Friday, August 28, 2015


28 Aug 15, 05:55 PM


Subburathinam's joke is interesting. Persons who remained outside Unions did receive monies out of wage revisions. They enjoyed non-member status, criticised all, lost no wage-cut for participation in any form of agitation have made themselves as successful and such persons can be seen in any organisation. Any settlement is their right. Such persons have also throughout criticised Unions for any form of agitations. 

Here also those who remained outside Associations expect that they should get all benefits made available even though court cases are initiated by members of Union and benefit is available to members of the Union which filed the suit. If they wish to receive benefits, they should better approach LIC for their kindness and need not cry unashamedly in public. In private they can shed their tears. In court cases in Jaipur and P&H HC only those who went to the court are receiving benefits which Shri Asthana has decided to receive. Though lakhs of Rupees were spent for conduct of the court cases, Asthana will jolly well enjoy all the monies. Then nobody has any complaint. Even Sridharan's list is not available, yet paragraphs are written for receiving the benefits.

Try to be atleast part of organised union movements, fight for your rights. And it is a sorry picture that those who never joined any movement, now stand up and speak for those who have always received benefits in the past even without any struggle which is a normal union activity.Those who were in the galleries all these days and enjoying the play are also demanding their 'fees' for watching the show. And there also persons out to plead for the cases of these orphans. Let us continue to watch this interesting show!

28 Aug 15, 06:11 PM


Mr.Manohar !! u r missing the crux of the issue. I have already said I am not among pre 97 retirees. I may add that I was also not only member but also held responsible posts in Fedn from 1975 till 94. I continue to be a member till this day. That is not the point here. U r talking about the relationship between a union and its member. I am talking about the legal obligations of an employer towards its own employees to ensure that they make no discrimination amongst workers who fall in the same category. Please avoid abusive words in your chat. 

I have known people who did not pay membership fee but made considerable donations. How do u treat them now? They avoided membership for obvious reasons.  I do not know anything about Asthana. Even with regard to GNS , I asked only for facts. All that I said was that and will continue to say is that GNS should say at least that he stands for all Class I officers who are pensioners now. I expect GNS to declare that LIC should have straightaway paid 20% or any amount direct to all the officers/pensioners for whom he had filed the case. Of course, he could represent only class I, not others. But even this, he did not do. Manohar Sir ! Let me repeat, that I am a post 1997 pensioner, but still was with GNS when he said DA neutralisation for pre 97 was the main issue and he is not averse to taking updation alongside.

Manohar Sir ! U may be correct when u refer to employees who are not members of any union and criticize everybody but receive the benefits after settlement of pay scales. This point is well received.

But the issue i am raising is different. Having said that, I expect GNS sir to come forward with facts and affirm that he represents and represented the case of all pre 97 pensioners, at least Class I among them. 

Manohar Sir !! I am not with any other group. I still continue with GNS assn only but that does not deter me from raising my voice against something which I honestly feel is not correct.