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Now-a-days Chat Masala has become one of the items on menu for dinners that follow marriages and receptions. Anyone who relishes Chat will attest to the fact that it has ingredients to suit the tastes of all. Something in it for everyone.

We are all convinced that our demand for updation of pension
is genuine and justified. We hail the Jaipur Judgment and would
like to see it implemented in letter and spirit. We are confident of
the legal acumen, experience and talents of our legal counsel.

We desire to see the cases concluded early and in our favour. We are irritated at the repeated adjourn-ments and the unpredictable priorities of the Court. 

LICPC carries the information available from several sources 
and its contents and posts are not like a union circular that tends to
present a monochromatic view. It is to the credit of LICPC that
it allows space to those who write on all aspects of life that
interest the pensioners' community.

The cartoons and posts reflect the mood among pensioners at any given point of time. They also delicately remind the readers of reality of external world that exists objectively. All this is meant to elevate their mood in advanced age/s and to avoid a feeling of sullenness that matters are not moving the way we would like to see them move.

Back to Chat Masala...Sense of humour and satire are great
tools to highlight the injustices in the system . They have to
be received and understood in proper perspective. So when
Mr. Aboobucker wrote about Jayalalitha's case taking
precedence over ours, I was tempted to link it with the
tidhi and yoga on 22nd. That is in lighter vein. Mr. RKV went 
into depth.

Pensioners belong to all schools of philosophy and thought. Many amongst us think of auspicious days. I wrote about adjournment, vacations for judiciary etc. All this was meant to relieve our boredom.

Mr. GNS wrote about " friends who seem to have all the time
in the world to express their personal views" in LICPC. With his
long experience as an advocate he said nothing can be done
about long vacations for judiciary. He felt we should not
say anything about that "without doing anything to create
public opinion."

I am a retired LIC employee and a pensioner without any other avocation or business of profit to pursue. I am satisfied with whatever pension I get and " have all the time in the world."
If Shri GNS wishes to start creating public opinion about
improving the functioning of judiciary, I will use all my time
to canvass supporters for the good idea.


B. Ganga Raju 



All India Canara Bank Retirees' Federation has sent to us a soft copy of the Report of its recent Central Committee Meeting held at Hyderabad. It is forwarded herewith for your perusal at your convenient time. 

General Secretary​


Dear Editor,

I received a call from Mr Jay Savla's Office. Hearing on 22nd and 23rd April is ruled out.
We are listed at Sl No 37 on Friday 24th April. It being a 'Miscellaneous' day, Final hearing shall not take place on that day. When the item reaches, the Bench would only give the next 'date'.

If LIC or UoI Counsel try to push it beyond summer vacation, all Pensioners' Counsel should oppose and make a concerted plea for even 29th April.

I am asked to cancel my ticket and wait for the next date to be known on 24th April.

Thanks and regards,
M Sreenivasa Murty 



Cartoonist: unknown.
Never mind about the inauspicious 22 APRIL

A good Samaritan among us used all his astrological knowledge to say that 22 APRIL the next date
of our hearing in SC is inauspicious for us and so if it get adjourned again it is for our good. We appreciate his concern although how far astrology could be believed is a million dollar question.

All the horoscope predictions for the current year for the years later are based to be false as the stars are not aligned as the astrologer thinks. All the zodiac signs were originally based on constellation the sun was on the day when one is born. Why ?. Because the moon has exerted a gravitational pull as it has happened in the Japanese tsunami causing the earth to wobble on its axis which disturbed the stars alignment and because of this shift from the axis the alignment of the stars went haywire thus rendering the earth over here and the sun moving to a different constellation that it was 3000 years ago when the study of stars took place. Suffice o say that coming to our court case which has taken a final shape it is better to believe in our own strength, effectively argue our case with all the court craft at our command to demolish the appellant’s defense and get going without bothering much on astrology.



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Who says Supreme Court is slow in dispensing justice?‏


There many cases in SC where
larger bench was recommended are
still pending. But the speed with
which Jayalalitha's Corruption
related case moves in the SC makes
many raise their eyebrows. One such
person is Nonagenarian political leader
and former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu
Shri M. Karunanidhi.

Notwithstanding the fact that his party DMK is the APPELLANT in this case, he expresses astonishment not only over the speed with which SC is moving to appoint the larger Bench headed by Justice Dipak Mishra but also over the speed with which the earliest hearing date is fixed for 21st April 2015 (likely to continue on 22nd also to complete the hearing without any adjournment).

Incidentally the hearing of our cases in SC which was facing many adjournments for want of time to the Bench has been set aside of the appointed date viz.22nd once more because of Justice Mishra becoming busy with the Jayalalitha's case. Perhaps SC feels "justice delayed is justice denied" in this case and accorded priority over ALL CASES.




IAS and IPS officers will 

now need to take prior permission from the central government before accepting gifts worth more than Rs 5,000.

According to the recently amended all India services rules, they also need to inform government if they accept gifts of over Rs 25,000 from their relatives or friends.

No member of the service shall accept any gift without the sanction of the government if the value of gift exceeds Rs 5,000, the new rules say.

A member of the service may accept gifts from his near relatives or from his personal friends having no official dealings with them, on occasions such as wedding, anniversaries, funerals and religious functions when the making of gifts is in conformity with the prevailing religious and social practice, but he shall make a report to the government if the value of such gift exceeds Rs 25,000, they say.



