Saturday, September 26, 2015


Dear Sh. Saxena Sahib,

I was the happiest person to read your first communication as President made available on LIC PC recently regarding reporting of supreme court proceedings dated 23.09.2015 in our case and it forced me to think how this miracle can happen since all these years you have been telling your views openly to all concerned that nobody from AIRIEF should express himself on blogs and hence it became the only reason for me to communicate with you openly. 

Let me raise following issues before you which are really disturbing for all of us here.

1. Your Impartial Role

Almost entire delegates and observers present in last AIRIEF GC held at Bangalore were delighted upon your taking over as AIRIEF President almost one year ago and it was expected that you will put a new life in our organisation which had suffered from multiple ailments during a very long spell of inactivity and inertia for continuous four terms of two years each by your predecessors..

It was assured to us in last GC that AIRIEF will take full care of two high court verdicts namely Jaipur and Chandigarh at supreme court without any discrimination being vigorously followed up by both Sh. KML and Sh. S.N. Chhabra.

During AIRIEF Office Bearers Meeting held at Raipur in January,2015 you took an absolutely right step to constitute a Legal Sub Committee which was being demanded since long by all concerned.

Again, I feel very sorry to say that while you were very particular to include Sh. KML in this committee but Sh. S.N. Chhabra was not included ? What message it conveys ? It puts your impartial role under a big question ?

2. Role Of Panchkula AIRIEF Unit never Appreciated

Supreme court passed an order on 07.05.2015 to pay interim 20%payment within six weeks as per impugned high court judgement .

Since LIC was not ready to make payment correctly so our case manager Sh. Murty was successful at chandigarh high court on 20.07.2015 to get an application by LIC dismissed as withdrawn.

We consider it as a big success of Panchkula AIRIEF Unit. But sorry to say that as AIRIEF President you never appreciated our this success.

Next, we decided to file an IA at supreme court since LIC failed to comply with supreme court order dated 07.05.2015 in letter and spirit within six weeks time . Sh. S.N. Chhabra kept you fully updated on phone and through mail and requested for your help in our IA being supported by our fellow AIRIEF Unit at Jaipur and you assured full help. Though assured support was not given to us on 07.09.2015 yet our case manager Sh. Murty with his hard work and God's Grace was successful to secure another favorable order dated 07.09.2015 directing LIC to make payment within two weeks and failure will lead to contempt. All this happened despite opposition by Jaipur Advocate Sh. R.K.Singh .

Entire LIC Pensioners Community was very happy over this order but you as usual once again never congratulated either Sh. Chhabra or Sh. Murty .

Will you please tell us reasons for the same ?

3. Your independent and fearless Role as President

Sequence of events at supreme court during 23.09.2015 clearly proves that you are not independent, fearless and impartial in your role as AIRIEF President .

Even a child also knows that LIC would have faced contempt charge for its non compliance of latest supreme court order dated 07.09.2015 but you have come out with a false and utterly non convincing theory through AIRIEF Version on blog that exposing LIC for its non compliance would have delayed our case.

It is more than clear that you are under immense pressure from those who are bent upon to ensure that either Sh. Murty or Panchkula AIRIEF Unit should not get any credit or success since the same remains a monopoly of one single person who is above AIRIEF as no one question him for his all types of irregular activities may be financial or mishandling of legal case.

I am ready to face music for my misadventure either from you or your so called Bhajan Mandli. Hoping for your reply once again.