Act  Of  Bringing  Of Retired  LIC  Employees On  To The  Corresponding Stages / Cadres  Of The   Serving  Employees) Should  Not  Remain   “As  A One  Time  Affair / Temporary  Affair”,  “And  LIC  Pensioners  Should   Not  Be  Forced  To  Approach   The  Writ  Courts”, “Every  Time” /  “Whenever  Fresh  And  Revised  Pay  Scales   Are  Introduced  For  The  Serving  Employees  Of  LIC  Of  India”, “And  This  Matter  Of  Updation  Of  Pension  For  The Pensioners  Of  LIC  Of  India, “Should  Become”,  “A  Way  Of  Life”, “A Habit”, “A Practice” “A Tradition”,  And  “A Regular  And  Permanent Feature”   “For  All  Times  To  Come”.