Mr Raju's suggestion to make judiciary an essential service like Armed Forces, Police, Hospitals, SurfaceTransport is a good idea. Especially when there are more than 60000 cases pending before SC and several LAKHS of cases pending before the various HC in the country, the unmindful judiciary going on summer vacation for 30 - 40 days which is a colonial vestige is to be revisited by the powers that be.

In fact the previous Chief Justice R.M. Lodha has mooted the idea that the judiciary should forego this luxury and work like other Departments of Govt. on the eve of his retirement. But this was met with stiff opposition from the current incumbent Mr Dattu and also some legal profession luminaries.

In the interest of the litigants and for the delivering the justice without delay, this matter should get priority consideration of the Judiciary and the Executive of the nation.



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LICPC is getting more and more interesting
Chat-n-Chat is real spicy chat in an otherwise
tepid fare. We have real education about
how the judiciary functions. 
  • 22nd April 2015 according to our lunar calendar is the 4th day of Shukla paksha in the month of vaisakha. Perhaps the tidhi and yoga do not suit us on that day. Otherwise how else Jayalalitha's picture pops up on that day ahead of ours. Her case (or is it case against her?) is important matter of state. So no use getting exercised over the delay in our case/s. UOI and LIC like it that way. Even on screen when Jayalalitha appears the camera is focused on her only. Everyone else gets pushed to the sides.
The summer is very much felt now. The day temperatures
are soaring up. The physical energy of old people like us
gets sapped. We must constantly rehydrate ourselves.
Otherwise there would be more obituaries.
  • A thought crosses my mind. Why should India that is Bharat continue with the colonial practice of summer vacations for judiciary? White people could not withstand the heat in tropics and they invented the summer vacations. They used to retire to Shimla in summer which has cooler climate. In the absence of white sahibs the Raj in Delhi took rest.The present BJP government which claims to be truely Indian in thought and practice must think about this aspect. These are the days of advanced technology and everyone , every office has airconditioners to keep the cool. So why summer vacations for some institutions? When the working days increase the backlog of cases also would come down. That would be setting a good example before the entire Nation. Essential Services do not get summer vacations... Armed forces, Air force, Navy,  the security organisations, the railways, the airlines, the communications , the businesses in market, the health services, the supply of products like Milk, the electricty etc., the banks, LIC ...all do not get vacations.  
The Judiciary must also be made an Essential Service. The judicial services must be available throughout the year. May be some benches operate in summer to dealmatters of exceptional urgency. But that would not be sufficient what with heavy backlog of cases. Will somebody take the initiative to invite the attention of the Law Minister and Prime Minister?
    Meanwhile switch over to light cottons and keep cool.

    B. Ganga Raju Hyderabad



    One more success story of RTI 

        Please see the following e-mail received from Shri J.P.Shah, our RTI & Consumer Activist Member.

    General Secretary


    Our SC cases - Cause List for 22nd April‏

    Dear Mr.Murty,

    In the weekly list, the captioned matter is
    not shown. Justice Dipak Misra is sitting in
    a three Judge Bench with Justice R.K.Agarwal
    and P.C. Pant. This may be the reason
    matter is not shown. However, we will
    find out from Registry on Monday and
    give you the correct update.

    Savla & Associates
    Advocates & Solicitors


    cartoonist: unknown.

    Medi-claim circular

    Dear Sir,

    Referring to your circular dt 13/4/2015 on the above, I have noticed that the subsidised premium under Category II & III under Table B for Sum Insured of Rs 6 lks for the age group of 71-75 works out to less than that for the previous age group of 66-70.This seems to be an inconsistency.

    Kindly confirm the correctness of the gross premium given in Table B and do the needful.

    C H Mahadevan

    (Letter addressed to LIC of India, Central Office, Mumbai)

    Friday, April 17, 2015

    Murty's article

    Today's lead article by MSM is a brilliant analysis of Mr. A's letter to the Editor. MSM's article reassured poor LIC pensioners that A's statements will not damage pensioners cause or our case in SC. Thanks Mr MSM.


    Are we strong in our arguments...


    Mr AW has unwittingly 

    done me/us an immense service. 

    We are already fully prepared 

    to meet all the arguments put 

    forth by him to oppose pension 

    up-gradation. Even if LIC and/

    or UoI borrow any or all of his 

    points for arguing in the Supreme 

    Court, we know now how to 

    handle them better.

    However, his views and some of the so called facts cited by him, do need rebuttal/correction. My purpose in continuing this discussion is not merely to prove the AW wrong in most of what he wrote, but ALSO to reassure our own Pensioner colleagues that our case is as strong as before and the AW's spirited exposition has only helped us to fine-tune our arguments further on the Funded Scheme concept and how according to him, CCS Rules do not ipso facto, apply to LIC Pension Rules etc., 

    Let me come to more substantive points from the AW's diatribe. His aspersions on our Organizational loyalty first: 

    Doubting the Pensioners' (including who retired in senior positions) loyalty to the Organization which made them what they are today and equating such perceived ungrateful behaviour with disrespecting the Nation itself, I am afraid, is most uncharitable and even irresponsible on the part of the AW. Some of my colleague pensioners have already countered this accusation effectively. Our loyalty levels are known to us and need no fresh ISO certification from the AW. I would still ask the AW to once look at the whole thing from the Pensioners' angle - "I have done so much to this Organization for Forty Years, why am I being disowned today?". "Why should I be denied what is legally due to me?" I may sum up by saying that a sense of hurt is fully known only to the one who is hurt. Not to the bystander. Money part is incidental. 

