Saturday, November 07, 2015

A glance at the Chart gives an impression that the difference drawn by the pensioners retired in the cadres of AAO to ED in 2007 and 2012 pay scales is not much. The pension hike as per 2012 pay scales when compared with 2007 pay scale for Class I Officers : Rs.950 for AAO ; Rs. 1004 for AO ; Rs.1155 for ADM ; Rs.1280 for DM ; Rs.1445 for SDM/Dy.ZM ; Rs.1626 for ZM and Rs.1828 for ED.

Please look at the figures - commuted amount for 2007 and 2012. Those who retire in 2012 scales get about 2 times more commuted amount than those retired in 2007 scales. For instance : AAO : Rs.5440 x12 x9.81= Rs.640397 (2007 Scales) and Rs.10340 x12x9.81=Rs.1217225.(2012 Scales). A sum of Rs.576828 more commuted amount of pension.

The difference (in commuted amount between 2007 and 2012) is sizeable in other cadres as well; those retired in 2012 scales get more. The difference in commuted amount - AO : Rs.609201 ; ADM : Rs.695490 ; DM : Rs.758823 ; SDM/Dy.ZM : Rs.849703 ; ZM : Rs.950353 and ED : Rs.1061482.

Those retired since 02-08-2012 have been getting pension including DR as per 2007 pay scales and they got commuted amount as per 2007 pay scales, pending revision (finalisation entails lot of negotiations etc.) of 2012 pay scales. ALL such pensioners would get their pay re- fixed. They also get benefit of enhanced commutation, good amount in arrears. This had been made amply clear in one of the write ups on the subject.

It may also be that Shri Rao is asking why no commutation allowed second time when pay scales are revised as stated in the preceding paragraph in the Chart. He may please see that paragraph is in continuation of two paragraphs on updation of pension in GOI etc. it has been stated that the pensioner is given the benefit of FULL eligible pension (without commutation) = not reduced pension after commutation. But, there is recovery of the commuted amount already given. ALL THIS is the position when there is periodic updating of pension, as of now. say once in ten years in GOI.

All of us are hopeful of getting (besides Full DR) updation of pension. When the updation is finally bestowed on us, on LIC Pensioners, the picture is likely (going) to be between two set of retirees, retired in 2007 and in 2012, as per the example given below in respect of AAO ( Based on the Chart under reference. FPA NOT INCLUDED as I don't have the details. Stagnation increments etc. reckoned for pension are not included.

(A request to Shri C H Mahadevan Sir. He may give all details when the wage revision details are officially notified)

AAO - Pension as at 1/8/2015 :

As per 2007 pay scale : Rs.16320 (-) Rs.5440 commuted =Rs.10880+Rs.18066 DR =Rs.28946 --(A)

As per 2012 pay scale : Rs.31020 (-) Rs.10340 commuted =Rs.20680+Rs.9213DR =Rs.29893--(B)

AAO retired in 2007 pay scale at the maximum is fitted in 2012 pay scale at the maximum (FPA not
included) :

AAO's Updated/ revised pension from 01-08-2012. (We are restricting our comparison two revisions) : Rs.29893 (DR included) + Rs.10340 commuted amount of 2012 pay =Rs.40233 (-) Rs.5440 commuted amount of 2007=Rs.34793 ; as against Rs.28946 at (A) above.

I hope that the foregoing paragraphs explain Shri K. Madan Mohan Rao's query in Chat n Chat.

Incidentally, the quantum of gratuity, leave encashment etc. received by the pensioners retiring 2012 is more than those retired in earlier pay scales. They are not referred here as they are not taken for fixing pension amount.