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Petition to Chief Justice not wise move

I also wish to utilise this occasion to say that Mr. Ch. Mahadevan is correct in advising against any direct petition to the Chief Justice of India. I know one instance when the petitioner burnt his fingers when he petitioned the Chief Justice (without consulting his counsel). Judiciary has its own established procedures and it would be wise to stick to the advise of our counsels. We cannot afford to annoy the bench in any manner . All of us are seniors in age and experience and let us not think of any counterproductive step. In meetings and general bodies several things can be spoken for mutual applause but we always must be extra cautious when handling court matters.

With Regards, B. Ganga Raju Hyderabad 

Petition to the Chief Justice of India

With greetings,
C H Mahadevan

Letter to the Editor


Whoever makes an attempt to get an out of turn hearing of our cases in the SC needs to be appreciated and it does not matter to which group he belongs so long as such an action is genuine. In this, ego should not interfere as long as the fight is for a common cause. It is not the question of who is erudite - I or you.

  • Some one suggested why not we petition to the Chief justice or the registrar pleading for a merciful consideration for an earlier hearing of our case highlighting the fact that one after the other among the pensioners clan is swiftly leaving this world and the rest living with borrowed time. However any such action needs caution for it might prejudice the mind of the Hon Judges who is to hear our case. If the letter is couched in a language which would invoke sympathy well and good.

Now that the Thirukkural day is celebrated all over the country it is apt for me to mention here what the Thirukkural says in this context :

Think well and then venture to do a thing
It is folly indeed to say 'we shall think about it after we ventured in it'

Patience we had in abundance as evident all these years.That patience should not ultimately result into eternal rest.


Abridged piece of message par excellence!

I used to see aeroplanes circling around the city as they could not get clearance from the Air Traffic Control. When Hyderabad airport was in Begumpet in the centre of the city this was a daily occurence. On some occasions after a strenuous journey from New Delhi when our train was stopped at the outer signal for more than one hour and not allowed to steam in to the platform we used to scream and pull our hair. The passengers cursed the driver, the guard, the
railway administration, the station superintendent - almost everyone of the Railways. Understandable as the passengers were anxious to get off the train, reach their homes and have a hearty meal with family after eating all sorts of stuff on tour. For some the need to attend on the sick at home or visit them at hospitals also was there. Some had to appear for interviews or examinations. But all their anger won't move the train. Movement of the trains does not depend on the thoughts of passengers.

So also with judiciary.

Indian legal system is heaven for lawyers and those who eke out their livelihood on the system. For litigants expecting quick justice it is a constant reminder that the wheels of justice move slowly. Afterall not all cases involve high and mighty. Not all are politically important. I feel the system itself decides what is important and what can wait.

We are at the lowest rung of the social pyramid and we have to bear with delays. Some of us may argue that by the time the cases come up some precious lives would be lost but it does not

evoke any sympathy from the administration. Adminstration is sans emotions.

Many of us now in sixties, seventies or even eighties know all this. But then how is it some of us lose patience and exhibit frayed nerves when a well meaning person like M.Srinivasa Murthy says that he is trying to get things speeded up. May be others who are leading the cases also are trying but that may be unknown to Mr. Murthy. It is for others to make public their efforts.

I feel this is all due to the extreme expectation that something 
miraculous would happen soon after the Supreme Court opened. 

Our private prayers do not reach the court. 

What is important and what counts is how best our representatives 
and our counsels present the case before the bench and how 
unitedly we appear before the Court. 

I know that not only pensioners of LIC, but also retirees  
from Banks and others are eagerly watching our legal battle. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

CPI figures at standstill !

When CPI figure for October 2014 is announced this evening, there is no change in the index figures consecutively for the last three months.

The figure is maintained at 253 for the months August 2014 to October 2014.

Question of outlook

Forecast: Third World War to erupt soon
before or after SC hearing !
Dear Editor,

I have seen a post from Sh.Murty regarding updated status of hearing of our case in supreme court on 3rd/4th December as per weekly cause list released yesterday evening and valuable comments of our learned friend Sh. K.S.Raman.
Perhaps Sh. Raman is not fully aware of hard work and continuous efforts being put by Sh.Murty who is looking after Chandigarh High Court Case in Supreme Court at a specific request from Panchkula AIRIEF Unit. His Commitment and sincerity can only be highlighted by persons like us who represent Panchkula Unit.
Despite very unfavorable personal circumstances being faced by Sh. Murty due to his wife being hospitalised for last many days, he is still trying very honestly to update us through your blog. Let us 

pray to God for some good news related to LIC Pensioners.
My humble appeal to Sh. Raman and all other friends is Let Us Have Broader Outlook.
With my thanks and regards for all,



Murty: Where have I gone wrong ?


Mr. Srinivasa Murthy should be thanked for providing information regarding the SC hearing. He could have stopped at that. But the comments that no one is serious about the delay and that he is making strenuous efforts to get the cases moving was unwarranted. What efforts he had made since 12th Nov., can he explain? If so why the weekly list shows our case in fiftees only. Cheap gimmicks should be avoided. After keeping quiet all these years sudden burst of enthusiasm is welcome but not by deriding others.