    The AW described the demand for pension up-gradation as unfair and unjust on the part of those who are well off. He referred in his PS to those Pensioners who drive in Mercedes Benz and who live in Bungalows worth few crores of Rupees as also enjoy foreign jaunts, post-retirement - it only betrays his skewed view of the issue. Does he or does he not know that there are hundreds and may be thousands of Pensioners who may have retired in different positions and who need the Pension they are paid so desperately that they visit the Bank at 10.30 AM on the 1st day of the Month to withdraw some cash? Luckily for them there is no rush in the Bank due to the working (?) staff having already got their salaries two days before. The PS (which the Editor has since withdrawn) establishes that the views of the AW came more out of deep rooted prejudice towards the Pensioner class and not based on objectivity. I know I shouldn't over-react personally but let me confess that I do drive around in my Mercedes and live in a Bungalow like the one referred to by the AW. But I don’t feel guilty for my strong conviction that non-up-gradation of Pension in LIC with each pay revision as in Government, is unlawful. If a 'test' is possible and necessary on those who need more pension and those who do not, let the AW use his clout to make LIC & the Government invite the so called affluent LIC pensioners to voluntarily forego up-gradation. And give it only to those who need. I had voluntarily opted to forego my cooking gas subsidy (even before PM's Appeal) and I and many more LIC Pensioners may forego higher Pension as well, if it works that way. But first commit to give to those who need it badly. Can you? 

    Funded Scheme: The much talked about non-issue. It is a statutory requirement to meet the legal obligation and liability but not a backdoor way-out to deny what is payable. It further mandates that a fool proof mechanism should be in place, so as to ensure that Pension is paid as is 'payable' and not denied on the pretext of lack of funds. As to the numbers, let the AW not unduly worry about the adequacy. We have experts among us (who were handling the subject themselves till they left Yogakshema, to call it a day for active service) and who can't be bullied by the MoF. Suffice it to say that if liability on account of pension payments has to pass the test of a scientific yardstick like compare it with LIC's Premium Income - here are the numbers: For the year 2013-14, outgo on account of staff salary stood at 6.21% of the Total Premium Income whereas the outgo on account of Pension payment (including commuted value) was 0.33%. If Pension outgo is expressed as a ratio of the outgo under the head ‘staff salaries’, it constitutes just 5.39%. Any lessons learnt? If there is scope to protect policyholders' interests by cutting or containing any outgo, one has to start with staff salaries before looking at Pension payments. We know it doesn't happen because working employees can extract more by arm twisting while pensioners have no muscles to flex. If we go to the root of the issue, why should any pensions be paid at all? Does the AW see any justification? Or is he against up-gradation only and not the basic pension? The entire discomfort of the AW and the section of the constituents which he represents, to the outgo on account of pension payments emanates from an unenlightened self-interest. We want the maximum pie to ourselves - don't want to part with any part of it for the 'spent force'. it is like a son considering the old parent as an unproductive liability on the family resources. Very sad culture gap, in my view.

    The AW dwelt at length on my inputs of legal angle and my welcoming the UoI's direct entry as an Appellant. My area of comfort appears to bother him. I can't help it after all. I was accused of not validating my charge that in its claim of rejecting the Board Resolution Union of India had indulged in a blatant lie under oath (Refer Para 5 h. on page 62 of the SLP – reading:

    “Because the High Court erred in construing.....…….as a deemed approval of the LIC Board’s proposal, when in fact the proposal had been rejected, and the stand of the present Petitioner has been made clear throughout the proceedings”. 

    According to the AW I should have followed up with more information to support my charge by quoting from the Appeal/Affidavit of UoI. When the UoI had claimed to have rejected the Board Resolution but DID NOT furnish any other information like the date of the communication, to whom sent etc., how can I furnish the non-existing information? That is my charge actually. If UoI chose to commit a blunder, don’t I use it to my advantage, in the legal battle? I will - to the hilt, for sure. I am familiar with bureaucratic arrogance in dealing with their 'subjects'. That it can display such disrespect even towards highest judiciary is baffling. Deserves to be exposed squarely.

    To the fellow visitors to the Chronicle – let us not waste our time on guessing who the AW could be. He is not a Pensioner, because if he is one, he should also be a Saint (a rare commodity). He is not planted by LIC (or Government) either. Because, they don't care. But he is one with strong conviction, he genuinely believes in all that he wrote. For that part, I respect him. End of the day, I have no ill will at all.

    When the Apex Court finally decides the issue, 

    I hope to call the AW and say ‘Better luck elsewhere'.

    M Sreenivasa Murty
    PS: I had to withhold a certain indisputable fact from public discussion for tactical reasons, which would have deflated most of the thrust in AW’s arguments. We are going to use it as our Brahmastra and make both UoI & LIC look PALE before the Bench.
    Thru Sorting Office ?

    Thursday, April 16, 2015

    SN (A 1992 PENSIONER)

    'DIFFICULT TO DIGEST' - discussion continues...

