Saturday, October 03, 2015

Subbu thinking aloud on 'decision making' !

3 Oct 15, 07:23 AM

subbu: MSM Sir ! Apart from the facts of the case I am on your opening line of remarks. It is DOES ANYBODY BELIEVE LIC DECIDED ON ITS OWN? .....I reflected on this statement as a stand alone model. I could not but laugh within myself. Any Organisation is what its component constituents make it to be. Did anyone of us decide on our own on anything, I wonder. We always sought clarifications from CO almost on everything, except perhaps, whether on becoming an officer, a promotee officer should continue to sign during his probationary period. Never we believed in our ability to speak and act on our own. And that was the way we built ourselves. We always had a need to survive not to stand apart from others. And how an organisation could be different from the basic quality of its own men! If I am too blunt, excuse me.

I was only reflecting on the first ten words. My discussion is more on the basis of historical truth. Now, going further, i do not think having followed a conscious path of expecting and following the directives on almost on all matters that affect balance sheet, actuarial and legal assessment included, now none can stand up and say, "Sir. Leave me alone. Let me take my own decision." unless at least the Board says so. And even then, that resolution needs to be accepted by the Govt. 

My views on Sec.48 are a little different on a larger macro level, as to how much control should the GOI must be exercising on PSUs. If U take this Sec.48 out, (it is indeed in some form or another for all PSU Companies) and rid a PSU of Govt.control, what is the difference between a private and public sector. 

I must again say I am not on the issue of pension payments. I am on a larger issue of Govt.control on PSUs. Perhaps it is necessary that at some particular point, one has to be behind and not at the forefront. It is a tactical approach. And If the GOI does it we should not be nurturing any grievance. Did Lord Krishna fight himself? The analogy is only to that extent, that sometimes it becomes necessary to fight a battle in proxy. More on this concept, when u and I have time to converse during a  leisure time, perhaps in 2020. 

Editor Sir, I am only thinking aloud. You need not even contemplate on whether you need give a BOX for this. These opinions are independent of the present case of pension in the SC.  I never write for a place in the Box. and cannot be boxing also at my age.