Our cases in the Supreme Court

Dear Editor,

The Advance weekly List shows our matters at Sl No 56. So no improvement. We will
not be on Board on 3rd & 4th Dec, on its own, at this rate. There are no signals of any fresh efforts from any quarters for early hearing.

I am seriously working on other available options. Hope to see them taking shape during the coming week.

56. C.A. NO. 8959-8962/2013
C.A. NO. 6995/2013
C.A. NO. 9223/2013
C.A. NO. 9409-9410/2013

Thanks and regards,
M. Sreenivasa Murty

Lok Sabha answer on OR OP

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
28-November-2014 14:50 IST
One Rank One Pension Scheme

The principle of One Rank One Pension for the Armed forces has been accepted by the Government. The modalities for implementation were discussed with various stakeholders and are presently under consideration of the Government. It will be implemented once the modalities are approved by the Government. No Budget was allocated for the purpose in the Budget 2013-14. Total number of beneficiaries or OROP will be known once the modalities are approved.
This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Rao Inderjit Singh in a written reply to Shri Hukum Singh and others in Lok Sabha today.
(the voice force)

Black money: SIT to follow whistleblower’s leads

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) on black money is keen to follow the leads that Hervé Falciani, a former employee of the HSBC Geneva, who had leaked details of 628 Indian account holders to France, is willing to share with the Indian authorities.
“We received information from our office that Mr. Falciani has expressed his desire to share more details pertaining to the ongoing investigations into the unaccounted money stashed away abroad by Indian nationals. We would definitely pursue the leads,” said a government official.
Mr. Falciani, after he escaped from Switzerland in December 2008, had shared details of about 1 lakh accounts and bank transactions with the French agencies. The list included the accounts opened by hundreds of French, US, British and Indian citizens.
In an interview to NDTV, Mr. Falciani, who worked as a systems engineer with the bank, recently said that India had been provided only 1 per cent of information on the HSBC accounts and that inputs on certain secret accounts operated by some Belgian firms dealing in blood diamonds could be of interest to India.
Mr. Falciani, in the interview, said the traders had strong links with India and information he had on them could help Indian agencies bust the network. He also said certain accounts held by French nationals could be of help in the probe.
The French government had shared the data on 628 Indian account holders with India in 2011 for taxation purposes under a specific agreement prohibiting disclosure of information to any other agency.
(the hindu)

Arun Jaitley's first full budget

Nearly three months hence, Finance Minister (FM) Mr Arun Jaitley would be presenting his first full budget. And mind you, there are huge expectations of electorates who voted the Modi-led-NDA to power by a thumping majority. So everyone’s bound to keep a close watch on the union budget 2015-16. While corporates are expecting second round of reforms through friendlier policies, tax breaks and other concessions that may improve their business prospects; farmers are people engaged in agricultural activities want the FM to address their concerns.

One section of the economy that always has modest expectations from the budget is salaried individuals and the middle-class. However, this year salaried individual and middle-class may be in for a pleasant surprise. Speaking to the media lately, FM expressed his desire not to burden salaried and the middle income earning group with more taxes, but instead expressed that he would go after the evaders in widening the tax net.

So what can the middle class expect?
Increase in the current base exemption limit of Rs 2.5 lakh (if revenue collection of the Government is higher)
One may expect a few more tax deductions in the coming budget
Tax concessions on homes loans and savings could stay unchanged
No further hike in income tax rates
But in the endeavor to meet tax revenues and walk tight on the path of fiscal consolidation, one may not see too many tax exemptions and cut in the indirect taxes.

What’s more?
The FM may also dole out the second leg of reforms which if perceived conducive by the sectors and industries may provide the required impetus to the Indian economy. Nevertheless, he also opined that the reforms should take place throughout the year and shouldn’t be announced only in budgets. Having said this, he has expressed that one may expect a lot of exciting times ahead. The immediate agenda to get reforms rolling for the Modi-led-NDA Government is:

Getting insurance amendment bill through
Making progress on GST bill
Resolving important mining related issues and working on coal ordinance
You see, infrastructure development and progress in manufacturing remains the key to turbocharging the economy. FM is also of the view that more sectors need to be opened up for investments. Likewise, boosting investors’ confidence seems to be on his radar.

FM believes, the Indian economy has bottomed out but it would require a special effort to drive the growth. Creating conducive environment is important. He reiterated the need for bringing stability in policy and tax regime. And he did not forget to mention that reasonable cost of capital is of utmost importance, hinting the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor to consider a rate cut in the forthcoming policy review meeting (schedule on December 2, 2014).
How is the Indian equity market likely to react?
PersonalFN believes, views expressed by FM are raising expectations of investors from the union budget 2015-16. If other factors such as global economic situation, global liquidity, oil prices remain favourable and RBI indeed cuts policy rates before budget; markets may continue its northward journey and a substantial correction may not be witnessed prior to the budget. Having said this, PersonalFN also believes that if FM fails to meet the heightened hopes of investors, markets may give up significantly post-budget.

