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Period of retirement
Gross Basic Pension( on Maximum of Scale)
DR as at 1/8/2014
Total Gross Pension as  at 1/ 8/2014
1/8/1987 to 31/7/1992
1/8/1992 to 31/7/1997
1/8/1997 to 31/7/2002
1/8/2002 to 31/7/2007
1/8/2007 to 31/1/2015( pending revision due on 1/8/2012)

Period of retirement
Gross Basic Pension( on Maximum of Scale)
DR as at 1/8/2014
Total Gross Pension as  at 1/ 8/2014

1/8/1987 to 31/7/1992
1/8/1992 to 31/7/1997
1/8/1997 to 31/7/2002
1/8/2002 to 31/7/2007
1/8/2007 to 31/1/2015( pending revision due on 1/8/2012)

Period of retirement
Gross Basic Pension( on Maximum of Scale)
DR as at 1/8/2014
Total Gross Pension as  at 1/ 8/2014

1/8/1987 to 31/3/1993
1/4/1993 to 31/7/1997
1/8/1997 to 31/7/2002
1/8/2002 to 31/7/2007
1/8/2007 to 31/1/2015( pending revision due on 1/8/2012)

AIBRF Letter No 2014/94 dt. 27-05-14 addressed to P.M. Shri Narendra Modi

Respected Pradhan Mantriji

We have great pleasure and proud privilege in extending HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS to you on landslide victory of your party in the General Elections under your leadership and now on your election as Prime Minister of the country. Your elevation as Prime Minister has raised new hope and confidence among the people and they have sincerely started believing that the nation will be on high growth path. Your highly popular, motivating and impressive slogan "ACCHE DIN ANNE WALE HAI" has infused new enthusiasm and inspiration among common man of the country. Your promise "This government (will be) one which thinks for poor, which listens to the poor, the government which lives for the poor" made in the historical central hall of the Parliament on the occasion of your election as PM thrilled the country with high hopes. This country is looking forward for CHANGE and better days ahead under your leadership.

2. All India Bank Retirees' Federation (AIBRF) is apex body of bank retirees. It was formed about 20 years back to assist bank retirees in resolution of their issues/ problems in particular with the bank management in the post retirement scenario. Today, AIBRF has 47 affiliates with total membership of about 1.25 lakhs retirees. All our members are SENIOR CITIZENS. Main object of our organisation is to ensure dignified and respectful life for our members. AIBRF is independent organisation of bank retirees without any political philosophy or leaning.

3. We have been struggling and fighting for the following issues for last 15 years to secure justice for our members.

It is very unfortunate that there is no structured and formal grievance redressal mechanism for bank retirees at all India level.There are more than 3 lakhs pensioners in the banking industries at present and this number is likely to cross 5 lakhs in next 2 years. Retirees have many issue connecting to fixation of pension, eligibility, calculations, review etc. We have been representing and demanding from Indian Bank Association ( IBA) for last 15 years that it should establish proper and effective grievance redressal mechanism at the industry level, consult retiree representatives on their pending issues as and when wage negotiations take place in the banking industry. In the absence of such forum, bank retirees who are senior citizens are forced to approach courts for resolution of their issues and to secure justice. Such legal cases are very large and they are still pending in various high courts and Supreme Court. To fight such legal battle for individuals who are senior citizens is very painful physically as well as financially. We are at total loss and are unable to comprehend as to why IBA/ Bank Managements are so reluctant to give even audience to the representatives of bank retirees for solution of issues across the table rather than spending huge public money in defending their stand in courts unsuccessfully. Bank Managements have gone to the extend that they are not readyto implement judgements given by Supreme Court in favour of retirees. IBA deal with retirees with highhandedness and refuse to share information on their issues on technical pretence that it is not covered by RTI act. This attitude of IBA is becoming highly humiliating and insulting for bank retirees.
We approach you with humble request that you should direct IBA and the bank management that they must immediately hold discussion with the representatives of retirees and take them into confidence before signing next wage settlement.

