Friday, October 02, 2015


Dear Editor,

Really what a big , surprising and pleasant change that all LIC Pensioners active on blogs are now able to see Sh. KML as an hyper active contributor for your blog since his past track record known to all of us is that after every hearing at Jaipur High Court or even Supreme Court, he became inaccessible and beyond reach of every pensioner curious to know the outcome of last hearing including top AIRIEF Leaders.

Now all esteemed readers of your blog have read two versions of supreme court proceedings dated 30.09.2015. First being from Sh. Murty whose version is always available to all of us instantly soon after hearing is over and second one from Sh. KML being made available to us today say after two days gap and same becoming available so soon is due to Murty Impact Only.

Now it is left to sweet choice of your esteemed readers only as to rely upon which version. Myself not being a legal person and more so I was not personally present during last hearing so no comments from my side on legal aspects.

Yes, I wish to exercise my right to reply on other issues raised by Sh. KML in his today's version.

1. He says God bless wrong advice by MSM and wrong acts of MSM, BRM and SNC.

I feel him to be right only due to a well established fact since who so ever differs with him is always wrong, anti pensioner and a man of management/GOI

But let me repeat once again that Panchkula AIRIEF Unit happens to be in very safe and competent hands of MSM and as such he should stop worrying about us.

2. Sh KML says that all the three of us are at war with him. Absolutely wrong Sir. We always focus on issues and never personal. Our issues being raised since 2012 remain the same and are being raised by us at every available forum that Sh. KML as a Top AIRIEF Leader can not collect donations in his personal bank account and hence amount collected unethically by him must be transferred to AIRIEF Account urgently.

3. Sh. KML says that there are lot of personal allegations against all the three of us and it will be difficult for us to save our faces. My dear Sh. KML, who is stopping you from putting so called allegations against us in public domain. My humble request is that please immediately publish these allegations put on hold by you for such a long time.

4. We never say that both KML and GNS are wrong and only MSM is correct.

Rather we say that all the three must sit on one table to form a united line of action and same is not happening due to his very large ego and Only I Know All and you know nothing Attitude.

5. Since we have not committed any misdeed so where is the question of asking for forgiving or apology. May I request you once again to urgently publish list of our misdeeds available with you.

6. Yes, both me and SNC are not prime persons to be heard at supreme court But you seem to be a highly disturbed person from day one of our action to make MSM as our prime person and hence you are getting exposed on daily basis through our prime person. Rest assured that our prime person will never permit you to ruin the case and as such all LIC Pensioners except a few of your blind followers have complete trust in MSM who will never disappoint our pensioners community.

7. Our long legal battle has been a very big rewarding business to you personally and unfortunately for MSM a huge expensive one personally.