What should equity investors do?
PersonalFN believes, investors would be better off staying away from speculating on views which instil exuberance. At present valuations in the market seem stretched and thus going gung-ho and investing all your money at market top could turn to be imprudent as the margin of safety seems to have narrowed down. Nonetheless, if your risk appetite permits and if your asset allocation calls for you to invest in equities, staggering your investment would be a prudent approach while taking exposure to equity. You shouldn't buy aggressively, rather buy selectively. Thoughtlessly investing or speculating can be hazardous to your wealth and health. While you may want to bet on themes which are likely to do well amid such times, opportunities style funds which can help you build your wealth. While investing in mutual funds, at present PersonalFN recommends that you opt for SIP / STP route as it will enable you to mitigate the volatility through rupee-cost averaging and power your portfolio with the benefit of compounding. PersonalFN believes that your investment discipline and asset allocation would decide your success in investing.



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RBIs cheque-related rules to remember to tackle fraud‏

I PAID (cartoon: unknown source)

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently changed cheque-rules to tackle the rise in cheque-related fraud cases. It asked banks to put preventive measures in place and follow them meticulously. It also issued some other guidelines in this regard. Here is what you need to know:

1) SMS alerts: The RBI asked banks to send an SMS alert to both payer and drawer when the cheque is received for clearing. Till now, SMS alerts were compulsory only for debit/credit card transactions. While dealing with suspicious or cheques of high value, banks have been asked to alert the customer by a phone call and obtain confirmation from both the parties involved in the transaction. The account holder’s bank branch must also be contacted.

2) Examination of cheques: Besides sending alerts, banks have been asked to examine cheques under UV lamp. This is applicable if the cheque amount goes over Rs 2 lakh. Also, a mechanism must be put in place to ensure multi-level checking of cheques for amount over Rs 5 lakh. Banks are also required to closely monitor how money is deposited or moved out from newly opened transaction accounts.

3) KYC compliance:  Whenever you open a new bank account, you are supposed to go through a process called Know Your Customer or KYC. This is a must. It ensures that the bank verifies information about you, thus limiting fraud cases. So, it goes without saying that the person writing the cheque will be compliant with KYC rules. The RBI now states that even the recipient should be KYC compliant.

4) CTS-2010 cheques: The RBI asked banks to ensure the use of 100% CTS-2010 compliant cheques. As part of the Cheque Truncation System (CTS), an electronic image of the cheque is transmitted to the cheque-writer’s bank branch through the clearing house, along with other relevant information. It helps eliminate the need for physical movement of the cheque for verification. Thus the scope for fraud is reduced. 

Many times, even though the original cheques were held by the account holder, fraudsters enchased cheques with the same number. So, banks have been advised to take appropriate precautionary measures to ensure that confidential information like customer name, account number, signature, cheque serial numbers and other information are verified and not misused in any way.

5) Cheque-handling infrastructure: Among other preventive measures, RBI stated that high quality of equipment and personnel must be ensured for CTS-based clearing. Banks should not look at it as a mere mechanical process, but consider it as an important part of cheque-handling.

(rb kishore)

Indeed a question of patience !

Just a few days back another senior pensioner from Bangalore left to his heavenly abode, He is late M. Chandrashekarappa, retired as a Branch Manager. May his soul rest in peace.

In the edition of Bangalore Mirror, a News item appeared under the caption ' After 34 years will this trial finally end?  Will case ever end ?  After 34 years of suffering and agony 84 year old accused B Madhav Rao who is now paralised, has moved the court referring to Medical

Board opinion that deems him not fit to be part of the trial.

The case dates back to February 1980.  This case is in respect of an allegation of misappropriation of funds by officials of Bangalore Development Authority and purchasing stationery and printing materials without calling tenders.

During this period the complainant has died, the Investigating Officer died, 8 of the 18 accused
have also died including the accused No.1 and 24 witnesses have died.  BUT THE CHARGES ARE YET TO BE FRAMED as proper sanction is yet to be given Government.

Indeed the journey to get Justice is circuitous and calls for immense patience.


All India Retired Insurance Employees Federation

(passed by 9th GC Meet at Bengaluru)

 1. LIC to constitute Consultative Committee for Pensioners

This General Council of AIRIEF held at Bangalore on15 & 16th October, 2014 notices that Consultative Committee exists for all classes except Pensioners & expresses its deep disappointment & dismay This is a sorry state of affairs & as an enlightened & progressive organization, it is high time LIC decides to form Consultative Committees on same lines & pattern for Pensioners also. This will mark a constructive beginning of exchange of ideas, resolving problems & grievances thro appropriate mechanisms & shall initiate a new ,positive relationship between Management & Pensioners Federations .Above all, OS departments will become more dynamic in foreseeing a problem, in quicker & cordial

communications with pensioners & attaching importance to the value of assisting pensioners at old age with ever so many age-related issues for which empathy has to be shown.

This General Council also appeals to LIC to emulate RBI,SBI who have talks with various pensioners Federations regularly & arrive at a solution.The SBI Qly ,Second Innings Magazine issued by Chief GM(HRD), SBI exclusively devoted for pensioners issues & related matters have won laurels from many quarters. LIC must step in here too & create a channel & a bridge of communication with pensioners,who long to know the various happenings in their own institution, for which they have shed sweat & toil for long years & decades.