    Mr.Anonymous ( A ) has wittingly or unwittingly (not wilfully) opened up a Pandora's box. A few have responded to his call. Probably, by now, his thirst for knowing more about the pension matters must have been quenched. In the process of educating, at times, one is obliged to give out his or her piece of mind. Understandable. If A has no reservations no inhibitions and if he feels that he has benefitted by the explanatory and elucidatory writes-ups appeared in the PC, he may send another anonymous piece of letter. That would be a gentlemanly act.

    I also take liberty to briefly clarify why the pressing demand of updating of pension and 100% neutralisation in DR is as per 'Law' and not unjust or unreasonable.

    "Down down with anti-labour policy"; "Hamaari maange puure karo yaa kursi Khaali karo"; "Daadaagiri chamachaagiri nahi chalegi, nahi chalegi" etc. slogans are not uncommon during any wage revision and wage related struggles with the managements. The serving employees are compelled to go on strikes against the management inconveniencing the general public. Here, A may appreciate why such kind of hullagulla against the management and the GOI, as the management acts more often at the behest or command of the bureaucrats sitting in Delhi. Who derives the maximum benefit of every pay revision? The maximum beneficiaries are those at the top, excluding the Chairman etc. They are entitled to / enjoy HAG+, Apex or Cabinet Secretary pay of GOI. May their tribe flourish.

    Probably, by this time next year, thirty plus lakh GOI employees and fifty lakh of GOI pensioners and family pensioners would get the benefit (on certain fitment norms - approximately - 40% increase over the previous pension and family pension was ensured in the last two CPCs) 7 th CPC scales. The pensioners and family pensioners, who have crossed 80 etc. have been getting 20%... 100% more in their pension since January, 2006.

    A relative of mine is now 85 plus, He got Rs.450 plus negligible DR when he retired 30 years ago. His basic now is Rs.12189/- and he is entitled for 100% neutralisation in DR since January, 1996. It is 113% from 01-01-2015. The GOI which has been, in the true spirit of welfare society, have been benevolent not only to their serving employees but also to the pensioners, who served for nation building (no sarcasm intended- the country has grown - no denying fact - not withstanding, some dead woods and corruption in some places) and their dependent family pensioners. The GOI is also more considerate to the pre 1986 retiree, ex gratia recipients.

    But, the GOI continue to be unkind to the bank and LIC pensioners. The lot of family pensioners and pre 1986 retirees of banks and LIC is not right to say that they belong/ed to great and giant x- bank/institution-LIC.

    Oh! What a rule : the pre 1997 LIC pensioners and pre 2002 bank pensioners are not entitled to get 100% DR???

    RBI is not GOI. But, the Governors of RBI seem to wield or exercise better power. A governor gave updation of pension - the pension of all those retired prior to 01-11-1997, was fixed as per pay scales of Nov.1997. It was denied by GOI. But, the pensioners continue to get pension as per pay scales of 1997 as the Bombay High Court has stayed the GOI direction. The family pensioners of RBI get 30% of pay of retiree since last two years. RBI, the Governor, has been gracious to grant- enhanced-almost doubled, the medical allowance to the pre 1986 ex gratia recipients-retirees from 01-04-2015: Rs.6800/- to Class IV, Rs.7600 to Class III and from Rs.8800 to Rs.11200/- to different grade of officers.

    Some thing must be preventing the LIC management. LIC family pensioners and pre1986 retirees belong to 'neglected sector'. A relative of mine, a pre 1986 retiree, who moved with Shri Madhu Dandavate etc. got less than Rs.3000/- ex gartia. He died last year. He is no more to know the meagre hike in DR granted at some periodic intervals, that too at the mercy of GOI.

    Is it wrong if the pensioners seek empathy from the Top management and for that matter from A or B?

    D.S.Nakhara fought for the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of India. His case is quoted in almost all court cases fighting for pension related matters. Recently, pre 2006 pensioners fought court cases with GOI for (re) revision of pension for about five years. They won the case at the SC of India despite half a dozen SLPs and the curative petition. To elaborate the point, I would like to mention that my Salaji of 60+, being the legal heir, expects to get arrears, in about five months,for the period his father and mother lived - from 01-01-2006 till the dates of their death.

    The LIC pensioners thirteen + years court battle for updation of pension is not different. If all goes well with the pensioners, the beneficiaries will be all, the past, the present and the future pensioners. The LIC has perpetual existence unless and until the GOI wants to cease its function...A will (no option as on date) retire as a pensioner on superannuation or earlier if he volunteers to retire after completing the required number of years service. In GOI and RBI, twenty years service must be (is) sufficient for full pension. The pension updation comes automatically along with revision of pay scales and without asking for GOI pensioners; not yet to RBI pensioners.

    A family friend was very happy when his daughter, employed in Central Government, got an alliance from an officer working in a reputed bank. His son-in-law retired in Scale V nine years back. He had not opted for pension. He had handsome superannuation including the bank's contribution, gratuity etc. to the tune of Rs.40.00 lakhs (slightly inflated figure). He had his beautiful bungalow (60x40 site) and Honda City. He could get married his children after retirement. He was left with Rs.20.00 lakhs. (inflated figure). He was one of the first persons to opt for pension when he got a chance to opt. Only agony, now left for him, is that his wife is drawing more pension than him! She retired in Scale 24 of GOI. 'Madam, aapakoto aur 8-10 hajaar jyaadaa milega das barah mahineke baad' her beloved husband laments!

