Thursday, September 24, 2015

AIRIEF Statement on proceedings in Supreme Court on 23rd Sept.

As scheduled, our case was to be taken up in Supreme Court  today. M/s. KML Asthana & Trilochan Singh from Jaipur, S.S. Saxena & Pramod Bhatnagar from Bhopal. T.V.David  John and G.Krishnaswamy from Bangaluru came. From Delhi Shri. AV Tyagi & DD Gupta were already there. 

We had discussions with Shri. Nidhesh Gupta, Sr. Advocate & Shri. R.K. Singh Advocate previous evening Based on our deliberations amongst ourselves, we had decided that as the payment of 20% of amount due to the pensioners as per order of the Supreme Court dt. 07.05.2015 & 07.09.2015 has not been paid to all pensioners, we should press for final decision in the case, thereby securing 100% to all pensioners. The Corporation did not pay interim relief to one & all. Chandigarh petitioners wanted 20% of both pension & DR which could not be decided and hence no payment has been made to them so far.

In view of above, we decided that instead of harping on interim relief of 20%, we should insist for 100% i.e. the finality of matter through Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Accordingly both the  Advocates were given briefing, so as to present our case in Supreme Court.

Chandigarh Petitioners still insisting for 20% which would delay the legal proceedings & judgement.

Our Advocate Shri. R.K. Singh pleaded for final decision  to get 100% of amount due to us. No conflict or disagreement with anybody was intended. We stand for pension updation & DR to all eligible pensioners, no differentiation, with any pensioner. We understand that 20% of DR as calculated by LIC, has been paid to the petitioners of Jaipur & 1300 petitioners spread over the country

Today the hearing was upto 1PM Our case could not come up for hearing. There was brief exchange of views by various parties as outlined above, and the case was adjourned to 30.09.2015.

Earlier on 22.09.2015, the Advocate for LIC, Shri. Panigrahi approached our Advocate Shri. R.K. Singh. The former probably approached Advocates of opposite parties too, Shri. Parngrahi informed that the LIC had decided to engage Solicitor General as their Advocate who was not available on 23.09.2015. LIC would therefore, seek adjournment on 23.09.2015. The Advocate for LIC mentioned to the Hon’ble Judge for adjournment but he advised to mention it when the case would come up for hearing on 23.09.2015. This is how the things moved in Delhi.

We wish to reassure our members and well wishers that AIRIEF is taking all steps to  achieve our goal. Shri. Asthana and our Advocates are seriously engaged in this exercise.

Please donot be swayed by attention - seekers who are propagating and communicating to create confusion. Have faith in Almighty and contribute liberally to legal Fund. In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to talk to us on phone to know correct position.
With greetings

                                S.S. Saxena                                          Pramod Bhatnagar
                                  President                                                 Jt. Secretary