2. Medi Claim - One More Option

This General Council Meeting of the All India Retired Insurance Employees Federation held at Bangalore on 15 & 16thOctober,2014 applauds the generous act of LIC in extending the subsidy to the tune of 3/4 th of medi -claim premium on basic sum assured to pensioners also from 1-4-2010, on the same lines as applicable to existing employees. Some of the pensioners were forced to opt out of the scheme earlier, because of the exhorbitant premium involved.Many had gone abroad & were not aware of the happenings.There was a golden opportunity for LIC to announce One More Option when they introduced Family Floater Policy wef 1/7/2014 .They will be willing to join the scheme again since FFP is a comprehensive Basic & Optional SA Cover.. This GC meeting, therefore, demands that LIC should allow one more final option to all such pensioners who have gone out of the scheme to join the medi claim scheme.

ii) The Cashless Service Scheme is now restricted to one or two hospitals in metro city for LIC group mediclaim policyholders. This is insufficient to serve our purpose. GIC has now approved several hospitals in all places to whom this facility is extended, after prolonged talks with hospitals. Pensioners who are generally& mostly starved of huge funds find it extremely difficult to pay for their treatment first and then claim reimbursement from the insurer. This causes severe hardships,especially at a time ,when they need to save the life being admitted for emergency treatment. All our request to LIC CO to incorporate SA cover in LIC Identity Cards as also to compel TPAMed Assist to expedite TPA Id cards ,as the talks were going on for many months with New India to finalise FFP.This meeting, therefore, demands that LIC should negotiate with New India Assurance Co. and TPA & quickly arrange for this cashless treatment facility to all pensioners of LIC in maximum number of hospitals so that pensioners need not run to long distances for treatment, followup etc.

iii)This GC brings to the notice of LIC that, though Cashless is allowed ONLY for earmarked diseases of around 7 severe ailments,even for other operations,pensioners have to spend out of their pockets a very heavy amount & with this meager pension,find it almost impossible to fund the stream of tests, medicines,room rent, nursing charges, Surgeon’s fees & post-operation expenses etc.Many other worries remain in such cases for the family.LIC as an enlightened Employer must empathise with pensioners & persuade NI to make this Cashless service universal, as lot of delay is there to grant approval,many items disallowed too,& after admission from Discharge Voucher yet another delay,This is too much to bear for poor pensioners who are hungry obviously to get reimbursement of amount spent.This must be possible ,with an analysis of last 2 years claims, the rough amount every month, quarter & so on claim experience & NI must pump reasonable adequate funds, so that 2nd delay is cut off & pensioner happy that LIC OS will credit the claim amount thro NEFT to his Bank account.

3. Cash Medical Allowance

This General Council meeting of All India Retired Insurance Employees Federation held at Bangalore on 15 & 16th October,2014 records its appreciation for LIC in increasing the Cash Medical Allowance ranging from Rs.4000 to Rs12000pa to different groups of Employees from 1-8-2007. Pensioners richly deserve help from LIC to defray rising medical consultation & cost of medicines, year after year, as at old age they need frequent visits to doctors legitimately to alleviate their illness etc.. Further, there are several restrictions in medi –claim policy,strangely though pensioners buy only those medicines attendant to what the Consulting Doctor prescribe, because of which pensioners have to forgo the expenses incurred on that count also.

Hon.High Courts & Tribunals have held that i) Right to health is a constitutional guarantee & one’s right is other’s duty .ii)In their old age when they require the medical facility most, it should be gladly granted .
Supreme Court proclaimed “A right, it correlates to a duty upon another individual that is employer, Govt or authority.The right of one is an obligation of another. Hence, the right of a citizen to live under Article 21 cast obligation on the State. This obligation is further reinforced under Article 47, it is for the State to secure health to its citizens as its primary duty.”


4. NATIONAL LITIGATION POLICY:Implement in letter & spirit

This General Council Meeting of AIRIEF ,held at Bangalore, on 15 & 16th Oct,2014 salutes the National Litigation Policy announced by earlier Govt on23 rd June, 2010.The GC reposes faith & confidence in the various utterances of present NDA Govt Law Minister & in the assurances given to implement the provisions of the Policy in all seriousness.

The Centre has formulated a National Litigation Policy to reduce the cases pending in various Courts in India and to ensure conduct of responsible litigation by the Central Government and every State Government to evolve similar policies & implement the same.The GC of AIRIEF lauds the Vision & Mission Statement that Government and its various agencies are the pre-dominant litigants in Courts and Tribunals in the country. Its aim is to transform Government into an Efficient and Responsible litigant. This policy is also based on the recognition that it is the responsibility of the Government to protect the rights of citizens, to respect fundamental rights & to managing and conducting litigation in a cohesive, coordinated and time-bound manner.