    Mr.A must have seen the Pension anomaly chart as on 01-02-2015 at the maximum of scales of various cadres - prepared by Shri C.H. Mahadevanji. If not, he may see for himself, the glaring disparity among the pensioners retired on different dates. I quote here just two cases : (i) HGA retired in 2007 scale gets Rs.27085/-. Those who retired in  the previous scales draw pension of Rs.25021/-, Rs.18576/-, Rs.17747/- and Rs.15972/-. (ii) EDs retired in 1987 and 1992 scales get Rs.23229/- and Rs.25080/- as against Rs.61660 - more than double- drawn by ED retired in 2007 scale. No need to add that disparity will be much more pinching -in couple of months - when the revised pay scales are in place. A or B can imagine his or her position ten or fifteen years after his or her retirement with the ever increasing inflation.

    Mr.A has made a small mistake in stating that GOI had no go but to grant OROP to Defence Personnel as Government (Civil servants) are already getting OROP. The Central - civil pensioners-are as on date not getting OROP. Both civil and defence pensioners have/ had been fighting for it. Considering the short duration of military etc. service of majority of defence personnels/ pensioners, as ruled by the Courts, the former finance minister, Shri P.Chidambaram, introduced OROP for defence personnel from 01-04-2014. The Civil pensioners demand is not yet resolved. They get on a fitment formula, as mentioned in one of the aforesaid paragraphs and is not insignificant. OROP is one of the demands that the 7 th CPC is reportedly to examine.

    The number of serving (cf.LIC Annual Report) employees as on 31-03-2014 was 1.20 lakh including 0.26 lakh development officers. The salaries and other benefits to employees amounted to Rs.14705 crore as 31-03-2014 as against Rs.11895 crore as on 31-03-2013. The ratio of expenses towards salary and other benefits to employees to total premium income was 6.21% and 5.70% for the same period. It is self explanatory.

    The present generation LIC employees have more task to perform, (they have PLLI - such rewards -never seems to have occurred to anybody a decade ago) and shoulder heavy burden in the most competitive world of life etc. insurance today. The present day employees, by and large, are better qualified and intelligent. They should be able to find out different areas and methods to generate more income. They may strive hard to collect more premium income in order to reduce the ratio of expenses towards salary and benefits to total premium income.

    A has rightly stated that the Corporation has to provide for the Pension Fund. The Corporation shall cause an investigation to be made by an Actuary into the financial conditions of the Fund every year on 31 March and make such additional annual contribution to the Fund as may be required to secure payment of of the benefits under the Rules. It is also provided that the Trust shall, in the event of the benefits payable under the rules being revised downwards for any reason whatsoever..the benefits go to the Fund.

    Some twenty- twenty five years before, the money was a scare commodity. The needs were fortunately less. It was difficult to give Rs.10,000/- fees per annum to children. Now, one to ten lakhs fees/ donations have become order of the day in a few recognised institutions. Hopefully, A or B do appreciate the hard truth. No emotional atyaachaar, at all.

    Had the letter of Anonymous had appeared in the PC five/ six months back, a request letter could go to UFBU to settle for 12% hike to serving employees, may the balance of 3% be for pensioners' fund !

    The suggestion made by Shri B. Ganga Raju in his write - up is worth considering.

    The pensioners. despite the age not being on their side, will continue to fight court cases. There will be differing opinions. Loko bhinna ruchihi.

    Probably, A has not yet reached the age of discretion. He need not fear that his future shall be bleak if the pensioners obtain from the Apex court whatever is rightfully due to them. There is also no need to panic about Rs.9700 crore mentioned by Shri Abhishek M Sighvi. He must have seen court dramas in some movies or serials. Some lawyers lie, some lawyers mislead.

    The Hon. Judges will examine all the issues before delivering the final judgement.

    A may peruse some postings in the PC during last one month on Rs. 9700 crore.

    The amount of Rs. 9700 crore is not 'huge' for a mammoth organisation like LIC. The organisation has paid Rs.16681 crore as commission to Agents for the year ended 31-03-2014 and Rs.14768 crore for the previous year ended 31-03-2013. A may be a young lad or lass (Shri MSM) may in his thirties or.... He or she be worried more than necessary on his or her career.

    Avoid or better not be judgemental or cast aspersions. He must be knowing, "Discretion is the better part of valour".
    SN (1992 pensioner)




    Outcome of the Bipartite Negotiations held to-day i.e. 16th April,'15

         After one more round of the discussions held to-day, Shri C.H.Venkatachalam, General Secretary, All India Bank Employees' Association has sent following SMS.
    "To-day IBA UFBU meeting took place wherein all details of proposed new medical reimbursement scheme was discussed. Scheme will be finalized shortly. For retirees also we have asked IBA to workout a similar Scheme. 

    "In the afternoon discussions on other demands of workmen and officers were discussed. Next week Negotiating Committee meeting will be held and pay scales, etc. will be discussed".
    General Secretary 



    Communications from Reserve Bank of India Retired Employees' Association
    Please see below the attachment.