17 slabs of DR declared with effect from 1st August 2014

Monthly figures
JANUARY 20140237 5409
FEBRUARY 201402385432
MARCH 201402395455
APRIL 201402425523
MAY 201402445569
JUNE 201402465615

Senior LIC Pensioners Leaving Us Without Getting Justice In Their Lifetime

Thirty one LIC Pensioners residing in Tricity Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula under leadership of Sh.M.L Gandhi  filed a petition in Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh in 2010 for D.A. Uniformity and Pension Upgradation. 

Though High Court gave its verdict in favour of Pensioners on 09.11.2012, yet LIC moved Supreme Court where matter is still pending.  

It is really unfortunate that  a few very senior LIC Pensioners cum Petitioners out of 31 have already left us without getting justice from LIC in their life time. With the  death of Sh.P.C.Chopra, one of the Petitioners, on 28th July 2014 , so far five petitioners have already died till date, the other four being S/Sh. M.L. Gandhi, Harkirat Singh, Amar Singh Majha and D.C.Bhardwaj.

All these five petitioners who are no more with us today were sure that LIC would give them justice in their life time but LIC Management with GOI support has been very cruel to all of them. 
How LIC is going to Listen and when ?



NEW DELHI: After asking taxpayers to validate their personal email ids and mobile phone numbers for online filing of Income Tax returns, the I-T department has now urged them to include its official email address in the 'safe list' of their inboxes.

The department has suggested taxpayers to validate and include in the 'white/safe list' of their respective inboxes the official handle of the department-- 'DONOTREPLY@incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in', so that it does not land in the spam or  ..

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Thank you Chronicle !

Thank you Chronicle for greeting the Muslim retirees on the occasion of 
Eid-ul-Fitr (Ramzan Festival) in a beautiful format.
This indicates that the Chronicle is mindful of all religions.
Thank you once again.
(...and a little proud too about that secular mind. -Ed.)

Defence Ministry fixes anomalies in rank pay case

Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, July 27
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has rectified some of the anomalies contained in its orders issued earlier to implement the judgment of the Supreme Court in the rank pay case pertaining to the Fourth Pay Commission.
On implementation of the Fourth Pay Commission, the component rank pay had been deducted from the salary of officers, while calculating their total emoluments and fixing their status vis-à-vis civilian officials. Consequently their emoluments were fixed lower than what they should actually have been if rank pay had been included in the calculations.
Similar anomalies also existed in the Fifth Pay Commission. The anomaly was only discovered years later and thereafter commenced a long legal battle, with the apex court finally ruling in 2010 that the deduction of the rank pay had been illegal.
When the MoD issued orders to implement the SC’s judgment, some phrases were “twisted”, resulting in not only the benefits being restricted to lesser number of officers, but also denying rectification of similar anomalies in the Fifth Pay Commission.
The SC had ruled that officers were entitled to befits and arrears “with effect from” January 1, 1986, but the MoD order stated that benefits would be given to officers in service “as on” January 1, 1986.
This implied officers who got commissioned after this date would not be granted the benefits even though the same pay commission was applicable to them. The service community had contended that the MoD’s orders were not in sync with the essence and sprit of the SC judgment.
While the Service Headquarters took up the issue with the government, a number of veterans, whose arrears and pension fixation were also affected, moved a contempt petition against the MoD. The MoD had also referred the matter to the Attorney General, who had given his opinion in favour of the officers on several issues.

The MoD’s orders issued on Thursday state that the words “as on 1.1.1986” in the earlier order be substituted by “w.e.f.1.1.1986”. New clauses have also been incorporated in the new order which state that similar benefits would also be extended for recommendations of the Fifth Pay Commission, which too contained the same anomaly pertaining to rank pay."
Received thru RK Sahni

Welfare measures to Retirees in Canara Bank

To Executive Director (P), LIC, Mumbai

Message attached for information and appropriate decisions for the benefit of LIC pensioners as it may be deemed proper.

Kind regards.
C H Mahadevan
(The following Canara Bank Retirees Federation letter alongwith true extract of the H.O. Memo No.70 :2014 dated 26.07.2014 from Human Resources Wing of Canara Bank relating to benefits to retired employees/family pensioners has been forwarded to LIC.)