While the proclaimed Policy is on positive lines with empathy as the watchword,the GC of AIRIEF notes with concern that deliberate attempts are made to bypass the salutary provisions .The GC conveys to the Hon Minister ,that
* after sweat & toil, heavy expenses, deaths of thousands of insurance pensioners,
**after prolonged 12 years, when Rajasthan High Court gave a categorical verdict in favour of pensioners on 12/1/2010, to pay Full Dearness Relief to pre-8/1997 pensioners, on same lines as post-8/1997 pensioners & Employees,& to ensure pension revision after every wage revision & that too
***when LIC Board Resolution dt 24/11/2001 admits to these 2 remedies to rectify several emerging anomalies amongst groups of pensioners, LIC went on Appeal, later Review,then SLP,delayed & dithered seeking several adjournments which was granted by Courts,
****When it is written in National Litigation Policy “ that litigation will not be resorted to for the sake of litigating,.that false pleas and technical points will not be taken and shall be discouraged, that Government must cease to be a compulsive litigant, that the philosophy that matters should be left to the Courts for ultimate decision has to be discarded, that the easy approach, “Let the court decide,” must be eschewed and condemned ”,
*****one can understand the anger & frustration of the entire pensioners’ fraternity ,that when the 12 year itch was being settled by the Jaipur Judgement,later also asserted by Chandigarh HC Judgement with 12 % interest, & also Delhi HC granting twin benefits & also in rem to all pensioners & further ,even after SLPs were dismissed & NO STAY order by SC Bench, in favour of pensioners,the whole issue is raked up again by LIC with fresh SLPs converted as Civil Appeals,, DEFYING noble & laudable clauses,which , on reading intently,conveys orders in absolute terms ,not subject to interpretations.

This GC of AIRIEF condemns such devious & dubious methods adopted by sterling institutions who are also supposed to adopt sane & respectable HR policies towards their own Elder Pensioners & further aggravated by MOF unnecessary intervention, more so when National Litigation Policy asserts ‘Prioritisation in litigation has to be achieved with particular emphasis on welfare legislation, social reform, weaker sections and senior citizens and other categories requiring assistance must be given utmost priority.’ Further, in Item VI of the NLPolicy, ‘Filing of Appeals’, under D) b ) In “ Service Matters, no appeal will be filed in cases where the matter pertains to a case of pension or retirement benefits without involving any principle and without setting any precedent or financial implications.”
This GC, therefore,affirms that with all these chain of developments & Victory,all in favour of pensioners, it ill behoves LIC or MOFinance to go in for appeal, virtually repudiating the glorified ,ethical enunciations of the sacred UOI NLP Document for implementation
This GC observes that when NAMO Govt Law Minister asserts independence of Judiciary & further when he emphatically declares that NLP will not be on paper but implemented seriously ,this GC proclaims that, the Government agencies being one of the biggest litigants,need to exercise restraint from routinely instituting litigation & clogging the system & clear the pensioners problems pending for so long ,when after 2/3 Appeals, the litigants have won, accept with due respect for law & justice for full scale implementation

This GC, therefore, humbly but painfully, pleads with Hon Minister of Law & Justice as also Hon Finance Minister to issue Orders forthwith to LIC to honour Hon Rajasthan High Court Judgement dt 12/1/2010& other related judgements & implement the provisions honourably without further delay


5. Pre-1986 Retirees,Enhancement of Monthly Medical Allowance

This GENERAL COUNCIL Meeting of AIRIEF held at Bangalore, on 15 & 16 October, 2014 notes with a sense of shock & despair that LIC could never display grace & magnanimity for this tribe of the ELDEST of retirees ,age 86 & above the befitting benefit that must have been showered on them,but utterly neglected to look after their welfare ,in spite of several entreaties, requests, notes etc.The shining contrast displayed by a sympathetic RBI Management is seen by the noble manner in which RBI top management showered due benefits to these elders ,that too revising 4 times in 7 years with a MMA of Rs 3400—5600pm .UCO Bank has allowed Rs 5000pm for exgratia retirees as also widows same amount,so heartening

It is all the more detestable that ,after so much delay,LIC increased exgratia from Rs 300—350 with DR,Rs1000 as MMA,miserly again,& spouse Rs 500pm with DR.It is disgraceful that LIC could not understand the special needs of this group,not enjoying pension,but tribe dwindled from 5500 to a bare 550 all over India.This GC appeals to LIC to considerably enhance MMA without hesitation & to ensure the senior most elderly amongst us be protected by this magnanimous gesture to enable them to take care of ailments as expenses are pretty high

6. Mediclaim premium deduction from pension to ensure continuity of risk cover

This GENERAL COUNCIL Meeting of AIRIEF held at Bangalore on 15 & 16 October, 2014 expresses its anger in noting that even administrative decisions well within the competence of LIC are shelved & in spite of spate of requests & reminders to LIC, pointing out that many go out of the Mediclaim scheme as intimations don’t reach pensioners, aged regular pensioners & Family pensioners suffer as loss of memory, visits abroad to stay with their children , make them lose the valuable risk cover at a time when it is required most.
This GC deplores the attitude of Management in not granting this simple deduction of premium, when same Management does it for Employees with regular Monthly deduction from salary.There can be no rhyme or reason not to take a decision when LIC has introduced sophisticated Information Technology programmes & if it works well for employees & 2 Zones where ZMs took bold decisions to recover in 2 or 3 instalments. This GC seriously appeals to LIC to take IMMEDIATE & URGENT decision as premiums have to be deducted from December,January & February pension & due intimation & notice has to be given in advance.This GS further asserts that when once consent is given & deductions start, there should not be any need to repeat the process every year creating confusion & unnecessary extra work for LIC easily to be avoided with this favourable decision.

