Saturday, August 08, 2015


Dear Editor,

Re; My 2nd Response To Sh. B.S. Hegde
Happy to know that you are likely to be discharged from hospital on Monday evening.

Sh. B.S. Hegde has again put his thoughts on your blog which I could read yesterday evening.
My humble request to him is that let us not exchange our views through your blog aligning ourselves blindly with Personality A or opposing Personality B again blindly. Issue based discussion is always healthy and readers also relish.

Everyone including our friend Sh. Hegde is totally free to hold his independent views and express the same freely. But we must listen to other version also.

My version is as below.

1. A few things said by him about Sh. Murty will not be answered by me since Sh. Murty is quite capable to reply back.

2. It is totally wrong on his part to say that I have hurled abuses about him, Sh. Asthana and AIRIEF.

3. Again, he is absolutely wrong to say that our Panchkula Unit asked for refund of Donations made by us to AIRIEF Legal Fund.

4. What AIRIEF Treasurer has said in Udupi General Body Meeting regarding Panchkula Unit is absolutely not in our knowledge. First time, we come to know same through his  post only. Myself and our secretary Sh. S.N. Chhabra attended last AIRIEF Banglore GC held in October, 2014 and no one discussed any thing on this issue with us in said meeting. We are in regular telephonic touch with President/ Treasurer AIRIEF and none has discussed this issue with us.

Since we are very clear that statement being made by Sh. Hegde is totally false but still we request him to make some personal efforts at his level to ensure that his statement is got circulated from AIRIEF Treasurer at the earliest to all Units or at least on this blog .

5. We never criticise any personality including Sh. Asthana but we have been raising a few organisational issues since long related with Sh. Asthana even at the cost of repetition and we will continue to do so till these issues are resolved to our utmost satisfaction. Let me repeat once again as below.

( A ) No individual including Sh. Asthana can be bigger than organisation i.e. AIRIEF

( B ) No AIRIEF Leader including Sh. Asthana can collect funds in the name of legal battle fund in his personal bank account.In case he done it,same must be accounted for and put back in AIRIEF account since all his expenses are being borne by AIRIEF only.

(C ) Financial Discipline is a must for every organisation including AIRIEF and its leaders including Sh. Asthana.

(D ) All decisions to file IAs and fresh cases were being earlier taken not by AIRIEF but by only one individual and AIRIEF was simply financing expenses incurred over the same . We opposed and we are happy to report now that new leadership has put up a legal sub committee to take further decisions related with our legal battle .

( E ) We want a detailed report to be circulated by AIRIEF to its Units on the cost and benefit analysis of Rs 50 Lacs plus expenses incurred during last three years in unnecessary filing of IAs and Writs with zero outcome since Panchkula AIRIEF Unit also involved in legal battle at Chandigarh High Court as well as Supreme Court level has so far spent even less than Rs five lacs only and on another side same expense is Rs Fifty Lacs plus . Entire Legal Fund is raised by poor LIC Pensioners only and some one must be held accountable to LIC Pensioners Community on the whole.

6 Some Facts related with Chandigarh Contempt Case for our esteemed readers.

(a. )Chandigarh High Court Verdict was delivered on 09.11.2012.

(b) LIC went to Supreme Court to file SLP against this verdict and asked for stay which was denied but SLP was accepted for consideration converted into civil appeal.

(c) Since stay was not granted so we filed contempt against LIC in Nov 2013.

(d )Learning from dismissal of similar contempt at Jaipur High Court in Feb,2014 , we placed before chandigarh high court specified amount payable to each one of 31 petitioners as per chandigarh high court verdict.This works out to be approx Rs 4.70 crores.

(e) LIC again went to supreme court in March,2014 to seek stay of our contempt proceedings which was denied.

(f) An amount of Rs 33 lacs was deposited by LIC at chandigarh high court not as per any direction of supreme court but simply out of fear of pending contempt proceedings.

(g) Supreme Court Order dated 07.05.2015 is clear on two issues.First being 20%of amount payable as per impugned high court judgement and second being high court will release 20% amount deposited as per supreme court directive

(h). When we know that we are eligible for 20% of Rs 4.70 crores so why we should accept petty amount being offered to us.

(i) Strange that Sh. Asthana tells us that we should not have opposed wrong action of LIC to pay us petty amount with invention of his new theory that there is lot of difference between amount withdrawn and amount paid. So Sh.Asthana thinks that LIC will pay much more amount than actually withdrawn . Sorry, we do not agree with this great theory.