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Apply, apply - No reply

Dear sir,

Daily I see posts in the Chronicle about 100% DA
neutralisation and pension upgradation in RBI BANKS
BWDB B'LORE, etc but nothing about the progress in
our case. We have submitted memorandums and
met MPs, Ministers including Finance Minister
Arun Jaitely who promised to look into the matter to
settle our issues. Alas, no result has come out so far.
Association leaders want us wait patiently till 12 08 2014.
But what is the guarantee that it will not be adjourned...

We can not achieve our goals unless 1. SC gives a firm
verdict in our favour 2. LIC takes a decision to honour
HC/SC judgements (which will never happen) 3.The
Mof  directs LIC to honour HC/SC judgements.
Will any of these happen?

A V Subbaraman Coimbatore Division


Sri Arun Jaitley,
Finance Minister,
Government of India.
Most Revered Sir,

We draw your attention to the following facts for your consideration and immediate action.
1) Sri Muneeswarnath Bhandari,Single Judge of Jaipur Bench of Rajasthan High Court admitted two writ petitions filed by Sri Krishna Murari Lal Asthana on12th January 2010 with regard to
a) 100% Neutralisation of Dearness Allowance to Pre-August retirees of LIC
b) To revise pensions according to wage revisions effected in 1992, 1997, 2002 and 2007.
The Judge directed LIC to implement the resolution of the LIC Board dated 24th November, 2001.
The resolution was in respect of
i) Neutralisation of D.A and
ii) Upgradation of pension according to every wage revision.

The appeal of LIC challenging the above verdict was dismissed by the division bench of Rajasthan High Court on 21st January 2011. The review petitions filed by LIC on this verdict were dismissed by the Rajasthan High Court on 19th August 2011. The Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh High Court quoted the judgement of Sri MN. Bhandari and ordered LIC to pay the amounts due to pensioners with 12% interest. The Delhi High Court also quoted the Judgement of Sri MN. Bhandari and made it applicable to all pensioners. Two special leave petition filed by LIC before Supreme Court to set aside the judgement of Sri M.N.Bhandari were dismissed by the Supreme Court on 19th August 2013.
The Supreme court on 30-9-2013 rejected the prayer of LIC to grand stay on the operation of the judgement of Chandigarh High court in respect of Sri Mc Jain v/s LIC. This relates to fixation of pension according to wage revisions from 1992 to 2007. The above facts manifest the deliberate defiance court verdicts by LIC and its disregard for the majesty of the courts of law in our country.
We pray your good self to give proper directions to LIC to obey and take immediate steps for implementation of the verdicts of the courts. Nearly 10,000 pensioners died during this 16 year old litigation. It is not uncommon to hear regularly about the passing away of fellow pensioners. Please help us to live in peace in the twilight years of our lives by an equitable and just dispensation according to the verdicts of courts.
The memorandum dated 7th June 2014 handed over to Hon. Shri Venkaiah Naidu is already in your ministry. We earnestly hope that our prayers will be promptly addressed by you.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
KKD.Hanumantha Rao,

31st July deadline to file your tax returns

Scrambling to file your tax returns before the 31st July deadline - If you haven’t filed your return yet, it’s time to get cracking. Here are the quick steps you can take to start filing NOW!
Getting Organized
  • You will need your Form 16. Your Form 16 has all the details you need to get started. Part A of this form has information of PAN, TAN and Address details of your Employer. You will need these details since you need to fill these fields in your Return. Part B of Form 16 has your salary details. Total Taxable Salary, Deductions, Tax Deducted and any tax due or refundable to you. Luckily, if you have disclosed all your incomes to your employer, your employer would have already deducted tax on those and considered those in this Form.
  • Another document you will need is your Form 26AS : Form 26AS is a storehouse of information all linked to your PAN number. Tax Deducted on your PAN, Advance Tax paid by you, self assessment tax paid by you. When banks deduct TDS on your income, it shows up on your Form 26AS. Similarly all the TDS deducted by your employer also shows up here. Use this summary to know of all the incomes you need to report and the tax deducted thereon.
  • Other documents like your bank statement – this will have your interest income. You’ll need interest payment and principal repayment details on your housing loan.
Start E-filing
  • E-filing really is smooth sailing, embrace it! Create your login on one of the e-filing portals. Online portals like ClearTax automatically populate your return when you upload your Form 16, you can even upload multiple Form 16s. You can enter the information manually too, if that feels more comfortable.
  • You can automatically populate your TDS details, ClearTax can pull out all our TDS information directly from the IT department’s website. A few clicks and all the data you need is there on your IT Return. You always choose to enter these details manually too.
  • Make sure you have captured all Incomes you have earned during the financial year and input them under relevant heads.
  • Take some time to review your Return for omissions, if any and tally in the final tax refund/liability if there is.
  • If all looks ok to you, click on E-file!
  • You are not done yet! Once you have successfully e-filed, your ITRV will be sent to your email id. You can also download it yourself.
  • Take a print of the ITR-V, sign it in blue ink and send it by ordinary or speed post (no couriers) to CPC, Bangalore. Remember, you need to send this document within 120 days of filing your return. You can check whether CPC received your ITR-V here.
  • Upon receiving your ITR-V, the IT department will send you an acknowledgement on email. That completes your Return filing process!

