Tuesday, May 08, 2012



A delegation of AIIPA met Current-in-Charge Shri D.K. Mehrotra and others at Central Office, Mumbai. The delegation conveyed the resent and the disappointment of LIC pensioners over non-resolution of their genuine issues for such a long time and insisted the LIC officials finding a way to get the issues resolved without any delay.

Stressing on the issue of increase in ex-gratia for the pre-1986 retirees, AIIPA also  reminded them of the advanced age of the pensioners and told that the delay in decision-taking has already deprived scores of pensioners of their legitimate benefits and that any further delay in finding solutions would only add to the number of deprived pensioners.

 AIIPA conveyed its displeasure that even on issues such as increase in quantum of ex-gratia paid to the pre-1986 retirees where the Government's approval or notification was not required, no decision was forthcoming and the retirees who are already above the age of 86 are finding it financially difficult with the pittance of the amount of ex-gratia fixed 15 years back and wanted immediate decision on increase in the quantum.

Shri Mehrotra replied that the management recognized the past services and contributions of the pensioners to the institution and could also understand the feelings of the pensioners and said that efforts were being made continuously for getting solutions to some of these issues, if not all.

Cashless medical treatment  -  AIIPA wanted the facility of cashless medical treatment throughout the country and also financial assistance to LIC pensioners for high cost treatment to be considered by LIC.  The officials informed that some scheme for cashless medical treatment in select centres and in select hospitals to start with, is under consideration and depending on its experience, the same may be extended to other places.  They further told the delegation that creation of a Welfare Fund for the pensioners for providing financial assistance for High Cost medical treatment over and above the eligible Group Medi-claim amount is also under consideration by LIC.  They assured of their early decision on these issues.

AIIPA also met Smt. Aruna Seth, Secretary and pursued some of the issues like resignation to be considered as VRS for purposes of sanction of pension as has been ordered by  Supreme Court and recovery of premium for Group Medi-claim Scheme from the pension, etc.