 7. Yearly Medical Checkup:Grant amount to Pensioners for holistic health & wellbeing

This GENERAL COUNCIL Meeting of AIRIEF held at Bangalore on 15 & 16 October, 2014 lauds LIC for allowing the revised scheme of Preventive Health check up to all employees aged even 40 years & above, & amount to be reimbursed varying from Rs 3000,4000,5000 with frequency of checkup in ageband specified vide CO Circular dt 12th March,2013 .Indeed ,this is eminently reasonable but preventive health checkup is more needed for pensioners,in the interests of wellbeing, as through such checkups,later serious ailments can be avoided & even expenses curtailed. This GC pleads with all humility & appeals to LIC to legitimize the same for pensioners with same benefits as granted to Employees & with same frequency as allowed for elder employees to retire.


8. Inequity in pension for same Basic, same Cadre,same Charter & glaring error in commuted value recovery

This General Council of AIRIEF held at Bangalore on15 & 16th October, 2014 notices that
a)Recovery of Commuted portion in case of Petitioner 3,4 & 5 have been made from Retrospective dates instead of from Prospective dates—respective Chart was annexed with the petition.
b)In their case no interest is paid on late payment of commuted value

c)Consequent upon revision in the Pay structure ,there is glaring example of error in calculations to fix Basic Pension , in case of Petitioners 3, 4 & 5
d)As a result of merger of LESS DA from Nov 1996 to July 1997,DA per slab also gets reduced with permanent effect resulting into less payment of DA from year to year.Petitioners No4 ,Sri V.M.Shah SBM Retd suffered loss of Rs5000 till date.Under no circumstances ,pension can be reduced in anyone’s case.New Basic & new DA becomes less than Old Basic & old DA.Auditor pointed out this & as a result & under orders of HC ,he got Rs31,000 as arrears,without penal interest which comes to Rs40,000.

e)Old Basic +old DA can never be the revised basic salary unless & until due weightage of 11.25% is given as in
f)Sri S.K.Bhatt & B.C.Rathod (Petitioners 3 & 5 )retired during same Charter period –1/8/1997—31/7/2002 having same Basic & same Cadre are getting different pension
and hence urges LIC to adopt right principle,as pointed out & render full justice to similarly placed pensioners.
(G.T.PARIKH, General Secretary,LIC Pensioners Assn, AHMEDABAD)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Allegations against govt.:"Youth of the country thought they will get Rs 15 lakh. You sold lies to people."

The Government on Thursday insisted in Lok Sabha that it had never claimed that all the black money stashed abroad would be brought back within 100 days even as the Opposition continued to target it over the issue.
Contesting the opposition charge in this regard, Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu cited BJP's Lok Sabha election manifesto which said a task force would be set up to deal with the problem of black money.
"We are not so immature to say we will bring back entire black money in 100 days," Mr. Naidu said while intervening in a debate on black money.
His comment came in response to attack by opposition which said BJP leaders had promised to bring back black money within 100 days of coming to power and questioned why it did not happen as six months had elapsed.
Mr. Naidu said the BJP election manifesto stated that if voted to power, the government will minimise the scope for corruption and set up a task force for tracking down or bringing back black money. "The process of bringing back black money will be put in motion," he said.
Listing out the measures taken by the BJP government to deal with the black money menace, Mr. Naidu said whenever 100 days is said, it means "action will be initiated within 100 days".
He claimed former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had first talked about 100 days with respect to unearthing of black money when he made a statement in Parliament in July 2009.
Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav said people had trusted the BJP's election campaign of bringing back the money stashed abroad and hence the government should give an assurance in the House when the money would be brought back.
"Youth of the country thought they will get Rs 15 lakh. You sold lies to people. The government has to inform Parliament when they will bring the money back," Mr. Yadav said.
Mr. Yadav said that funds should be brought back as soon as possible since the account holders are withdrawing money.
He demanded that the government say it in the House how long it will take to disclose the full list of account holders and how much money is stashed abroad.
Mr. Naidu said it was "painful" for him to hear from the opposition slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and outlined that even the Finance Minister of the previous UPA government did not disclose the name of account holders in foreign banks.
He invited the opposition to come out with better ideas on how to deal with the black money menace.
"We should take quickest possible action," he said while seeking opposition support for government action.
(the hindu)

Let us laugh till SC sits

An engineer married an average girl.
After an year, he wrote to his father-in-law.
"Your product not meeting my requirements. 
It's being returned"
Sudden came the reply: "Warranty expired!"


Supreme Court sits ?
Supreme Court in fact
sits on it !

Group mediclaim poicy premium likely to increase by 10-15 %‏

Dear Editor,

Attaching a Newspaper clipping on the above subject 
with a request to put it in the Chronicle.


Enjoy this video

(Courtesy:RK Sahni)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

RBI Governor on black money stashed abroad

ANAND: Stating that nobody knows the exact amount of black money stashed away in overseas tax havens, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan Tuesday said lower income tax rates will help curb generation of such illicit funds.

"We need to focus on how to stop this practice (of parking money outside the country). We need to bring down tax rates to incentivize the upper class," Rajan said when asked about his views on curbing black money being stashed in tax havens.

He was here to deliver the third Dr Verghese Kurien Memorial Lecture.
(the new indian express)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014





A mother-in-law decides to test her two sons-in-law for their good nature.

For this she goes for a walk.