Don’t wait for the eleventh hour, File your return pronto!


that unending, futile search for happiness...
(Recd thru RK Sahni)

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celebrated in Kerala on 29th July 2014

Acche Din Aane Wale Hai?

Parliament Members are soon to get a 75 per cent hike in their Pensions. That is from Rs.20000 to Rs.35000/-.

There is also a proposal to give service weightage to these public servants. If they are MPs for period in excess of 5 years there will be additional monthly pension for them. This increase would be 2000 p.m. 

There is no requirement of minimum service to be rendered.

Everyone must feel happy about this. Because the country will be happy and peaceful if peoples' representatives are kept happy and comfortable. 

does it happen in India...
Let us hope with this proposed increase which they grant themselves, they will not resort to twisting of mikes and breaking of furniture to give vent to their democratic outrages. They also get an allowance for attending parliament . Mind you " for attending." Even if the live footage shows empty benches. No wonder their example is followed by people. Do you not see vacant seats in offices inspite of full attendance? " Yadha Raja Tadha Praja." 

Now that the needs of parliamentarians is being met, we appeal to them to consider favourably the long pending issues of updation of pension etc., in financial sector

Employees get pensions on retirement. Do the politicians and parliamentarians retire on attaining certain age? It is the ungrateful people who force retirement on them? Even then they do not retire. Defeated parliament members can still hope for gubernatorial postings if they belong to ruling party. Whoever said Politics is a thankless job? 



'Wisdom' by Shri Dayal Sharan on facebook page.

"एक भारतीय ने अमेरिका के एक स्कूल में दाखिला लिया,स्कूल का पहला दिन था, अध्यापिका बच्चों से सवाल कर रही थी : : अध्यापिकाः आईये अमेरिका के इतिहास पर नजर डालकर पढ़ाई शुरु करते हैं। बताओ किसने कहा था ‘मुझे आजादी दो या मौत दे दे’ : पूरी क्लास खामोश रही सिर्फ भारतीय ने जवाब दियाः पेट्रिक हैनरी 1775 : अध्यापिकाः बहुत अच्छे, अब बताओ ये वाक्य किसका है, ‘धरती से जनता के लिए, जनता द्वारा, जनती की सरकार नहीं समाप्त होनी चाहिए’ : इस बार भी पूरी क्लॉस खामोश रही सिर्फ भारतीय ने जवाब दियाः अब्राहम लिंकन 1863 : अध्यापिकाः पूरी क्लॉस को शर्म आनी चाहिए,एक भारतीय छात्र को अमेरिका का इतिहास ज्यादा मालूम है। : इस पर एक छात्र पीछे से बोलाः ‘इंडियंस को मारो’ : अध्यापिका (गुस्से में)- ये किसने कहा : भारतीय - जनरल क्लस्टर 1862 : भारतीय के इस एक और जवाब पर एक अमेरिकी बच्चा बोला,