    LIC Pensioners Chronicle

    Dear Editor,

    Today, you have announced that your blog is likely to cross One Million Hits by 25.04.2015. It will be a great moment for LIC Pensioners Chronicle. 

    With my best wishes and regards,



    Dear Editor,

    I have just read an appeal on your blog from our Learned Friend Sh.H.K. Aggarwal to Editor L.I.C.Pensioners Chronicle.

    With due regards, I beg to differ with him. No body including any editor or any leader or any well wisher/Supporter of any Pensioners Leader can mislead or confuse our L.I.C. Pensioners since they are a very intelligent class and clearly understand all issues related with our legal battle and roles being played by different stake holders.



    Dear Editor,

    NO DOUBT YOU AS EDITOR AND PUBLISHER HAS THE FULL AUTHORITY AND DISCRETION, but in my opinion, at this juncture when our case has almost reached final stage, LICPC should be cautious to publish/repeat daily the mails on the same subject/identical opinions/views, raising the anxiety of ordinary pensioners who also get confused and start losing patience.

    Lets have faith in judiciary, our active petitioners and their advocates.

    Truth will triumph and pensioners get full justice including updation of pension, which is the main stake of all.

    With profound regards,
    H K Aggarwal


    Dear Sri Gangadharan,

    This AW (*Anonynous Writer) seems to have got more attention and spontaneous (at times, heated) responses than what he himself would have anticipated. Thanks of course, to the Chronicle, which has by now become an 'addiction' to many.

    It is interesting that the AW has gained something in a new and unexpected area - generating differences of opinion among the Pensioners/visitors to the Blog, on interpreting and guessing who the AW is! The latest Post by Mr MVV proves my point.

    I like Mr MVV's theory on Two plus Two making it Four etc., But if he or anybody mistook the original One and a Half as Two, the sum total in his assumption is obviously wrong. Not to provoke Mr MVV further, I want to assert that the AW is NOT a Pensioner. Let us happily agree to leave the matter there and not really worry about the identity of the AW.

    Thanks and regards,
    M Sreenivasa Murty 

    PS - My considered response to the substantive arguments of the AW's write up, is on its way. Hope it merits publication, before you exercise the Editorial prerogative to treat the discussion as 'closed''. MSM.


    Dear Editor,

    With each passing day, your blog is becoming more and more interesting in terms of value addition in contents as well as presentation which clearly speaks of rising popularity of L.I.C. Pensioners Chronicle for which you as an editor and your valuable readers cum contributors deserve full credit.

    I am really pleased to read today morning a post from our learned friend Sh. B.Ganga Raju under the title Cartoon or Caricature.

    Your cartoon L.I.C. Spy is a classic one and your creativity superb.

    I am in full agreement with Sh. Ganga Raju who narrated his personal experiences of union activities related with strike call way back in 1968.

    According to me scene has not changed much as seen by our friends during start of their career or prime time of their youth.

    Let me share that even now the moment you put your views in disagreement with a principal stake holder on blog, an immediate reaction from a few learned friends supporting him appears that such and such person is anti pensioner or management/GOI man.

    Now Latest. For first time I happened to represent AIRIEF Unit Panchkula at Supreme Court on 08.04.2015 and what I observed is really painful to describe. Technically three respondents in our case are assumed to be on same side but I observed persons of one respondent camp telling their supporters that  he (representing another respondent) need not be trusted since he happens to be a LIC Management Man. Can there be any thing more disturbing ?

    But we still have to move forward and win despite all such hurdles or bitter realities .




    Dear Shri.Gangadharan,

    Shri.Sreenivasamurthy has raised a valid question: "How
    Mr.Venugopalan came to the conclusion that the anonymous writer
    is a pensioner?" . I admit I have absolutely no clue as to who this
    gentleman,claiming to be the self-proclaimed saviour of GOI,LIC and
    the policyholders, is. It was purely based on certain safe assumptions
    made by me after going through his letter.

    He has devoted almost an entire paragraph to the dubious role
    played by Shri.Murthy in the Supreme court while our case is being
    heard .He has even given minute details of the source from which
    Shri.Murthy has generated his communications to the members. He
    has not even spared Shri.C.H.Mahadevan, who all of us know, is a
    thorough and level-headed gentleman. At one place, Mr.Anonymous
    himself has admitted that he is a regular 'sticker' to the Pensioners
    Blog.Mr.Murthy, do you now get what made me arrive at the above

    Sometimes we put two and two together to arrive at four. If
    someone asks me why 4 and why not something else, honestly, I
    have no answer. Now that Shri.Perumal and a number of our other
    pensioners have proved the hollowness and inherent futility in the
    arguments advanced by the anonymous writer, should we still get
    stuck up in it like the needle in the groove of the long-playing
    records of the yesteryear!!

    It is time for us to move on and fix our eyes on the probably
    emerging scenario on the 22nd of April22nd. Thanks to Mr. Murthy
    he has come out with his views. Is it not time we somehow made
    Mr.Asthana to share with us his views on the 'Maintainability' card
    he has played and its impact on our case.

    By the way, has Mr.Murthy any inside information that that
    Mr.Anonymous is not an LIC pensioner?

    With Regards,
    M V Venugopalan

    Wednesday, April 15, 2015


    The cartoon of the LIC Spy with his overcoat, hat etc. is eye catching. Life would be dull and uninteresting without such characters. Shall I call it a cartoon or caricature? 

