Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Why stick your head in the mud?", asks Chhabra

Dear Saxena Sahib,

I have gone through your joint statement and something more circulated by Mr Angurajan
all over the country and an Alaap from a bhajanmandli. I wonder what was the provocation
and need for taking all this trouble or, stated in plain language, it is a cover up for a guilty

It has been seen the Federation Leadership bends itself double in keeping KML in all the
limelight. It is too much for their tolerance level to see Chandigarh petitioners achieving
something that shook the LIC to prompt action out of fear of the Contempt action threat.
And, you feel hurt when some body writes you treat Panchkula as a step brother.

It was an IA filed under our Petition No 6995/13 and it was necessary for us to inform the
Hon'ble Court that their orders Dated 7/9 had not been fully complied with. It was absolutely
uncalled for another Federation advocate to oppose us in a simple matter like this. Where
Jaipur or Federation interested was compromised in this?

Please be a gentleman and tell me if I am wrong in any of the following facts

1--late last month I spoke to you explaining that the SC will not take duo moto noticeof non compliance of their 7/5 orders by LIC and we must bring it to their notice..You agreed.

2--You agreed that an application under COCA will not do. It has to be an IA.

3--We filed the IA. I e-mailed the draft to you the same day. Mehta sent to you the same
next day.

4--After a couple of days we talked about it. You desired me to send you the hard copy
of the IA. I did it the same day.

5--I rang you up a couple of days later. You told me you approved of the IA and, on my
request you assured me of your complete help and that RK Singh will support us in the

6--A few days later I reminded you of giving proper instructions to R K SINGH.
You told me you had talked to ASTHANA and he also agreed that PANCHKULA
should be supported in a common cause .

7--ON 7/5 RK SIMGH opposed us and was even rebuffed by the Court.

8-- On my pointing it out to you, you assured you will make enquiries and revert.

9--On my reminding you, you replied that your enquiries reveal that RKS did not
say anything in the Court and my information was wrong.

10--On 23rd as the Court was about to rise for the day, our advocate mentioned non
compliance of 7/9 orders. RKS jumped up and requested the Court in raised voice not
to take up our IA. An Advocate speaks what his principal tells him to.

11--We came out. You were sitting on a bench outside D gate I confronted you with
what RKS had done and that he must have done the same on 7th Sept also.
You almost shrieked with apparent agony. Who listens to me? Who cares for me?
I am the President but don't get the respect of a ...

Well, Mr Saxena, if things are that bad really why are you sticking your head in the mud?
For whose benefit?

Remember your views before you became President.

I remain your friend
S N Chhabra