‘मैं उल्टी कर दूंगा’ : अध्यापिका (झल्लाते हुए)- अब ये किसने कहा : भारतीय - जार्ज बुश ने जापानी प्रधानमंत्री से 1991 में : अब पूरी क्लास झल्लाने लगी, एक अमेरिकी छात्र बोल पड़ा,‘ओह्ह ये, सक दिस’ : यह सुनकर भारतीय अपनी सीट से खड़ा हो गया अध्यापिका की ओर चिल्लाते हुए बोलाः बिल क्लिंटन टू मोनिका लेविंस्की, 1997 : : भारतीय के इस एक और जवाब पर पूरी क्लास का दिमाग खराब हो गया, किसी ने चिल्लाते हुए कहा, ‘अगर अब तुमने एक शब्द भी बोला तो मैं तुम्हारी जान ले लूंगा’ : यह सुनकर भारतीय पूरे जोश के साथ चिल्लायाः माईकल जैक्सन, अपने खिलाफ गवाही दे रहे बच्चे से, 2004 में : भारतीय के इस जवाब पर अध्यापिका बेहोश हो गई, सारे बच्चे उसके चारों और इकट्ठा हो गए। किसी एक ने कहा, ‘ओह्ह शिट, हम बुरी तरह फंस गए हैं’ इस पर भारतीय बोलाः जार्ज बुश, इराक युद्ध के दौरान 2007 : : भारतीय के इस जवाब से सारे बच्चे बेहोश हो गय"
(Recd thru RK SAHNI)


AIBRF Circular No. 2014/96 Dated 14.06.2014


A) We are happy to inform you that in the bipartite talk of 14-06-2014 the retiree issues were discussed and IBA informed as under:-

(1) IBA is favourably inclined to consider 100 percent 
Dearness Allowance to all retirees including pre-2002 retirees 
and have written to the government for approval. Approval is awaited.

(2) As regards improvement in family pension, IBA is favourably 
inclined to consider and will recom- mend to the government 
for approval after studying cost implications.

(3) As regards updation exercise for the past retirees, IBA is 
apprehensive about it in view of huge cost involved in it.

We feel it is big move forward on retiree issues. However we have to be vigil till our all demands are achieved in this settlement. We convey our thanks to UFBU leadership for taking the retiree forward..
UFBU Circular No. 24


After the last round of negotiations held on 14-3-2014, another round of discussions took place with IBA on 13-6-2014 in Mumbai in the background of the new Government taking over at the Centre after the general elections.

UFBU meeting: Prior to the discussions with the IBA, meeting of the UFBU was held. The meeting observed a minutes' silence to pay homage on the death of Dr Shanti Patel, veteran trade union leader of HMS and Port and Dock Workers. The meeting took stock of the developments since our last meeting held in March, 2014. The meeting welcomed the new Government under the Prime Ministership of Shri Narendra Modi and hoped that the basic problems of the people and workers would be addressed by the new Government. The meeting noted that in addition to the pending demands of  UFBU for wage revision, there are other challenges too like the recommendations of P J Nayak Committee, talks of dilution of Government's capital in Banks, merger of Banks, etc. The meeting decided to take a delegation of UFBU to the Finance Minister to apprise him of our issues and demands. Discussions with IBA: In the wage revision talks, the IBA was represented by Mr. T M Bhasin, Chairman of the Negotiating Committee along with other members. UFBU was represented by all the Constituent Unions.

Opening up the discussions, Mr. Bhasin explained the present banking scenario where the profits of the Banks have come down as on 31-3-2014 adding to the constraints of the Banks to take up any huge financial burden in the form of wages. After submissions from UFBU, IBA informed that they are willing to improve their offer from earlier 10% to 11% on the cost of Pay Slip components of the wage bill which would amount to Rs.3,465 crores and which would be exclusive of other costs on retirement benefits, LFC, hospitalization expenses, etc. From UFBU, we expressed our inability to accept this offer as the same was quite inadequate.

B) As regards other issues discussed with the IBA in the last two rounds of discussions, IBA informed that they are favourably inclined to consider the demand of extending 100% DA for all pensioners and the same is awaiting the approval of the Government. On our demand for improvement in Family Pension, IBA's response was positive but they informed that the cost implication has to be properly worked out and Government's approval is necessary for the same. As regards updation of pension, IBA was apprehensive about the same since it involves substantial financial burden to the Banks. IBA also informed that our demand for extending appointment on compassionate grounds in the Banks on the lines of Government scheme is under the active and positive consideration of the Government and their decision is awaited.

