Monday, August 10, 2015

BR Mehta: There's yet another side!

Dear Editor,

Happy to read on your blog a post under the caption "Other Side" from our so called Hero Sh. KML. This is a mixture of so many lies with lot of twistings and manipulations which are not new to us like Sh. MSM has not understood Jaipur Verdict and MSM fighting for only pre 1997 Pensioners whereas he himself is fighting for all 40000 plus pensioners. Sh. MSM should not have opposed what ever petty amount LIC had offered at chandigarh and he is planning for contempt after payment is made at Jaipur. He calls me a subordinate of MSM and threatens me with defamation case for my raising issues related with his financial matters plus so many other things.

Now let me tell the opposite view of this other side even at the cost of repetition.

I am not going to defend Sh. MSM since he is much more capable and competent than me.

I hold my independent views and no body even KML has guts and courage to make me his subordinate. It is a matter of sheer chance that I joined Panchkula AIRIEF Unit consequent after my retirement three years back and started assisting our Secretary Sh. S.N. Chhabra looking after Chandigarh High Court matter with utmost sincerity, dedication and total honesty despite his current age being 83 now. Truth is that Sh. KML started hitting Sh. Chhabra way back in 2012 much before arrival of Sh. MSM on the scene only for two reasons - First being demanding receipt of Rs 56000 money deposited by Sh. Chhabra in personal bank account of Sh. KML and second being not obeying Sh KML for his direction that Sh. Chhabra should discard Sh. Brij Jit Singh who happens to be a petitioner here and retired as Chief Legal from LIC.

As such I was forced to come on the front scene in total support of Sh. Chhabra and hence I became part of his hit list at top slot. And this scene continues till date. First , Sh. KML issued a similar verbal threat of defamation case to Sh. Chhabra during his meeting at Delhi long back and same threat has been repeated for me today on your blog. Can so called threats from KML silence our voice ? Answer is big No.

Yes, we will be fully satisfied in case Sh. KML answers our following specific issues honestly on your blog ..

1 It was a demand from all corners that AIRIEF must take command of whole legal battle and hence AIRIEF Legal Sub Committee in a recent meeting held at Bhopal took this decision and same was circulated by AIRIEF immediately.

Why Sh. KML is blaming MSM for a decision of AIRIEF ? What hidden games he is playing with AIRIEF through such twistings and manipulations ?

2. Let Sh. KML make every thing public about collections in his personal bank account , amount received by him from AIRIEF and expenses incurred by him to clear the whole dust once for all.

3. Sh. KML claims two things one he is fighting for twin issues of D.A. Parity and Pension upgradation and second being only he understands Law and none else. Agreed. Then why till date he could not force LIC to deposit exact amount due to Jaipur Petitioners for both DA and Upgradation ?

4. Being a very big legal expert as being claimed by him, why he had to withdraw his Contempt at Jaipur High Court on 13.02.2014 ?

5. Will he please tell all of us how many IAs and Writ Petitions other than main case have been filed by him both at high court and supreme court and at what cost to AIRIEF and what is the net result ?

6. Will he please tell all of us how on one side expenses can be Rs fifty lacs plus during last three years span whereas on this side same is less than five lacs out of which expense at high court level here have been borne by Panchkula Unit and not by AIRIEF ?

Specific Issues need specific answers and not adjectives like I am ignorant, subordinate and anti pensioner. Let me conclude that we have our complete trust in MSM being our case manager and such false allegations to tarnish his image will not succeed under any situation .