Tuesday, August 11, 2015


This is with reference to a long essay put on yesterday by Mr 

ASTHANA in self glorification. It does not need much 

intelligence to see through his game.  He aims to go down in 

history as the sole Messiah of LIC Pensioners Community and 

will go any length to condemn his rivals into oblivion. In the 

process he expects the people to forget and forgive the

financial misfeasance he is charged with. Forget his threats of 

Defamation and civil suits. Any such misadventure on his part 

will only embarrass the Federation.

I am particularly concerned with the following para he has written while referring to MSM and BR Mehta:-

" Both of them do not know that the Chandigarh writ is my origin, I and Mr ML Gandhi had worked together, I had drafted the writ and was approved by his Advocate.  I was associated with the trial of the writ upto the last date."
I am the most qualified person in India to tell this is all hogwash. Mr Gandhi consulted more
than half a dozen persons. He discussed every point with all the persons and did his own
drafting. His only advantage with KMA was record of papers for reference in latter's possession. The Jaipur judgement came in January 2010. Our writ in Chandigarh was filed on 4th August 2010.

Did not ASTHANA ask or Gandhi tell that Chd writ was filed because Gandhi was not satisfied with Jaipur Writ or the judgement. He filed the case in Chd hoping to obtain a more clear judgement.

However, if the Chd case is co-fathered by ASTHANA, he and I should be the best friends as I have carried on with the case so devotedly. But what we have is extreme hostility, even back door efforts to expel PANCHKULA from the Federation.WHY?

The 1ast hearing of our case was 13/9/10. Issue of Notice.  Mr Gandhi expired on 22/12/10. The next date was 18/3/11.

The only contribution of KML was to condemn me for not being able to take an early date. Soon after the demise of Gandhiji , there was pressure on me to withdraw the case. I resisted.

There was a letter from Mr Agnihotri suggesting that all cases pending in different Courts be withdrawn. I saw some Logic in it, sent copies of this letter to late Mr Harikirat Singh and Mr Brijjit Singh our Petitioners.A decisions was taken to seek adjournments so that any adverse Jumnt may not harm the Jaipur Success.

We had applied for adjourment the day our Jumnt was announced. We filed a Contempt of court petition in Chd HC in Nov. 2013 similar case filed by KML in Jpr got dismissed soon there after. I was worried I may not make the same mistake.

In spite of many requests KML has not revealed where he failed. His latest classic is Judge did not know the law.What wonderful cooperation!

KML sent me a draft for writ to be filed in Chd HC in early 

2013 with VC Jain as first petitioner,all the old petitioners of 

earlier writ with some new names. His main aim was to

have control over Chd.  Our Advocate took two minutes to 

throw the file away. This man does not know the basic law that 

the petitioners having once won a case can not file another 

writ on the same subject. He has the temerity to call other 

lawyers Asses. What is the way out?

Every problem has a solution.Wait.