Saturday, October 31, 2015



Date: 31st October,'15
Letter by AIBEA to IBA re. Retirees' Issues

   We forward herewith a soft copy of the Letter dated 30th September,'15 written by the General Secretary of All India Bank Employees' Association to the Chairman, Indian Banks' Association requesting to commence negotiations on Bank Retirees' core issues.

    A similar letter was written to IBA by AIBOC also immediately  after signing the 10th BP Settlement / Joint Note in May, 2015.

    We are thankful to AIBOC and AIBEA for approaching IBA in these matters. However there is a general feeling of the bank retirees is that it would have been better if UFBU would have discussed and settled our issues along with the 10th BP Settlement / Joint Note for serving employees.

Yours sincerely,
General Secretary


AIBEA/GS/2015/74/79               October 30th, 2015
The Chairman,
Indian Banks’ Association,

Dear Sir,

Reg: Record Note signed on issues pertaining to retired employees.

1. We draw your kind attention to the discussions held on various issues pertaining to retired employees during the recent negotiations for wage revision.

2. We are happy that for the first time in the history of Bipartite Negotiations and Wage Revision Settlement in the banking industry spanning over 50 years, a scheme has been agreed upon at the Industry-level for reimbursement of Hospitalisation/Medical expenses incurred by the retired employees.  There have been some schemes at bank level under Staff Welfare Measure but this is the first time that health cover scheme has been uniformly worked out for retirees as part of wage settlement. This is a significant measure in the interest of the welfare of the expanding fraternity of retired/retiring employees and officers of the banks. We thank the IBA for the positive approach in this regard.

3.  We also refer to the Record Note signed between IBA and the Unions on other important issues.

4. We recapitulate the important issues raised and the response of IBA :

Issues raised by the                                      United Forum of Bank Unions
Response of the   Indian Banks’ Association
Revision in the rates of Family Pension on the same lines of the Central Government scheme and RBI scheme
While the IBA is sympathetic to the issue, the cost involved is significant and unaffordable at the present juncture. IBA is willing to carry out a detailed costing exercise and examine the issue at a future date.
Extending Dearness Relief at 100% compensation to all pre-November, 2002 pensioners as in the case of post November, 2002 retirees.
Firstly, the matter is sub-judice as certain cases on this issue are pending for a decision with Supreme Court.  As such, IBA cannot take a decision on this issue at this stage. From a humanitarian point of view, IBA may examine feasibility of providing 100% DR neutralization to pre-November retirees based on a detailed costing exercise.
Upgrading the Basic pension of all the pensioners at the common and uniform index of 4440 points.
IBA would be open to consider this issue if there is no additional cost involved.
Updation of pension for all existing pensioners and family pensioners
In view of the huge additional cost involved in funding the Pension Fund as per the requirements of AS-15-R, it would be difficult to consider this demand.
Unions suggested for collecting the details of the pensioners and ascertaining the actual cost, so that a solution may be worked out.
Periodical updation/ improvement in pension along with occasions of wage revision of in-service employees on the lines of the Central Government.
 This being a funded scheme in lieu of contributory PF. As it is, banks are contributing several times the statutory PF contribution towards funding pension scheme every year. Hence providing for periodic updation is not possible as this will have serious impact on the working of banks

5.       You will appreciate that in these hard days of unabated price and inflation, a normal, peaceful post-retirement life is becoming increasingly difficult, especially in the context of fast changing family composition where senior citizens are becoming socially and economically vulnerable.

6.       In this background, the genuine grievances and expectations of the community of bank retirees are needed to be considered with maximum sympathy. Since Bank Pension Scheme is akin to the Central Government/RBI Scheme, there are natural expectations when some improvements are made available in their case.

7.      Especially in the matter of Family Pension, the ceiling and rate of pension fixed in 1993/1995 renders very inadequate quantum of Family Pension and the family of the deceased retired employees find it extremely difficult to make both ends meet.  There is an urgent need to examine, consider and revise the rate of Family Pension.

8.       We are conscious of the fact that any improvement in the Pension Scheme in the Banks involves some consequential additional outgo and funding but our endeavor should be to sort out these issues so that we can find amicable solutions.

9.       In order to follow up the discussions contained in the Record Note and pursue these issues further for proper resolution, we suggest that a meeting between IBA and UFBU be held at the earliest.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,