Jashodaben, Modi's estranged wife

Unto each charmed life some rain must fall and what was a distant drizzle has become a somewhat insistent shower for prime minister Narendra Modi going by the developments on the marital front. Like a fuzzy picture becoming clearer and clearer in the photo lab, his wife Jashodaben, who has lived in obscurity all these years, has now become a real person to many of us. And the burden of the song which has put her in the limelight is her RTI application seeking the details of her security.

The lady who still seems to harbor hopes that she will be reunited with her famous husband speaks of how frightened she is with her security detail which apparently follows her in cars even as she takes the local transport. This is a case of suffering all the headaches of being the PM's wife without the privileges of the actual position. In fact, had it not been for the bloodhound like tendencies of the media, we may never really have known that Jashodaben existed.

In many ways, her apprehensions are right. Now that she has become a public figure so to speak, there is every chance that her life is in danger. In which event, she needs much more security than a few guards rattling around near her home. She is entitled to the highest level of security, the same as her husband. She should be housed in secure premises. It is entirely possible that she is trying to say just this when she objects to her security arrangements.

It may be far-fetched to fear assassination as happened with Indira Gandhi, but it is quite possible that someone looking for 15 minutes of fame could pose a threat to her. Now that she has made this a public issue, the government must act to move her to a more appropriate home. She herself seems ambivalent about what she wants. On the one hand, she says she would go like a shot if her husband were to summon her, on the other, she chafes at the security. You can have it both ways, dear lady. So the halfway house would be to accept a more secure accommodation and wait for that elusive call some day.

(The views expressed are personal.)

Lalita Panicker, the Hindustan Times.

Jashodaben's security

Reference booklet for Group Mediclaim scheme

One Rank One Pension Scheme


Will the Minister of Defence be pleased to state:

(a) The present status of implementation Of One Rank One Pension
Scheme for the Armed Forces;
(b) The total budget allocated for the Purpose in the Budget 2013-14;
(c) The total number of Defence
Personnel likely to be benefited under the scheme

Loksabha Question to be answered on 28th November 2014.

(Voice of Force)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Supreme Court ruling on e-records is a timely reminder for banks

Banks will ignore at their own peril a Supreme Court ruling that electronic records without proper safeguards are non-admissible as evidence.

Computer outputs (printed on paper, stored, recorded or copied in optical or magnetic media produced by a computer) are “secondary”, the court said. These are susceptible to tampering, alteration, transposition and excision and a whole trial based on them could lead to a travesty of justice, it observed in a concurrent order on Civil Case No 4226 of 2012. Failings in the banking sector on this count are best reflected in the CAG findings pertaining to the farm loan waiver scheme of 2008.

Of the 9,334 cases taken for scrutiny, 2,824 records were found to have been tampered with, overwritten or altered.

Audit trails
Responding to an RTI query, the RBI told S Dheenadhayalan, an activist, that it had advised banks to identify key risks that threaten computerised banking operations.

Banks must develop or design adequate internal control policies and procedures to mitigate risks, the RBI had said in a circular way back in February 1998. All transactions must be entered and accepted “once and only once, data accurately entered, standing data changes authorised and accurately entered.”

Sufficient audit trails, it said, must be maintained and placed with security procedures so that they cannot be altered.

But not many banks, including those in the public sector, seem to have gone the distance to ensure compliance. For instance, Indian Bank, according to Dheenadhayalan, admitted under the RTI that at least one of its branches was in possession of a standalone computer. In March 2010, the bank told Deepak Flexo Packs of Virudunagar, Tamil Nadu, that it had revised the waiver claim on its account from Rs 32.53 lakh to Rs 5.84 lakh.

Related data on how it arrived at the figure could not be retrieved since the system had crashed, he said. Pressed further, the bank merely said it was an isolated incident because it had occurred in a standalone computer.

As for policy of providing standalone computers at branches, there existed none. In some cases, standalones were provided for training staff. Some banks use them for routine administrative work which need not be connected to or fall under electronic data processing (EDP).

Standalone does not imply parallel tracking of factual reports. These computers could be used to generate convenient statement of claims, according to Dheenadhayalan.

In another case, Punjab National Bank made an inadvertent error in notifying claims while invoking the Sarfaesi Act on Raju Industries, Bangalore. A corrigendum issued by the bank in June 2010, said the figure of Rs 33.92 lakh quoted in the possession notice was a mistake, and it must be read as Rs. 12.60 lakh.

Vigilance Commission alert
The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) was forced to take note of frauds perpetrated on banks using passwords of other employees.

The CVC observed in a circular dated November 30, 2010, that bank employees in certain cases were not maintaining secrecy of their passwords.

“Instances are still coming to our notice where frauds of large amount have been committed by misusing the passwords of employees,” it noted. It should be ensured that all employees maintain secrecy of their passwords and keep changing them as frequently as possible, the circular said, adding that banks may evolve systems and procedures to ensure the same.

Instances of casual approach by any password holder should be dealt with ruthlessly by the bank concerned as the same may put huge amounts of funds at risk, the CVC noted.

Chief Vigilance Officers, it said, may take suitable action and regularly monitor the secrecy of passwords and apprise the Commission of action taken. They should report compliance in the matter by including this aspect in monthly reports being submitted to the Commission.

Information officers fined.