    In my long service I came across a few such intellectuals.

    When I joined LIC in 1962 I had the fortune to work with staff from old companies (called 'Units'). The outlook of the staff of one unit greatly differed from that of staff of another unit. Natural. 

    Just remember that 245 big and small companies were brought under one umbrella. Some of them were fiercely loyal to their company and would easily pickup a quarrel with others who questioned the doings of their dear institution. 

    For example ORIENTAL and NEW INDIA staff had different outlooks. This determined their participation in Union activities also. I used to wonder when poor clerical staff who  struggled to meet family expenses used to call the Union "Communists" as if they had to lose a lot. But they were conditioned like that.  In 1968 we were to go on a strike, that too, for one day on 5th December of that year. What a herculean task to prepare the employees with divergent outlook
    for the strike?

    One section-head colleague of mine used to pay subscription but he would not have anything to do with strike. Not only he, his colleagues from his unit also were of that thinking. For them STRIKE is anti-institution. I used to wonder whether by going on strike we were anti-institution! How many of the present generation know that one union in LIC prided itself on not being communist.

    Why I recollect this past is that I am amused when our "Anonymous" friend says that the demand for updation of pension is anti-LIC and anti-Policyholder! There used to be many of his tribe. Inspite of their outlook LIC progressed, wage increases were won, other benefits were introduced, pension came into being and nothing of the catastrophe imagined by the "anonymous" friend materialised. LIC's business went up, its income and assets increased, the expense ratios were highly favourable. Did our friend accept wage increase or chose to be governed by old scales of pay out of fear of harming policyholders' interests?

    He must have also observed that after 2010 the rules governing PF and Pension were altered under instructions from Government of India to make LIC also fall in line with the changed regime. For bringing these adverse changes Government instructs and permits LIC to implement the changes. If an adverse change in brought for central government staff the same must be implemented in LIC also. Here no discussion about LIC's financial condition. What is good for CG staff is good for LIC Staff also ( from 2010).

    But when coming to updation of pension (alongwith each wage revision) what is good for CG staff is not allowed to be put into effect in LIC. Why? Hope Mr. Anonymous would think about this.

    It is in the law of nature that every living being will try to improve its condition. Why

    pensioners should be faulted by people like Mr.Anonymous for trying to improve their condition?

    He finds fault that some executives like EDs, ZMs after retirement are active in pensioners' organisations. Why should not they be? Does their status at retirement abridge their democratic right? All said and done in the population of pensioners how many will there be who retired in the cadres of ZM, ED etc.

    His wish ( in his concluding sentence) that he would like to see Jaipur HC Order quashed is to say the least in bad taste. When somebody is valiantly swimming in a river in spate, does anybody express a wish that the swimmer must be drowned?

    Any way. There is nothing new in the views expressed by Mr. Anonymous who prefers to operate "incognito".  In the picture " Sholay" the jasoos of angrez jamaneki jailor contributed to much laughter. Thanks to LICPC for the cartoon.

    B. Ganga Raju Hyderabad

    LIC SPY !

    DIFFICULT TO DIGEST - discussion continues

    Dear Sir,

    Most of the points raised in the article of Mr Anonymous are the same arguments advanced by the DFS-MoF in its Speaking Order dt 23/10/2009 viz

    1) Judgment of the SC in Nakara Case is not applicable to Bank/RBI Pensioners

    2) CCS Rules 1972 & 1982 are not mutatis mutandis applicable to Bank/ RBI Pensioners.

    3) Updation applicable Central Pensioners only and not for others.

    4) RBI/Bank Pensioners are governed by separate Service Regulations and therefore they are not allowed cherry picking the best of other services.

    5) The model of the scheme on the pattern of another scheme does not construe that as and when some amendments are carried out in the scheme modeled, similar amendments need to be carried out on the scheme modeled there from.

    6)Financial burden will increase over and above 10%

    7) The employees of RBI, which is a statutory body cannot be equated with the employee of the Central Government, in respect of pension, because pension of the RBI employees is governed by the Regulations framed under the RBI Act (opined by Ministry of Law)

    8) IBA has informed ," There is no provision in the pension regulations of PSBs for updation of pension of past retirees."

    9) Updation of pension may result in an increase between 17% to 32% depending upon the date on which the employee had retired."

    MoF took such a hostile stand against RBI/PSB Pensioners mainly on the reason that they opposed implementation of the NPS (New Pension Scheme) even though NPS was made applicable to the Central Staff wef 1/1/2004.

    Having accepted NPS in PSBs (wef 1/4/2010), all the above narrow views/interpretations of DFS lose its significance, relevance and meaning as the same MoF has granted 100%DR Neutralization, Family Pension Improvements on the 6th CPC pattern and also Full Pension for 20 Years service, again a benefit recommended by the 6th CPC! MoF has also in principle has agreed to consider Updation Issue and this has been confirmed by the present Governor Dr Raghuram Rajan. Hence, repeating the same old story now is absurd!

    1) It is an affront to the Honourable Supreme Court to say that its Five-Judge Bench Historical Judgment in the Nakara Case is only selectively applicable to the Central Pensioners only! Nowhere in its Judgment have the Judges made any such mention of "exclusivecity" to a select category alone!
    Is not the Government that advocates "CHERRY PICKING in best of the services is not allowed" estopped from making such "judicial cherry picking?"

