Thursday, October 01, 2015


Dear Editor,

First our heartiest congrats and best wishes to you personally for your PC scaling new heights through 50000 plus hits in just 8 days from 23rd Sept to 30th Sept and a record 13238 hits on a single day 30th Sept.

You are virtually forcing other blogs to make an intensive study and research to find secrets of rising popularity for your blog.

Next, I have just read a detailed report from Sh. Murty for yesterday SC proceedings and share my observations about the other side i.e. AIRIEF which claims to be true and the only champion for the cause of LIC Pensioners.

1. Sh. Murty being a Life Member of AIRIEF Hyderabad Unit also happens to be a case manager for Petitioners at Chandigarh High Court on a very specific request of Panchkula AIRIEF Unit.

Since April 2014, Sh. Murty has been regularly attending Supreme Court Proceedings always travelling by air from Hyderabad to Delhi and back at his own expense only. When our case at Supreme court was getting adjourned frequently in early 2015 on the plea of maintainability by unquestioned king of AIRIEF cum case manager at Jaipur, Sh. Murty was so disturbed that he decided to engage a Senior Advocate at Supreme Court again at his personal cost only to ensure that our case does not get adjourned from any respondent side.

Now on other side, a big AIRIEF contingent travels to Delhi every time to attend SC Proceedings at the expense of AIRIEF or poor LIC Pensioners out of which a few travelling by train, some one by air and above all our big king always travels in a hired Luxury Taxi..

2. Your all readers have become habitual to know latest from your blog only through instant posts made available by Sh. Murty from supreme court campus.

3. Our big hero will never come out with his version first. He will study Sh. Murty Version first and then prepare a report calling Sh. Murty's Report all rubbish and submit his own report every time based on new twists and send the same to a blog of his choice and instantly his bhajan mandli will swing into action to spread his much awaited report to be available after a long gap ( of course same being Geeta Ka Shalok for his so called bhajan mandli members) through their own groups on their respective e mails ids to all concerned.

4. On 23rd of last month, a new trend was also seen. The report prepared by the big boss was circulated under the formal stamp and signature of AIRIEF President .

5. All  such reports being circulated either from Jaipur or Bhopal, some other top leaders from AIRIEF will also help very actively in this noble task since all of them having a common target under the name Sh. Murty being narrated in almost similar words like" Some outsiders with vested interests who are simply publicity seekers are circulating false reports . AIRIEF Members should not read such reports . Have faith in God and donate liberally to our legal fund. "

6. Though Panchkula Unit is also part of AIRIEF yet we are being treated like outsiders and step cousin brothers of Jaipur Unit as our only sin is that we are being defended at supreme court as well as chandigarh high court by Sh. Murty whom our big boss does not like or approve at all.

7. No body at the higher level of AIRIEF Leadership will ever analyse how this situation arose . The truth is that Sh. S.N. Chhabra taking up battle on behalf of chandigarh high court petitioners refused to be blackmailed by so called big boss. God is really great. When one door is closed, God immediately opens another door and as such Sh. Murty is a God Sent Opportunity for Sh. S.N.Chhabra and entire Panchkula AIRIEF Unit.

8. Let all of us pray together for a big success of entire LIC Pensioners Community in current legal battle.