MEERUT: State Information Commissioner (SIC) Rajkeshvar Singh, on a visit to Meerut onSaturday, instructed the district magistrate to penalise 55 information officers from different departments with a penalty of Rs 25,000 each. The SIC was in the city to address a meeting of officials on the Right to Information (RTI) Act 2005.

On getting to know that there were as many as 832 RTI applications pending in Meerut, the official said those responsible for the large pendency - and Meerut has the dubious distinction of being the district with the largest pendency of RTI applications in the state - should be penalised. Chaudhary Charan Singh University accounts for 116 of the pending RTI applications.
(Times of India)

Refixation to pensioners in MC Jain case

Dear Sir,

To be fair and impartial I appreciate the Federation for having brought a booklet on "Group mediclaim scheme for LIC pensioners".

  • I may also have to appreciate their passing a resolution in their Executive meeting dated 10th November which reads: ' Refixation of pension for those who have retired between 1-8-1992 and 1-4-1993 following dismissal of LIC SLP NO 8090/2014 by the Supreme court in what is known as M C Jain case '. 

This class of pensioners among whom many have died are few in numbers got lost in the current focus on DA neutralization and pension up gradation, not getting the required sympathy although many of them would have reached 80 in age.

Will the resolution in their favour create an impact with the management ? Can the trade unions/associations think of any other means to get the court verdict implemented.


Supreme Court case







Sunday, November 23, 2014

Video for you.

On CH Mahadevan's comments

The observations of respected Shri C.H. Mahadevan over the resolutions passed in the EC Meeting of Cl. I Fed. are as usual incisive and analytic.

Dattatraya B Deshpande,

Fine and simple imprisonment for court contempt

Dear Sir,
Two police officers including a DSP were held guilty of contempt of court for disobeying the court order in providing protection to an elderly woman whose land was sought to be illegally grabbed. The Madras HC bench has slapped  fine of RS 750 and to undergo simple imprisonment for two days which the contemnors will undergo without much ado knowing well the facilities provided in the modern jail and they could as well spend the days in calmness and
also have the much needed rest a blessing in disguise. Months ago a learned judge sitting in the Bench remarked " Who is now bothered about the contempt of the court order "
The legal system needs to be revamped, overhauled nuts and bolts and the contempt of the court order viewed seriously as otherwise contempt of the court would remain as a mere mockery with simple imprisonment for few days and a paltry sum as fine.

CH Mahadevan's comments on Fed resolution on pension

Dear Sir
Your comment on the resolution of the federation is very very apt and you have hit the nail
on its head by dissecting the same and revealing its hollowness point blank.
Thanking u once again
with regards
Lakshmi Narayana

Resolution on Existence Certificate

I find the posts in your Chronicle in the above matter did not contain one resolution, moved by Kolkata unit, on the issue of "EXISTENCE CERTIFICATE". The resolution demands the present system of furnishing the existence certificate be replaced by Self Certification and/or Digital certification. The resolution was adopted by EC unanimously.

Subir Kumar Mazumder

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Likely Interest Rate cuts - Impact on Retirees

There are strong indications that in coming months RBI may announce series of rate cuts in REPO and Reverse Repo rates to accelerate industrial and economic growth which will affect rate of interest on deposits and advances. As per the opinion being expressed by experts, the rate cut could be in the region of 100 to 150 basis points. It is certainly not a good news for the saver class to which we all retirees belong. Most of the retirees are net savers. The expected rate cut on deposits may reduce interest income of savers from 15 to 20 percent affecting purchasing power of this group adversely as we do not anticipate corresponding reduction in price level of commodity/ service common men are required to buy, in particular of services like doctor fees, electricity bills, telephone bills, travelling expenses etc.

2. In view of this likely scenario, we request our affiliates to advise our members to plan their investments on long term basis right now to insulate them from the forthcoming rate cuts. For example, the retiree may consider to go for 10 years term deposits at present rate to ensure stable higher rate of interest income for the given period. Such investment will neither affect the liquidity as well as advantage of higher rate of interest if such situation arises as the term deposits has unique feature of pre mature payment in favour of the depositors.

3. This circular is being issued in proactive manner to educate our members to do effective financial planning at the right time.

( S.C. JAIN )



The Resolution No 3 adopted by the Federation in all the collective 
wisdom of the EC members reiterating the commitment to secure 
periodical increase in pensions in line with every wage revision is 
indeed laudable, only it has arrived a bit too late in the day.
The decision to formulate a ‘demand on sound basis at the appropriate 
time’ seems meaningless at this late juncture. If the Federation 
chooses to wait with its fingers crossed for the Supreme Court 
verdict on the Civil Appeals esp. one arising out of 654/2007, there 
are two possible alternate outcomes:
1. The Supreme Court dismisses the Civil Appeals of LIC.In that 
event there will be no need for the Federation to formulate any 
2. If the Supreme Court, God forbid, delivers a verdict allowing 
LIC’s Appeals, formulation of any ‘demand’ by the Federation will be 
a futile and meaningless exercise.
If the Federation had really any serious commitment in this regard, 
the formulated demands should have been in place long ago and also 
been reflected in the Writ Petition filed in Delhi High Court 
through an enlargement of the prayer for point-to-point upgradation 
of pension for all eligible pensioners, not merely for removal of DR 
anomaly and 100% DR neutralisation for pre-August 1997 retirees. 

With greetings,
C H Mahadevan