Sunday, September 27, 2015


Dear LIC Pensioners,

Forget what the so called ‘Leaders’ want. Forget how much more (IL) LEGAL FUNDs their Organizations want. After tasting millions of Rupees as easy money for years with no obligation to render accounts, their insatiable thirst for more, is resurfacing. They will flourish and quench their thirst for more, as long as there are gullible devotees willing to contribute/collect. Ignore the whole bunch of self-seekers. Don’t pay anything to anybody. Till LIC pays you all that is legally and justly due to you.

What exactly do the LIC Pensioners & Family Pensioners deserve?             
When the Law of the Land entitles them for it?

How to achieve the ultimate goal with a holistic approach? What are the obstacles and how to overcome them?

Here is my honest analysis. Bless all those who agree.  Also bless all those who don’t. Keep going.  Don’t abandon the cause.

Our cases for Pension are before the highest Court of Justice. Before a Bench whose eloquent pronouncements on the Law governing Pensions are too recent and too clear for anybody to miss. We are at the last bend in the race. Go full throttle and hit the Post. Don’t let others block your progress on the track, the way it happens in other races.   

In  retrospect, when the Final Hearing was not progressing at the desired velocity after the 2nd week of August 2014 (era of self-goals) the long adjournment to 23 Sept 2015 thrust on us by the Govt-LIC combine on 7 May, the Interim Directions to pay 20% was God (Bench) sent. Let no Respondent commit the sin of claiming credit for it. We all welcomed the big relief but we also knew the gaping holes in the Order. 20% of ‘how much’ and ‘Pay to whom’ remained grey areas. None of us was prepared to seek clarifications (for good reasons, knowing the vagaries of our justice system) and the one (LIC) who should have done it, chose/advised not to approach the SC. As feared, LIC played havoc in the name of implementation, taking undue advantage of the Order as it was given) and merrily tried to drag the issue beyond 23 Sept and eventual final decision in the CAs.           

My efforts before the Chandigarh HC: Please bear with me for certain repetitions. July 20 (successful) attempt to stall withdrawal of 20% was toexpose LIC before the SC about its non-implementation of the 7 May Order. This step facilitated moving an IA before the SC on 7 Sept just in time to take the true status to the notice of the Apex Court. It was sickening if not disheartening that the wonderful platform created utilizing the 20 July HC Order, was not supported by the other players including those who later are the direct beneficiaries of the 7 Sept Order. My Counsel was surprised why the IA was brazenly opposed on 7 Sept and again more vociferously on 23rd by the Jaipur AoR.  It is another matter that he had even flouted the clear instructions believed to have been issued by the President of the Organization funding the case and paying his fees,  making it another dark facet of the fund-crazy directionlessOrganization. To add to the mischief, come out and lie, ‘we did nothing to oppose the IA’. It was evident that the ‘surprise’ Order on 7 Sept. was too tough to accept gracefully.  

There is no need any more to mince words in exposing the small minded men for whom the popular saying fits in very well - ‘you can fool some people for all time and all for some time and not all for all time’. Thousands of your own members are asking (or crying silently) ‘you got some money and you wrote to Chairman that you should get more (but not raise the issue before the Court in any manner) – how are you taking care of us?’ You have nothing to tell while your All India Organization continues to ‘collect’ money for you. This time the leadership played safe – no commitment – donate liberally, but trust the Almighty, not us’.  They have grown wiser; they can assure nothing to their members as long as you live with your unjustified morbid hostility towards Panchkula counterparts/Chandigarh Petitioners & Murty.