C) Since UFBU refused to accept the IBA's offer of 11% increase, IBA wanted to know the expectation of the UFBU for which it was informed that our minimum expectation is 25% increase in the Pay Slip components cost. IBAexpressed their total inability to accept the same as it is beyond the paying capacity of the Banks. With this,the talks ended inconclusively. Thereafter UFBU decided that since IBA has not come up with any adequate increase in their offer, further course of action would be taken shortly after mutual consultations amongst the Constituent Unions and also after meeting the Finance Minister in this regard. Further developments would be informed to units in due course.

D) NUBE Circular 5 of 2014 dated 14-06-14 states

The meeting of 13th June 2014 turned to be yet another futile, symbolic meeting with the yawning gulf separating policy pronouncements from the ground reality. Thus the 10th Industry-wide Bipartite Wage Settlement negotiations in the Banking sector have dragged on for more than one-and-a-half years now without making much headway.
After a gap of 3 months with the last negotiations held on 14-3-2014 which was especially for non- monetary issues raised by the unions, another round of discussions took place with IBA on 13-6-2014 in Mumbai. As usual, all the eleven unions have participated in this round also. IBA informed, profits of the Banks have come down as on 31-3-2014 and therefore they can offer maximum of 11% (increase of meager 1% our emphasis!) on the cost of Pay Slip components of the wage bill which would amount to Rs.3,465 crores and 4. which would be exclusive of other costs on retirement benefits, LFC, hospitalization expenses, etc. Since negotiating unions rejected the offer of 11% increase, IBA wanted to know the expectation of the union. A representative of the umbrella of nine unions informed that their minimum expectation is 25% It is pertinent to note that the 11% of pay-slip is not in consonance with the prevailing wages of comparable concerns. This is contrary to the views expressed in the Sastri Tribunal. Hence demand of the Bank employees for ensuring parity with Government employees / comparable institutions in fair just and right.
25% increase in the Pay Slip components cost.

It is pertinent to mention here that NUBE was the only union which while submitting its exhaustive charter of demands of 102 pages for tenth bipartite as early as 16-06-2012 itself, with justifications apriori demanded 45% over all increase on the establishment cost which works to 26.5% (Rs.8348 Crores) in pay slip costs.
IBA expressed their total inability to accept the same as it is beyond the paying capacity of the Banks. This stubborn stand of IBA is preposterous and is unacceptable to NUBE
 in view of the following reasons:

1. In all the previous settlements salary increase was given a load to total establishment expenses. In this wage negotiations we have been offered on fixed pay components. As against the total establishment expenses of Rs.56292 crores the pay slip component is only Rs.31503 crores.
2. While offer of 11% on establishment cost will work out to Rs.6192 crores, 11% of pay slips components expenses will amount to a measly figure of Rs.3465croresonly. Hence the offer of IBA for one million Bank employees is far below the amount offered during last bipartite settlement.
3. The first round of negotiations started only on 22-2-2013. During this 15 month period Gross non-performing assets (NPAs) of 40 listed Banks shot up by 35.2% or Rs.63,386 crore for the nine months ending December 2013 to cross the Rs.2.4 lakh crore mark. This jump of 35.2% was higher than the 27% rise witnessed in the first six months of the current financial year according to a study done by NPA
source.com, a portal which focuses on resolution of assets. Even if an infinitesimal of 1.83% of these NPA is recovered in tune with the policy plan of the present Finance Minster is expedited with all the seriousness, the demand of the union can be easily met without increase in the exchequer. If amount due from four largest willful defaulters which is around Rs.9384 crores, is recovered with all sincerity, it is enough to meet the demand of the unions without any burden and the so called capacity to pay peddled by the IBA will fall flat on four legs. The unions will be ever willing to support IBA/government if it initiates appropriate steps.
5. Even with 25% hike we will be just inching towards some semblance of parity with pay of government employees if we evaluate the projected salary in anvil in the wake of 7th Pay Commission.

