Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Contradictory approaches - how do they serve the Pensioners.

5 Oct 15, 11:59 PM B.D.Bhargava: My dear Subbu,it was nice to read your comments, but you have not touched the point I have raised. So big 
contradictory approaches how do they serve the Pensioners ?

BD Bhargava Sir ! You addressed me my dear subbu . For me u r amongst the dearest. Let me tell u, there is a gem sloka from SUBHA****HANI: Kaka: krushna: pika: krushna: Ko bheda: pikakakayo: Vasantha kale samprapte Kaka: kaka: pika: pika: Crow is black, koyal(a black, melodiously singing bird) is black. What is the difference between them? When the spring(season) sets in We know(distinguishing features in their voices (in the type of sounds they make).

Likewise, BD Bhargawa Sir ! I said what I know. When time comes for us to KNOW, we know. Till then we either run away from knowing, or we pretend knowing, we say something thinking that we are knowing.I do not want to commit that sin.(having done already enough at the training centres).Now let us wait for really serious people, who know that they know and who can also make others know what they know. Some of us who do not know that we do not know, pretending that we know, blurt and later blink when Truth springs.

  • Oh! you see here: Srinivasamurthy sir, coming like Lord Narayana demolishing the pillars of Untruth. I am a Prahaladha just trained to chant names: Srinivasa Govindha. Sridhara Govindha. Venkatesa Govindha. The Name of Govindha is only real and chanting that name will only forth greater enlightenment, greater clarification for the troubled mind.

Now let me reveal my mind a little. Having heard a good number of my colleagues, from AAO to SDM (all pre 1997) , I realised that even if 100 per cent was granted, they would be getting another 1000 more. possibly 1200 for some p.m. Is that going to relieve us from what ails us ? I do not mean the physical discomforts. The discomfort or the dissatisfaction is somewhere else. Not that I am against the people who genuinely fight for a reasonable cause. It is just no doubt.

Secondly, whether I understand the case or the arguments of all the sides fully or not, I feel honestly that it is sufficient that the person who is to receive, analyse and decide the case understands it. Let us all pray Lord to bestow on him the patience he needs , the type of pateince one needs facing a psunami. Let us wait for the D date. Till then Hare Krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama , rama rama hare hare.. Before you start beating me, let me beat a retreat.

BD Bhargava Sir ! I am sorry I forgot to answer your principal question. It is HOW DO THEY SERVE THE PENSIONERS? During my audit period, in 80s, I happened to eat in hundreds of hotels. In some, the stuff was good, but the serving was bad. while in others, the stuff was bad but the serving was good. It is for us, consumers, to choose the right hotel.