Saturday, September 19, 2015

MV Venugopalan's response

Dear Editor,
This is in response to the comments made by Mr.Mahadevan and Mr.Mehta on my open letter to Shri.G.N.Sridharan.  It is a known fact that both Mr.Sridharan, as well as Mr.Asthana are playing their cards close to their chests. Their actions or rather their activities need greater transparency.  While Mr.Murthy is so open and voluble  in each and every step he takes, the other two leaders remain reticent and at times embarrassingly tight –lipped. What makes a person communicate with the other, freely and frankly; the relationship  and rapport they have established with each other. Is it possible for us to say that  such a congenial  atmosphere exists amongst the three so that before taking any step one consults the other in an atmosphere of  openness? It is, as if everyone is just waiting in the wings to denounce and find fault with the action of the other.  Not that the pensioners are not aware that each one of them (the leaders) has their (the pensioners) welfare uppermost in their minds. No one likes to be  openly criticised, even if there is justification for it, especially when their intentions are bona fide. Threatened with such a situation,as it has been happening in respect of both Mr.Sridharan and Mr.Asthana, they try to drift away  and withdraw  from being candid and open. This ,according to me, appears to be the reason why Mr.Sridharan decided not to go viral with all his plans and explain away the goings-on within his own camp to the satisfaction of the entire community of pensioners.
As far as the up-gradation issue is concerned ,he has more often than not  explained to the members of the Federation that  it was a later development and all that he wanted to do was try his best to tackle the DR  anomaly issue primarily, as he strongly felt that it is this section of the pensioners who needed a speedier justice than the others. Being his personal conviction and with scores of Fed.members to support him, we certainly have no right or ground to accuse him or crucify him on that score. Whether he could have changed his stance subsequently is a moot question which Mr.Sridharan himself has not attempted to delve into. However, till this date he has neither said or done anything to oppose the up-gradation issue.
Coming to the brass tacks, being so elderly and mature one should stop either Ashana-bashing or Sridharan-bashing. It applies equally to them when it comes to targeting Mr.Murthy. To cite an example, a number of our columnists have questioned the wisdom of Mr.Asthana in sending  that letter to Chairman of LIC, pointing out that there are flaws in the settlement of Dr arrears as per the Interim Order of SC. Proof of the pudding is in the eating, so goes the saying.  What was the net result of the IA Mr.Murthy filed in Punjab and Haryana H.C.? After successive three hearings, we are back to square one. It doesn’t mean that Mr.Murthy committed a blunder deliberately, knowing full well that this is going to be the outcome. In fact, I was one of the firsts to appreciate him for the timely step taken by him, which gave LIC a wake-up call. Let us understand that each one of the three leaders is doing what they are doing as they sincerely believed that it would do good to the pensioners. Let us learn to respect each others views. In a continuing legal battle, there cant be a win-win situation; we lose some here  and gain gain some there. Mr.Asthana may be having his own reasons like Mr.Murthy had in sending a letter like this so late to the Chairman.
As long as the disconnect exists among the three of them, an unified approach will remain a pipe-dream. What we, as pensioners can do is to give them the freedom to operate  in isolation, but with the over-all objective of winning the case for us. Under no circumstances, we should do anything which will adversely impact their concentration. By and large, we have deliberated on all  legal aspects which may come up on 23rd of this month.More importantly, the problem of the family pensioners, as pointed out repeatedly by Mr.Mahadevan, should engage their urgent attention. Let us have trust in our leaders and pray to the almighty for a clear verdict from the Apex court on  23rd in our favour. Wishing the entire pensioners fraternity, all the best on that ALL IMPORTANT DAY.
   With  Warm regards,