E) On other issues : The only silver lining in the meeting was that IBA is favourably inclined to consider demand of extending 100% DA neutralization to all pensioners. IBA also seems to have shown positive response to improvement in Family Pension.  However, unions still need to do lot of work as IBA has not committed anything and only shown positive response. Thus, a ray of hope continues for pre-2002 retired Bank employees for 100% DA. As regards updation of pension, IBA has outlined it involves substantial financial burden to the Banks. This means in all sectors, including Central and State Government, whenever there is an industry wise wage increase, pension will also be increased. In Banking Sector it is not so. Hence a G.M retired 10 years back is drawing less pension than a clerk retiring now. IBA onceagain reiterated that our demand for extending appointment on compassionate grounds in the Banks on the lines of Government scheme is under the active and positive consideration of the Government and their decision is awaited. Needless to underscore here that proposal agreed between Unions and IBA is pending with Government for considerable period of time, therefore brooks no further delay.

F) Regarding Improvement of Hospitalisation Expenses, IBA reiterated that the scheme provided by them should be considered by the Union. A letter of reassurance from the service provider was also given to the Unions on the negotiation table.

On the issue of five days week, IBA said that looking to the approach of the new government at the centre for more working hours, it is not possible for them to pursue the issue any further.

G) Comrades, The preposterous, stubborn stand of IBA has shattered our hopes and battered our dreams of an early settlement. The entire workforce have felt the insult inflicted by IBA, who failed to live upto the expressions made by IBA Chairman in the first round of discussions held on 22-03-2013 that "the settlement would be concluded at the earliest with reasonable, respectable and comparable wage revision compared with external factors".
We should take a call on these adverse developments in toto and chalk out further agitational programmes of higher form to seize 10th Bipartite Wage Revisions from the unyielding hands, no holds barred.

H) Pension Updation: 
The relevance of the demand for Pension updation became more poignant in the light of the acceptance of one-rank one pension principle for retired defence Personnel announced in the recent interim budget of the GOI.
We prepared a note on our demand for pension updation and submitted it to Hon'ble Sri. P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister on 24-02-14 wherein we sought immediate implementation of pension updation for Bank pensioners also. A subsequent development is the following one.
Government gives in-principle agreement to implement Pension updation in Reserve Bank of India.

The following significant editorial has appeared in Reserve Bank Retired Employees' Association Mumbai Bulletin, Retirees' HITGUJ ISSUE DATED !5th APRIL 2014.
" At long last, Government accorded in principle approval for updation of pension with certain conditonalities which is a positive and encouraging development. The proposals are as under:

1. Pension updation once in 10 years as in Government,
2. Pension to be computed on pay and grade pay as in Government (this will require amendment to Pension Regulations),
3. Revision of pay scales once in 10 years,
4. All perks to be rationalised,
5. Pension option to be opened alongside.
This is a package

The Forum expressed their reservations and apprehensions. There is at present stalemate. Our Association sought audience with Shri R L Das, CGM, HRDM, for an update, on 19-03-2014. It emerged from the discussions that Govt. has accepted in principle that there is need for updation in RBI and the pension is expected to be aligned with the revision of pay scales effective from 1-11-2012 which is expected to result in same rank same pension. This information will be simulated. CGM also indicated that RBI can act within the provisions of RBI ACT, to take care of any misalignment with the Govt. salary and the Banking industry. CGM also told that the GOVERNOR was instrumental in breaking the ice on updation which was eluding for 6 long years. CGM also assured that representatives of our Association will be invited for discussions on matters concerning pensioners / retirees whenever occasion arises” AIBRF in one of its recent communication has stated "We have come to know from unconfirmed sources that Labour Minister and Department of Personnel in Home Ministry have prepared detailed note on pension updation in financial sector to be placed before the new government.

I) In this connection, we also invite reference to the memorandum submitted by us in November 2013 to Hon'ble Shri.V.Narayanasamy, then Minister of State Prime Minister office Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievancesand Pensions,GovernmentofIndia and which was receivedon 09-12-13 and registered as a grievance by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Dept of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare. Our representation was forwarded to Sri. S.C.Das, Deputy Secretary, Dept. of Financial Services (Banking Division) on 17-12-13 requesting him to have the representation examined and the grievance redressed within the time frame of 60 days. Thus you will find that all the above developments are inter connected and our organization has played a very significant role in making these things happen.

The third meeting of our Central Committee was held in Chennai on 19th April 2014. The Committee discussed about the various developments. The CC was appraised about SLP filed by our Association in Supreme Court of India and the in-principle agreement given by Govt for Pension updation in RBI. The Committee also discussed various organizational issues and chalked out various steps to strengthen our organization

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