    2,3,4 5,7 & 8) Pension Schemes in RBI/LIC and PSBs derive their origin, strength and sustainability from the CCS Rules1972 & 1982 and a reference to the CCS Rules is made in Clause 56 of PensionScheme1995" In case of doubt, in the matter of application of these regulations, regard may be had to the corresponding provisions of Central Civil Services Rules, 1972 or Central Civil Services (Commutation of Pension) Rules, 1981 applicable for Central Government employees with such exceptions and modifications as the Bank, with the previous sanction of the Central Government, may from time to time, determine".

    AIBEA's MOU with IBA dt 29/10/1993 Clause 12 says "Provisions will be made a scheme, to be negotiated and settled between the parties to this Settlement by 31st December 1993 for applicability, qualifying service, amounts of pension, payment of pension, commutation of pension, family pension, updating and other general conditions, etc, on the lines as are in force in Reserve Bank of India". The Pension Scheme was signed under the ID Act, approved by the Parliament and published in the Gazette of India.

    In RBI, the then Governor Dr RN Malhotra assured the Unions that the proposed Pension scheme in lieu of CPF (Management portion) will have all the features and benefits of the Central Pension scheme. In a circular issued on 13th March 1992, RBI stated, inter alia, UPDATION is the UNIQUE feature of the Scheme!

    6 &9) Financial BURDEN:

    It is a specious argument! Theories such as "Acceding to 100% Neutralization, Updation etc will entail financial outgo" is highly undemocratic and is in violation of Article 14. RBI/SBi/PSBs have robust Pension Funds Corpus and generate surpluses from its Interest Income every year after paying commutation and monthly pension! Dearness Relief Increase owes its sins to the Rulers' inefficiency to contain Inflation and it is immoral and undemocratic to rob the Pensioners of their entitlements citing financial burden!



    This refers to the letter under the caption’ Difficult to digest’. Yes digestion would become difficult if the stomach is fed with wrong diet. None of us who were writing in the Chronicle at any time ever imagined to malign our organization as the anonymous writer feels. Having served this institution for well over three decades the records speak about our loyalty. Could the anonymous writer please ponder over the following matters and then give his appraisal : -

    1. Is LIC OF INDIA justified in having different DA formula, one for those who retire before 
    1-8-1997 and one for those who retired after 1-8-1997 thus giving rise to discrimination. Does not this irrational and artificial discrimination a blatant violation of Article 14 and 16 of the constitution as held by the SB of Rajasthan HC and later endorsed in several legal platforms. A violation of the constitutional provision cannot be remedied other than by removal of the discrimination. Why this delay in this regard.? Should it not be voluntary as a gesture of good will when it is well within the power of the Chairman.

    While recommending updation of pension the Board has taken into account the financial implication and got the liability valued actuarially and on 24-11-2001 announced that the total outlay is 51.37 crores and the annual expenditure will be to the tune of 6 to 8 crores and the effective date for calculation is taken as 1-11-1993. How could this be 9700 crores disclosed by the Appellant counsel and where from this figure came ? The financial liability never figured in any of the earlier arguments and why it suddenly cropped up?

    The writer has pointed out that the CCS Pension rules does not provide for pension updation. The corollary to that is the pension updation figuring very much in the 5 th and 6 th pay commission reports thus giving the indication that GOI is disposed for giving pension updation and LIC pension rules are based on the model of CCS pension rules.

    The writer has pointed out LIC pension is a funded scheme and every year it is pumping into the fund additional sums to keep the fund solvent thus depriving the policyholders their legitimate share in the surplus. Is not the expenditure of 336 crores spent in the employees ‘NOON MEAL SCHEME’ an erosion in the policy holders share in the surplus, rob Peter to pay Paul !. Further the pensioner’s class is dwindling their average age being 70-75 and during the 13 years of the ongoing litigation several have kicked the bucket and some more are unfortunately in the queue waiting for their turn. So the pumping mechanism need bother neither LIC nor GOI.

    What we have been asking is with regard to our legal rights at the altar of justice and what is being asked is on humanitarian grounds too.




    Editor: I consider, it was a great moment for me as a journalist. Thank you for your comments.

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    I' m a LIC pensioner.

    and click to see my face.

    Dear Sri Gangadharan,

    What makes Mr M V Venugopalan conclude that the AW is a Pensioner?

    Thanks and regards,
    Sreenivasa Murty M

    Speed up wheels of justice

    An alarming 61,300 cases were pending at the Supreme Court of India at the end of February 2015. Of these, 43600 cases were pending for more than a year and 12000 for more than five years. An equally shocking number of three crore cases were pending at various high courts as of December 2014. Hardly any case is decided without being adjourned 'x' number of times,'Taarikh pe taarikh'. Justice delayed is justice denied has become a worn out adage. The Supreme Court works for about 195 days and the high courts, for about 210 days in a year. Courts must function on all days of the year except for Sundays and public holidays. No need for the courts to go on long vacations - relic of a colonial era. It is high time that courts set targets and draw up a time frame to dispose of cases pending for more than five years within one or two years, if necessary, by constituting extra benches and by resorting to extra hours of duty.

    R.G.Nakhate, The Free Press Journal, dated 11-04-2015.